Kindred Discovery

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Kindred Discovery


As Kindred Discovery enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Whenever a creature you control of the chosen type enters the battlefield or attacks, draw a card.

SufferFromEDHD on Arcanis Mono Blue Wizard Control

1 week ago

I see you sneak Null Brooch into a lot of strategies. I do too! Especially alongside Ensnaring Bridge. It is a severely underutilized EDH bomb. However, Negate is awesome in every color BUT blue. Kindred Discovery might be useful.

Deserted Temple and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to dump into your activated abilities.

unstable_anomaly on Send Nids.

1 month ago

Yeah you bet MilesHiles, happy to help! You make a good point about Kindred Discovery. I've actually pulled it from a few decks recently for similar reasons.

One other card I forgot to mention is Elementalist's Palette. It's a bit slow in the early game as a 3cmc rock, but has great late game potential with your commander.

NV_1980 on Tyranid Madness

1 month ago

Though I thoroughly despise the MTG - Warhammer 40K crossover, I've got to admit your deck looks nice. I would probably add Kindred Discovery as it gives this deck so much more draw-potential.

lcarl3035 on

1 month ago

Shouldn't you have a lot fewer creatures in this deck? The commander cares about non-creature spells... But if you are wanting lots of creatures, I'd suggest Hofri Ghostforge and Lorehold Apprentice. Maybe even Kindred Discovery to name spirits and draw tons of cards?

MilesHiles on Send Nids.

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestions unstable_anomaly! I played around with some of these to start with but as you'd noticed, with it being Nids Tribal, some didn't fit off the bat. I did playtest with Kindred Discovery and found that between Garruk's Uprising, Temur Ascendancy, Bred for the Hunt and how the mechanic Ravenous works, the 5 mana slot didn't add much to the deck that it didn't already have available so it didn't feel worth playing very often. I like Open Into Wonder but have also noticed that except for a few cases where I can get my token Nids out, my board only has on average 2-4 creatures throughout the game (Mostly due to healthy amounts of table interaction lol) I'm hesitant to put a card in that requires a board state to work at all because of that. I think Pest Infestation is an incredible card and admittedly overlooked it for this deck since it isn't a token deck. However, with how Magus Lucea Kane works, it seems like a no brainer. Thanks for all the suggestions and your time!

unstable_anomaly on Send Nids.

1 month ago

This commander is bonkers. Looking forward to building around her myself.

Doesn't look like you're going for the spell slinger route, but Seedborn Muse with any of the instant speed draw spells (Blue Sun's Zenith / Commander's Insight / Diviner's Portent / Drown in Dreams / Even the Score / Pull from Tomorrow / Stroke of Genius / Thassa's Intervention) would be really good here. Could easily draw the whole deck for a Thassa's Oracle / Laboratory Maniac / Jace, Wielder of Mysteries win.

Since you're going the creature based route Kindred Discovery / Herald of Secret Streams / Open Into Wonder.

Some other generic good stuff for a deck like this Nyxbloom Ancient / Selvala, Heart of the Wilds / Mana Reflection / Pest Infestation.

lcarl3035 on Talrand No-kens

1 month ago

If you are going for drake token creation, I'd suggest Kindred Discovery, Coat of Arms, and/or Vanquisher's Banner.

Also with the token strategy you might as well put in Dark Depths and Thespian's Stage or Mirage Mirror to make a 20/20 Avatar on turn 4-5.

Telepathy works wonders in mono-blue decks

Finally, I can't help but notice you said that you hate discarding to hand size, and the newer Decanter of Endless Water will produce mana and prevent just that!

multimedia on Sivitri - Custom Precon for Dominaria United

2 months ago

Hey, well done, nice reprint choices of Crux, Restraint, Crawlspace, Voyage, Iymrith, Astral, Propaganda, Sea Gate, but you forgot Command Tower. Tower could replace Gateway Plaza which is a terrible land. Interesting clone sub theme, not sure it's needed here, but Reflections of Littjara is a good budget tribal card for cloning.

Consider choosing only one of Collective Restraint or Koskun Falls? Both have high prices for a precon, they're similar cards and either one hasn't been reprinted before. Quicksilver Amulet needs a reprint and it goes with the idea of tutoring for Dragons then cheating mana costs.

Kindred Discovery is another option, it's an excellent tribal card and Dragons can consistently do combat damage to players. Maskwood Nexus lets Sivitri tutor for any creature and all your creatures survive Crux. Revenge of Ravens can be a good budget prison card.

Dragon's Hoard is good mana rock for Dragons. Talisman of Dominance has been reprinted in many current Dimir precons, might as well add it here too. Dark Ritual is more ramp to potentially get a quick Sivitri. Dragonlord Silumgar, Juvenile Mist Dragon, Steel Hellkite are some Dragon upgrades especially Silumgar and Hellkite can destroy nonland permanents which is helpful in Dimir.

Brainstorm, Night's Whisper and Read the Bones are nice budget draw spells. Nameless Inversion is a removal spell that Sivitri can tutor for. Hero's Downfall is now only $0.25. Swiftfoot Boots is haste and protection for Dragon you tutor for.

Thrummingbird, Flux Channeler, Tezzeret's Gambit, Sivitri is a Planeswalker, proliferate can give more chances to tutor and Crux. Sunken Hollow is missing, so is Tainted Isle and Sunken enables Isle.

Good luck with your deck.

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