Roaming Throne

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Standard Brawl Legal
Vintage Legal

Roaming Throne

Artifact Creature — Golem

Ward (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter it unless that player pays .)

As Roaming Throne enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Roaming Throne is the chosen type in addition to its other types.

If a triggered ability of another creature you control of the chosen type triggers, it triggers an additional time.

Last_Laugh on The Sixth Doctor

1 day ago

Just a heads up, but you have several cards that don't function with The Sixth Doctor (but do with Romana).

Tokens that are the result of copying a permanent spell aren't "created" and won't trigger anything like Adrix & Nev, Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, Annointed Procession, Primal Vigor, etc. It's rule 111.12 which I have copied/pasted in my deck's description (link below).

You're after effects that copy the Dr's triggered ability or copy his tokens after the fact. Strionic Resonator, Lithoform Engine, Errant, Street Artist, Esika's Chariot, Twinning Staff, Second Harvest, and Battle for Bretagard are all good options (Clara Oswald/Roaming Throne and other "triggers an additional time" effects won't work with the Dr either thanks to resolves once per turn part but copying the trigger works).

Feel free to check out my list for ideas and the deck's description for rule 111.12. I personally run Peri Brown with the Dr. but same colors and overall strategy. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Dopplegangbangers - Historic Flash Convoke Copies

Saljen on Magda of the Maskwood [[Guide]] Updated for MKC

2 weeks ago

I went a different direction with my Magda deck, you're welcome to check it out if you like: Treasure, Dwarves, and Dragon's; OH MY! . I hadn't thought about Helm of the Host, I'm definitely going to find room for that in my version.

Here's some suggestions that I've found very helpful in my Magda deck:

Hammer of Nazahn - can save any creature at instant speed if you've got 5 treasures up, will also let you attach Helm of the Host for free

Magmatic Galleon - provides removal, a tapper effect for your dwarves, and the occasional extra treasure. Great first tapper to search out

Mycosynth Lattice - functions similarly to Maskwood Nexus, in that it'll let you search out any card in your deck, works well with Darksteel Forge to make board wipes one sided

Sculpting Steel - lets you copy Roaming Throne or Illusionist's Bracers to get extra treasures, or any of your other artifacts

Spiteful Banditry - board wipe that gives you random treasures throughout the game

Crime Novelist - Sac your 5 treasures, search for your thing, get 5 +1/+1 counters, and RRRRR mana. Insanely easy to combo out with this guy, insanely powerful with Magda

Steel Hellkite gives you the option to remove anything, even things you wouldn't normally be able to like enchantments

Last_Laugh on Doctor Whomst'd've did it?

3 weeks ago

Just a heads up, but you have several cards in here that due to rules technicalities, don't work with The Sixth Doctor (who is admittedly a rules nightmare). Adrix and Nev, Doubling Season, and Parallel Lives don't work here.

Tokens that are the result of copying a permanent spell aren't "created" and won't cause the above cards to trigger. Rule 111.12 for reference, and it's copied/pasted into my deck's description (link below).

The other thing I learned (the hard way) is that "triggers an additional time" effects like Clara Oswald/Roaming Throne don't work here either since The Dr says his ability only resolves once per turn. You're after effects that "copy" his ability like Strionic Resonator/Lithoform Engine, copy the spell copy like Errant, Street Artist, and/or effects that copy his tokens after the fact like Esika's Chariot/Second Harvest.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas and rule 111.12. I also have a section in my deck description for other options like the above cards for additional tokens as well as untap/flash enablers. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Dopplegangbangers - Historic Flash Convoke Copies

lhetrick13 on Anim's Automotives

4 weeks ago

muzack - I finally got around to making those update I was talking about. I still am making edits to the deck but this was the first major revision. I played the deck twice at my LGS last night and it was an absolute powerhouse going 2 for 2 games in dominate fashion. First game Impact Tremors and Witty Roastmaster did work while Roaming Throne was triggering Anim Pakal, Thousandth Moon's ability twice quickly dwindling down my opponents' health. The second game Anduril, Narsil Reforged quickly added extra +1/+1 counters to Anim Pakal early and a well timed Cathars' Crusade generated a army of absolute jacked gnomes that nearly sweep the game early.

