Kindred Discovery

Kindred Discovery


As Kindred Discovery enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Whenever a creature you control of the chosen type enters the battlefield or attacks, draw a card.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Kindred Discovery Discussion

SatisfactionDay on Fish Walker Tribal

19 hours ago

CoBo I really like the list. Triumph of the Hordes I've wanted to put in my deck as well since Kumena is generally around 10 power when I attack with him.

I would suggest running Herald's Horn and Kindred Discovery. Kindred Discovery mixed with Deeproot Waters can add up to a ton of value.

But I really like the list. Oko, Thief of Crowns is a card that I love, even though your opponents will not. He is good for getting rid of their ramp or hateful artifacts as well as beefy or troublesome creatures.

itachi5464 on Budget Crab Commander

3 days ago

Coat of Arms Door of Destinies Kefnet's Monument Distant Melody High Tide Kindred Discovery Adaptive Automaton

You can check out my version

SatisfactionDay on Kumena's Merfolk Ascendency

1 week ago

Rasaru in regards to Simic Ascendancy of the 3 wins I should have been more specific. I've only had about 10 of those games where I actually drew it. The other games I never got it. I used to have Long-Term Plans in the deck, but I took it out. So 30% win rate with simic ascendancy in the games I draw/play it.

Simic Ascendancy is more of a pet card for me. I have thought of taking it out and going more voltron, but I've won just as many games just swarming with large Merfolk(which are most of the time unable to be blocked). and so many other Merfolk tribal decks are just focused on getting creatures out there and attacking. I wanted to do something a little bit different and while this deck still focuses on getting creatures out they are much more hefty than they would normally be.

Kopala, Warden of Waves has proven to be very valuable at taxing my opponents, much more than I thought. And I have always loved Master of Waves since the cars came out, but it really does a ton of work in this deck. As for surprise, The Ozolith. I knew it was going to be special, but nothing like having tons of Merfolk with counters and getting board wiped and loading the Ozolith up and then casting my Commander and swinging in for unblockable lethal the next turn.

Absolute musts for Merfolk are the lord's for sure. Also Merrow Commerce. Kopala as I said has provided me excellent support. Merrow Reejerey is great to get out early and either used to suppress your opponents or help untap your lands so that you can cast more Merfolk. Also a must include if you stick with the tribal theme isKindred Discovery, this generally gets me the most value in the game second to Kumena.

Two cards that I would say to keep running even though it doesn't fit the merfolk theme are; Oko, Thief of Crowns & Edric, Spymaster of Trest. Oko is oppressive and does work making elk, and Edric helps keep the pressure off of you. Both have been solid upgrades to this deck. For political reasons I have included Rites of Flourishing which helps me get targeted less, but this is one I'd recommend taking out.

When I originally built this deck it was strictly Merfolk go wide tribal, and focused on Kumena more for utility rather than attacking. I built the deck with a +1 counters sub-theme to help boost the power of my merfolk and not necessarily aim towards Simic Ascendancy. So if I was to take that out, I'd leave the deck with the counters theme because it goes wide frequently.

I apologise if this seemed to jump all over the place, but I wanted to make sure I shared the info as best as I could. Also this deck can be easily tuned by taking out if you cards here and there to fit in with your own meta. My decks are always built for my meta and anything that I have on my main page or the ones that I own in paper.

Paeldroth on Dark Eyes and Careless Hair (Alela EDH)

4 weeks ago

Azeworai but what's the end game for drawing all those cards? Like, I want to be looking for a way to win. And obvs if I'm going to drop an infinite combo onto the table, boom that's a wincon. But removing that, the next best wincon I can see for this deck is some style of overrun w/ Alela's faeries.

Also ooo... Kindred Discovery is a card I keep forgetting about.

Azeworai on Dark Eyes and Careless Hair (Alela EDH)

1 month ago

I think Alela is a card you play more so for the value as opposed to the main strategy. My preference would merely be having some combat damage or attack triggers, such as Coastal Piracy and Kindred Discovery, thereupon having artifact and/or enchantment interactions being the primary game plan.

In summation, one strategy begirding the rest of the deck and Alela is there with a mere few payoffs.

CheapBastard on Snakes need wheels, they don’t have feet *Primer*

2 months ago

Damn this deck is awesome! I'm a BIG fan and I think I found the next commander to build around and maybe even tweak to my liking. Have you thought about Kindred Discovery? It's really solid and draws a metric fuck ton of cards (maybe even too many cards)

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