Pathbreaker Ibex

Pathbreaker Ibex

Creature — Goat

Whenever Pathbreaker Ibex attacks, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Pathbreaker Ibex Discussion

McDuckington on Beasts all over the shop...

1 week ago

Vessiliana So ive been playtesting it with the "fight Garruk" planeswalker mechanic

It seems to have a decent amount of trample behind it to finish people off but you could also add Pathbreaker Ibex, God-Eternal Rhonas or Craterhoof Behemoth

An infinite mana combo would also achieve the same effects and probably just win the game

RambIe on Could I get help with …

3 weeks ago

TypicalTimmy here are my orginal thoughts of Wulfgar of Icewind Dale as a general.
You can have it or maybe use it to help build Naya
(32) Lands
Early Game: Target Turns 1&2, Max CMC 2, But Lower Is Better.
(15)Cards That Ramp. Example:Sol Ring
Mid Game: Target Turns 3&4, Max CMC 4, But Lower Is Better.
(10)Cards That Fetch Lands. Example:Sword of the Animist
(10)Cards That Draw. Example:Werewolf Pack Leader
Late Game: Target Turns 5+, No Max CMC, But Lower Is Still Better.
(7)Cards With When This Creature Attacks It Gets Bigger. Example:Pathbreaker Ibex
(7)Cards with double Creatures Power. Example:Xenagos, God of Revels
(7)Cards that give addition combat. Example:Scourge of the Throne
Side Board: (Commander has no side board but i keep 12 cards in the deck to target meta)
(3)Cards That double triggers "Wulfgar fits here" Example:Strionic Resonator
(3)Cards Unassigned
(3)Cards Unassigned
(3)Cards Unassigned
What functions you add to the side board really depends on what your play group comes up with to stop your deck.
Base Suggested Functions: Grave yard Recursion, Damage Cant Be Prevented, Destroy Artifact/enchantment

1empyrean on Chevill, Chevalier Chevreuil

4 weeks ago

IHATENAMES, I used to run Bow of Nylea and I found that it was decent, but rarely as impactful as I'd like given most of my creatures and the tokens I make already have deathtouch. I ended up swapping it out for Wand of Orcus.

I deliberately chose not to rely on combat based effects, and that is why I don't have more lure effects. I will say that while looking at lure effects, I realised Tempting Licid might be a great fit for the deck. So I will try and figure out what can be swapped out for it.

I may eventually add Pathbreaker Ibex, but it is very similar to Blossoming Bogbeast. Since my focus isn't combat in most cases, I decided to only keep one, and I picked the Bogbeast because It costs one less mana and gives me life. Craterhoof Behemoth is a card I'd run if I had more focus on token generation.

Thanks for the suggestions, even if I'm not exactly taking any of them.

IHATENAMES on Chevill, Chevalier Chevreuil

4 weeks ago

I think you need to decide what direction you are going a little more. Lifegain or random counters(mostly bounty) or deathtouch tribal. I would recommend deathtouch tribal with this deck. Give yourself more Lure effects and keep in the random counters cards. Focus on better ways to pump the team like craterhoof or budget cards like Pathbreaker Ibex and more deathtouch enablers like Bow of Nylea trample + deathtouch =1dmg to creature rest at face so use that to your advantage.

Beebles on Multani, Maro-Sorcerer : Yavimaya's Fury (v1.50)

1 month ago

Always happy to see another Multani deck! Love the amount of ramp in your list. Will reconsider that in my own version :). Here are some cards for you to consider:

And for basics that show Yavimaya: check the Forests from Urza’s Saga ;).

Hope there are some tips there that you like! Check my list here: Maro Multani, the Elemental of Surprise | V-AFR

iammute on Wulfgar edh

2 months ago

Blade of Selves is a great trigger to copy. Esika's Chariot is interesting too but could only copy Flamerush Rider or Goblin tokens at the moment.

Might be worth including Nylea, Keen-Eyed , Pathbreaker Ibex or Garruk's Uprising as extra ways to get through blockers.

Savage Ventmaw, Radha and Druid’s Repository can go infinite with Aggravated Assault or Hellkite Charger if you’re in to combos

Wizardhat91 on Riku Dreadnought

2 months ago

+1 for the neat interaction between Riku and the Ravager! Fun deck concept. I'd like to offer a list of cards that seem appropriate, for your consideration.

DreadKhan on Multani, Maro-Overrunner [Primer]

2 months ago

Multani is a very fun Commander, neat to see a high budget version that still runs some of the same cards! Mine is a bit more group hug oriented, running lots of spot removal and card draw, as well as gobs of trample providers. You might find some cards that are interesting, but I suspect you've got most of them in here already.

Hall of Gemstone is a pretty good card for mono-Green. I also run Defense Grid to protect from interaction a bit. Ohran Frostfang or Bow of Nylea can be funny if Multani has Trample, because 1 damage 'kills' a blocker, even if they are indestructible, so people are going to die, and you'll draw some cards. Pathbreaker Ibex is pretty fun with Multani out.

I feel like Brawn is awkward, the only way it'll die is as a blocker, so I guess it might deter some attacks at least, but I preferred Garruk's Uprising to draw cards and provide trample, for less mana, and much more consistently giving Trample.

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