Overall, I am very happy with how this deck has been turning out!

rckclimber777 on Build a Deck with me …

1 month ago

Welcome back to another episode of Build a Deck with Me. In the first two episodes I focused on a couple decks that want to go infinite and combo out. I realize that playing infinite combos is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but one of the things I enjoy is finding cool interactions/ways to break cards. So today instead of finding ways to break cards, I’m simply going to start with a card that is already broken and build a deck around it. That card is Voja, Jaws of the Conclave. Ok, so maybe it isn’t broken, but you have to admit, you see this good boy on the field and you need to find a response quickly.


In the last episode, I had some comments that suggested I talk about some of the general research that goes into deck-building. One thing to keep in mind is that when you’re building a deck there are general archetypes that exist and are fairly well known. These can often serve as models when thinking about what cards to use, although relying too heavily on them long term can diminish creativity. If you’re just starting out though, by all means run over to EDHRec and find what cards usually go into a counters deck or a tribal deck (spoiler alert that is what we’re building here). One of the things that I do that helps my deckbuilding is watching youtube channels that play commander. This includes: The Command Zone, Tolarian Community College, Commander at Home, and Elder Dragon Hijinks. There are many others out there, but these are the ones that I’ve watched more than a couple episodes of. As I’m watching an episode, I find myself thinking, “Wow I want to build something like that” or “I really liked the interactions with that”. For instance, there was a Commander at Home game where I got to see the interaction between Dihada, Binder of Wills and Odric, Lunarch Marshal and now they’re sitting on my desk, waiting to be built. Today’s episode is the result of one such instance. I watched The Command Zone episode that covered Murders at Karlov Manor. In that game, the Voja deck was a beast. It was fast, it made huge creatures, it drew tons of cards, and it just couldn’t be stopped, oh and the commander was a big puppy dog (wolf, puppy same thing).

To start building, I went into Gatherer and just began looking for a few things like Wolves, Elves, and Changelings. I started to realize that there are very few changelings and the wolves out there really aren’t that great outside of a few like Hollowhenge Overlord. So I turned back to the Command Zone for some help. They post their decklists on the videos and I began scrolling through it and much to my surprise, the list was similar to the ones that I had found, but wasn’t sure about like Ferocious Pup and Universal Automaton. These aren’t good cards unless you have something that really wants creatures on the field. And that’s when things started to click. The support for Voja didn’t necessarily need to be super strong in their own right, it just needed to enable him to do more.


First of all, Voja is an interesting card because it wants both Elves and Wolves on the field. Most tribal decks want just one tribe so it almost feels like you have to make a choice between one or the other here. Well I don’t like choosing between two good options. It’s like deciding between chicken nuggets or a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A. I say both! (I also might need to reconsider some life choices, but oh well)

Changelings are great because they have all creature types which means any tribal deck can use them. Some are extremely powerful, while others just have an interesting creature type. In this deck, however, we want to focus on low cost creatures. If they do something cool, bonus!

Realmwalker is awesome because it is every creature type but it can also cast creatures from the top of your library which instantly gives you card advantage, we will likely choose elf as our creature type when it comes in because they generally are going to be our lower cost creatures, our mana dorks, and likely the more prominent tribal type in our deck.

Remember any changeling on the field will trigger both aspects of Voja’s triggered ability so a Universal Automaton becomes a 1 drop enabler for both adding counters and drawing cards. Irregular Cohort provides two 2/2 bodies both of whom are changelings and give us more counters and cards.

Of course there are two cards here that are just amazing. Maskwood Nexus which makes all your creatures all creature types, and Shields of Velis Vel which does the same thing in instant form. Both are game changers with voja.


