Lotus Cobra

Lotus Cobra

Creature — Snake

Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you may add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Lotus Cobra Discussion

LandoLRodriguez on Earth, Windgrace, Fire

1 week ago

cavacinig Thanks, my Windgrace deck has evolved some over time and I plan on keeping it updated. Landfall is one of my favorite mechanics in Magic, so I've tried to create what I think of as a "landfall toolbox" with as many varying effects as possible, such as Caustic Crawler's unique -1/-1 ability. While Moraug, Fury of Akoum's ability is also unique to landfall, I've chosen not to include him. My general strategy is to sort of sit back until I have a totally overwhelming force and essentially only need to attack once. Moraug provides sort of a "win more" condition to me that doesn't seem necessary. That being said though, that's just my opinion and if you wanna swing multiple times per turn with Moraug, Go for it!

Titania, Protector of Argoth, on the other hand, I would highly recommend. I have to disagree with AscendedLandfalls and assert that Titania will prove valuable even without relying heavily on straight up land sac outlets like Zuran Orb or Squandered Resources. With Titania out there, one Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse + any Crucible of Worlds effect + multiple lands drops allowed in a turn = a whole bunch of chunky elementals per turn. I like getting value for lands coming and going, and behind The Gitrog Monster, Titania provides the best value for lands leaving.

As far as your other inclusions, you're gonna love Lotus Cobra. The mana generation he creates is insane. Grazing Gladehart is certainly expendable since you get the landfall life gain effect from both Retreat to Kazandu and Retreat to Hagra. As far as Ground Assault, it certainly can do a large amount of one time damage, but in my deck at least I rely on Akoum Hellkite for direct damage. Combine him with deathtouch from Retreat to Hagra and he becomes a removal machine! All this is to say that I'd put Ground Assault on the chopping block as well.

That's all for now I suppose, I hope this helps some and keep on brewing! LANDS MATTER!

cavacinig on Earth, Windgrace, Fire

2 weeks ago

LandoLRodriguez thank you very much for your input and compliments! I love the name of your Windgrace deck too, btw. Looking at your deck and the history of your modifications I'm very impressed; you've put a lot of time and thought into crafting the deck. I actually just opened up an Ancient Greenwarden and a Lotus Cobra cracking some packs over the holiday, so I definitely plan to incorporate them into the deck, along with some other possible cards. Your point regarding the importance of cards that allow players to play lands from the graveyard is certainly valid and when I'm able to I plan on picking up copies of both The Gitrog Monster and Ramunap Excavator. I knew I wanted to make lands in the graveyard a big part of the deck's strategy but I recognize it's a weakness that I only have the Crucible of Worlds to allow this. Crucible is a big and easy target for many decks too. I think I will be replacing Ground Assault with the Greenwarden. I was also considering swapping out Grazing Gladehart with Lotus Cobra. Other cards I've picked up recently include Titania, Protector of Argoth and Moraug, Fury of Akoum. What do you think about those inclusions? I noticed you have more creatures in your deck than I do, and seem to have included better options overall because your creatures not only serve as bodies on the table but also other purposes as well, such as Caustic Crawler, for targeted removal. It may be possible to trim down the amount of other spells in my deck if I pick better options for my creatures.

DreadKhan on Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait

3 weeks ago

Dreamscape Artist can be pretty good, Parcelbeast is similarly useful in Simic Lands. You could even go so far as Silverglade Pathfinder. All three also work well with Retreat to Coralhelm to untap themselves to keep digging. I run Retreat as a combo engine in my Simic deck, but it is also used as more of a synergy piece. Dreamscape is the best I'd say, and combos with your Excavator already.

There is also Stone-Seeder Hierophant to ramp you per landfall, which synergizes better with your 2 mana lands than a Lotus Cobra or Tireless Provisioner would, though all three are very strong potentially.

trippy_mcfly on Uro, titan of walue

1 month ago

tonton_latouche He might do everything your deck wants to do but he's way too slow. Growth Spiral can get an extra land into play on turn 2 and cantrips to avoid being a dead draw. Lotus Cobra can easily get you 4 mana per turn. These cards are way, way more important to see in your hand.

If you don't feel comfortable cutting top end, then I would suggest switching them for Craterhoof and some other finisher. But 5 mana for a single body with weak ETB is not going to do basically anything in EDH.

Niob_Mordodrukow on Fast Animar

1 month ago

Made some changes. - Coiling Oracle since it costs 2 color mana, and we dont have much lands to abuse his landdrop ability.

  • Destiny Spinner since Rhythm of the wild included now, and also we have Veil of Summer and Cavern.

  • Elvish Visionary for Llanowar Visionary.

  • Lotus Cobra for Tireless Provisioner, because elf and treasures are better in most cases.

  • Slithermuse, because depends on opponents hand a lot.

  • Soul of the Harvest, since we have a lot of those effects anyway (i concider Vizier and Augur as those effects also).

  • Stratus Dancer, because it is a 2 mana counterspell just for sorcery or instant. It is good, but free counters are better.

  • Wall of Roots, because 2 mana dork, giving only 1 mana per turn, and it is not even an elf.

  • Hardened Scales, because we dont have much creatures requiring tons of counters (In fact, it is two eldrazi and ballista. Everything else works well without this card), and it is better to have some card which does something useful instead.

  • Exotic Orchard, because sometimes will not give us correct color.

  • Flooded Grove, because filters can be bad sometimes.

  • 2x Island, cause we needed 2 more slots.

Now i wanna check how good is Rhythm of the Wild and return Destiny Spinner if it is not. And also find a slot for Ramunap Excavator, since we have 9 fetchlands and Lotus Field

tonton_latouche on Uro, titan of walue

1 month ago

trippy_mcfly Thank you! I have considered the cards you suggested. I don't think I would run Priest of Titania, I feel like the deck doesn't have enough elves to make her tap for more than 1 mana consistently. I'd be happy to run Growth Spiral and Lotus Cobra but I, honnestly, would not know what to cut for them... I'd be open for suggestions.

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