Mesmeric Orb

Mesmeric Orb


Whenever a permanent becomes untapped, that permanent's controller mills a card (They put the top card of their library into their graveyard.)

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Mesmeric Orb Discussion

The99 on A Better Oswald Fiddlebender

5 days ago


I'm alternating cards in and out to find the best play lines for my play style and what suits Oswald... I find that Staff of Domination is seldom often the utility I use to close out the game, as with Rings/Bracers my natural tendency is to lean towards Lesser/Mimic. However, with Mesmeric Orb and Myr Welder I can very easily lean "weld" a win with: e.g. Illusionist's Bracers + WWW6 (9cmc) -> Oswald 1cmc -> Magewright's Stone + Mesmeric Orb -> Oswald 2cmc -> Basalt Monolith + Anything (normally Sculpting Steel on Basalt or Trini if needed) -> Basalt/Mesmeric Library -> Cast Sevinne's Reclamation -> Myr Welder + Thousand-Year Elixir -> Imprint Staff of Domination -> Untap Welder -> Imprint any Mana positive rock (Sol Ring, Mana Vault, etc.) -> Untap and produce infinite generic with Myr Welder's Staff/Rock -> Imprint Walking Ballista / Arcum's Astrolabe + Blasting Station (or any other various combinations of things, pending deck). With this play line, I can very aggressively steal a game. Note: Basalt Monolith will ultimately be used to pay the cost of Sevinne's Flashback. Furthermore, Sculpting Steel can copy any rock to help further reduce the burden of mana. This breathes new life into staff and also allows us to play with a finisher that works as recursion (Myr Welder can very easily become Basalt Monolith in a pinch). I hope this answers your question.

twechsler on Messing with Lore

1 week ago

TheVectornaut no worries about timing. There's no rush to build a good deck. I'm just glad to hear from you. Based on your descriptions I think the second option is where I want to go with this deck, but with some added self-mill so I can really build up options for osgir quickly. Here are some cards that are on the way that I am most likely going to add soon: Phyrexian Triniform (big creature that may work better than triplicate titan), Rings of Brighthearth (4 tokens instead of two with osgir), Blinkmoth Urn(big mana), Goblin Engineer (sac and tutor in one), Zirda, the Dawnwaker(more mana help) and Leonin Abunas (protection). I also am pretty sure I will get Coveted Jewel, Basalt Monolith, Jhoira's Familiar (mana help), Grinning Totem, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Oswald Fiddlebender (tutors), Urza's Bauble (draw). I think if I get these and drop the ones in the sideboard section the deck would have increased mana efficiency, more tutors, and overall just stronger. The last piece I think would be a Mesmeric Orb, Grinding Station, or Keening Stone to fill up faster because the current GY fill cards are just lacking. Let me know if you think these are good choices out of the maybe board to snag. Ill try to playtest the deck a bit more online to see as well. Thanks!

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on The Dungeon Master | Sefris Reanimator

3 weeks ago

Neat deck, +1 from me. I feel Ophiomancer would instantly become one of your best creatures. Also, Living Death and/or Rise of the Dark Realms would be pretty strong here. I'd consider Perpetual Timepiece as well. It's less explosive than something like Mesmeric Orb, but it has an added layer of protecting your graveyard from graveyard hate.

RambIe on Using the graveyard as a …

3 weeks ago

Shameless plug Firja, Judge of Persistent Valor
You would think so and if your dredging you would be correct
But when your milling everyone with let's say Altar of the Brood+Mesmeric Orb I have found players become so focused on being milled they loose track of the concept that something like Living Death can drop a 4 card loop ending the game. I have consistently successfully pulled off this strategy even when people play against me multiple times. I mean your right they could Exile my gy, but they don't instead they always go after breaking the mill peaces thinking there gana loose to being decked.

RambIe on Using the graveyard as a …

3 weeks ago

That's a good point, an early Mesmeric Orb with a mid game Living Death will get you alot farther then any card draw

griffstick on From The Grave (The Scarab God)

1 month ago

I hate Grimoire of the Dead people will wait for you to tap this thing till its ready and blow it up before you get to bring them all back. Put a land in its place. 32 lands will leave you screwed on mana way to often. I say this because you have only 1 source of fast mana (Sol Ring). A lot of list that run 32 or less lands make up for it in fast mana like Mana Vault and Mana Crypt and Ancient Tomb and many many more. I'd try to get 35 to 36 lands or get your fast mana otherwise you'll find yourself mana screwed a bit to often. If you find that I'm wrong then disregard.

Moving on

Cut Scourge of Nel Toth for Wound Reflection doubling up on the upkeep trigger can win you the game. Also consider Strionic Resonator and Lithoform Engine. Again copying that upkeep trigger is huge and can win you the game. Milling yourself can benefit your greatly. Mesmeric Orb is a fantastic way to do this.

1empyrean on Tayam's Constellation EDH

2 months ago

Additional note on Out of Time . It might be my favorite new card for the deck because it is protection, removal, and it untaps stuff, so it's a combo piece as well. I've actually been considering Mesmeric Orb because of this card.

brianizbrewtal on Anowon, the Ruin Guy

2 months ago

Something else that might help this deck is Lurrus of the Dream-Den especially since you're running Mesmeric Orb .

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