When it comes to elves, we generally want to have mana dorks. This is going to ramp us out quickly, but also allow us to have bodies out there to add counters to. A couple standouts besides the normal ones like Llanowar Elves are:

Gyre Sage who is going to get huge thanks to Voja.

Beast Whisperer will draw you lots of cards because we are going to be a creature heavy deck.

Yeva, Nature's Herald is also helpful in being able to get your cards out on your opponent’s turns.

All the versions of Tolsimir are great because they often come with a wolf token in tow.

Finally there is Shalai and Hallar… When you’re adding counters to every creature on your board equal to the number of elves you control, this card can take out an opponent.


There are a few wolves out there, but its surprisingly fewer than you would think. Hollowhenge Overlord is really good, and so is Ferocious Pup. You play it and suddenly you have two wolves which means two more cards when Voja attacks. Another great wolf is Roaming Throne. I know what you’re thinking, “it’s a golem.” In this deck, it’s a wolf… trust me. Roaming throne will double all of Voja’s triggered abilities and now you’re thinking “Voja only has one triggered ability.“ Actually, Ward is a triggered ability. Which means now in order to target him, your opponents need to spend 6 mana!! So you swing with Voja, let’s be conservative and say that you have just llanowar elves, Voja, and roaming throne, you add 2 +1/+1 counters to everything and you draw 4 cards. Speaking of doubling that trigger: Annie Joins Up. A super underrated card so far and triggers on Voja, Shalai, and Tolsimir.

Other fun stuff

There are a couple other things that help support Voja as well. Counter multipliers and additional combat steps are all good things for this deck. You don’t want to put too many of those in though because when push comes to shove you’re likely going to just want a creature to play instead of another counter multiplier. I have Kami of Whispered Hopes in the deck, because it adds counters, but it also produces a crazy amount of mana which I can use to empty my hand of creature cards. Hardened Scales is fine and even Branching Evolution feels worthwhile, but I chose not to add any others.

For additional combats I added only two cards, one was Relentless Assault and the other is Great Train Heist. The latter is great because it has more versatility, is an instant, and costs the same as relentless assault for its first ability. Both of these cards can win the game pretty easily.

There are also wolf producers like Howling Moon which I’ve played in Arena with great results. (also pairs well with Tocasia's Welcome). Sword of Body and Mind produces wolves, gives protection, and mills your opponent. Arlinn, the Pack's Hope  Flip is another powerful card since it produces wolves, but can also give you flash on your creatures.

Finally, there is a card that I’m proud to say I noticed before it became super popular. Silver Shroud Costume. I remember playing it in the dogmeat deck and thought, this is good, I’m going to put a copy into voja. At that time it was $5. It has since surged to $20 and there is a reason. It can flash out and attach to Voja, who is now hexproof, (in case ward 3 wasn’t enough) and unblockable gg.

Card Draw, ramp, interaction

Don’t forget your interaction. Just because Voja has ward 3 and is hard to spot remove, doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be protected. Flawless Maneuver, Heroic Intervention, Teferi's Protection etc. will help keep him and the rest of your creatures safe.

As far as ramp goes, Voja wants creatures which means a lot of ramp is going to be in the form of mana dorks not mana rocks or traditional green ramp spells. I still added a few green ramp spells, but its definitely fewer than some of my other green decks.

Card draw is also a little different here. We’ve got Beast Whisperer and Tocasia's Welcome already and they work really well with the deck since the Beast whisperer is also an elf and tocasia’s welcome triggers with all of our mana dorks which we can flash out on other turns as well. Voja of course is the main card draw engine (seriously a commander who draws cards is just waiting to be abused). Other good cards here are Inspiring Call and Rishkar's Expertise.

About Card Draw

One quick note on card draw that has recently changed the way I think about it. I used to separate card draw into two different categories. Card draw engines which are ongoing effects that will give me cards as long as they remain on the field. The other is simply cards that draw more cards. Previously, I assumed that the former were excellent cards and the latter were well… not great. But as I was listening to The Command Zone they started talking about cards and the amount of triggers you can expect to get in a single game. This changed the way I thought about it. A card like Rhystic Study is great because you are likely going to get some cards from it, but your opponents can pay the 1 or they can remove it. The idea is to think about your card draw engines in terms of the average cards you get from it. This helped me starting think about the usefulness in a card like Inspiring Call which is likely to give me 4-5 cards when I play it, at least. Rishkar's Expertise similarly will net me upwards of 7-10 cards and play a spell from my hand. Meanwhile, rhystic study, which is a great card, will likely get me 5-6 cards before being dealt with, sometimes only a couple. It helped me shift my thinking and made me consider other cards that I had previously dismissed.


Not a lot of utility lands are needed in this deck, I did like Rogue's Passage, because a lot of times Voja is swinging for lethal commander damage. Making him unblockable is great.

Here is the final form: Voja, the good boy

And by final form, I mean the form I’m currently playing, but likely will change because decks are always being updated and changed. As always, hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any commanders or interactions that you want to see built, let me know in the comments.

Coward_Token on Modern Horizons 3

1 month ago

No actual leaks in the thread, people!

Where to find...

Kudo, King Among Bears seems pretty fun, although I hope there's going to be more bear kindred support. Since he affects all creatures, stuff like Alpha Status and OG Norn works. And They Shall Know No Fear is Heroic Intervention at home, and Roaming Throne works for all of your creatures. Go-wide tokens seems like it would work, as would 0/0 creatures like Kalonian Hydra. Might be worth looking into the EDHREC cards for the two selesnya cat legends from Lost Caverns of Ixalan?

Herigast, Erupting Nullkite Kinda feel like an Emerge commander would be black and/or green instead? IDK how to abuse this either, red doesn't have that many good "overcosted" creatures like Avatar of Fury.

Null Elemental Blast: yeah this is really good in EDH, where every random utility land taps for .

Final Act: playable experience counter hate in EDH.

lhetrick13 on Anim's Automotives

1 month ago

muzack - I know right? Anim Pakal, Thousandth Moon is surprising fun to play and is a very overlooked commander.

The deck could go in multiple directions but the direction I was taking this in was more of a burn deck with the inclusion of various ways to hit opponents with non-combat damage with cards like Impact Tremors and Sunshot Militia, compounding that damage with multipliers like Fiery Emancipation or trying to trigger it multiple times per turn with extra combat via cards like Aurelia, the Warleader. The entire concept of the deck is trying to either make gnomes and ping for damage or just creatures to ping for damage. The inclusion of Roaming Throne made me want to give the deck a tribal feel so that is why you see a strong human theme as Roaming Throne will let me trigger Anim twice.

I won a game with this deck by getting out Anointed Procession, Fiery Emancipation, and Impact Tremors throughout the game and in a single turn created 18 gnomes for a total of 72 damage directly to each opponent :) Keep an eye on this as I recently just put in a order to Cardkingdom to pick up better support cards. Many of the cards in this deck were just what I had one hand and are not exactly a good fit. So I will be altering it heavily in the near future.

Regardless, thank you for the compliments and feedback! I am pretty humbled that you legitly piloted the deck. That is pretty cool!

sergiodelrio on Gempalm incinerator

1 month ago

No and no.

Throne and Violence look for a "creature you control", which specifically means a creature on your side of the battlefield.

Gempalm Incinerator is a "creature card" in your hand (and every other zone except the battlefield) when you activate the cycle ability, so the other cards you mentioned won't "see" it as a creature.

Also, Roaming Throne looks for a "triggered ability" - those are always templated with either "when" or "whenever" - cycling abilities are "activated abilities" and you can identify them by the colon ":" ... they are templated as COST : EFFECT.

That being said, if you have Roaming Throne enter as a Goblin, Gempalm Incinerator will count it as one when you determine X for its ability.

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