Combat Celebrant

Combat Celebrant

Creature — Human Warrior

If Combat Celebrant hasn't been exerted this turn, you may exert it as it attacks. When you do, untap all other creatures you control and after this phase, there is an additional combat phase. (An exerted creature can't untap during your next untap step.)

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Combat Celebrant Discussion

The_Acid_Drip on I am Ironman, the Full Boros Experience

1 week ago

Add chained to the rocks 100%—diversity of targets when tutoring is the value/purpose of a tutor.

Also what about the following four cards

Always Watching + Combat Celebrant?

Also from Amonket

Glory-Bound Initiate is just really good with Always Watching

Aven Mindcensor is a good punisher card for way too nefarious combo decks.

Lastly consider for some mayhem one of my old and all time favorite pet cards — Fumiko the Lowblood

Fumiko is really unique and does well in any red deck trying to play politics by either incentivizing that the game starts moving. The trick is, if they attack you, ok you have do deal with it, but there's a hidden tell to Fumiko. IF THEY ATTACK ANOTHER PLAYER—despite your Fumiko being the reason for the aggressive board state—what they are telling you is they are afraid of that other player more than you.

This is a huge tell and can help you spin a game in your favor as you can literally form an unspoken alliance with another player against someone else going archenemy at the table (usually the URZA player) and neither your unwitting ally nor target knows of the alliance.

Fumiko is a much more complicated card than what people give her credit for since she creates forced decisions which are always favorable to you if you can prepare for the immediate shift in the board state after she resolves.

JabberJ3T on Magda, Brazen Outlaw combo cEDH

3 weeks ago

This is a cool deck idea! I like the idea of getting infinite treasures and being able to get out every artifact you have! I feel like the problem with this deck is that once you have all your artifacts out it doesn't seem like you have a way to win from there, sure you can make a lot of mana but you just seem to be waiting for a Vandalblast to come along and ruin your day. For a way to win I suggest Maskwood Nexus and Utvara Hellkite. with these two (which you obviously combo'ed off and used Magda's ability to get them onto the battlefield) you can search for all of your creatures, via Maskwood Nexus and then next time you attack Utvara Hellkite will trigger getting you a gazillion 6/6 dragons. It is a little slow because you have to attack with all your dudes first, (probably killing them) then you get the dragon's so yeah its slow. BUT if you want to win as fast as possible you could throw in a Combat Celebrant for an extra attack step and you could also have a Urabrask the Hidden to attack ASAP. If that doesn't do it for you then I don't know what will, besides Avatar of Slaughter.

IATEAREPUBLICAN on Kick Start My Heart | Winota, Joiner of Forces EDH

1 month ago

One of my suggestions from the Winota deck I recently built, is that not all of your non-humans have to be generated tokens. I would highly recommend something like adding a little more ramp to the deck (you're slightly under my personal, comfortable threshold, but that's all opinion when it comes down to it. I also have access to Ancient Tomb and Mana Crypt and such, so I'm really worried about getting to Winota as fast as possible. Like I said, personal preference). Anyway, I bring that up because there's a good opportunity in what you can add to your ramp package. Definitely keep your Sol Ring and Signets and what not, but I would highly recommend adding Ornithopter of Paradise, Gold Myr and Iron Myr. When you don't have super explosive hands, these dorks are good for tempo! Early game ramp, Winota procs later game. Other great adds are normal ol' Ornithopter and Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh. They seem like weird choices but they're literally free Winota procs. Super explosive in your opening hand. Goldnight Commander and Cathars' Crusade are great with Rograkh. If you add Rograkh, I would heavily consider Odric, Lunarch Marshal. Rograkh possesses 3 super valuable keywords, and it's pretty oppressive if you can spread it across your whole battlefield, again... FOR FREE. Also gotta mention Odric, Master Tactician as well for another great human target. Also, if you're running Goldnight Commander the best way to create absolutely silly amounts of damage is to add as many humans that create tokens. You have most of the ones I run already, minus Knight-Captain of Eos and Evangel of Heliod. Flipping Goldnight Commander into one of those cards or Captain of the Watch, into Angrath's Marauders gets overwhelming very quickly. And speaking of damage doublers, this deck needs Blade Historian and Combat Celebrant. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk lol

Stardragon on Feisty Gruul Mother

2 months ago

Crucible of Fire, Obelisk of Urd,Vanquisher's Banner or Jugan, the Rising Star to buff your dragons and give you more card draw, Gruul War Chant or Goblin War Drums to give them even more evasion Purphoros, God of the Forge, Impact Tremors and Warstorm Surge for more ETB Burning, Balefire Dragon for massive field clearing potential (the bigger it get the damage it to the field) Moonveil Dragon for a field firebreathing effect, Dragon Broodmother for big tokens, while not dragons Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion and Neheb, the Eternal both ramp you very well, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Star of Extinction, Savage Twister, Starstorm and Blasphemous Act for board wipes. Red rituals like Pyretic Ritual, Seething Song, Mana Geyser or Battle Hymn quick mana and Braid of Fire for steady ever increasing mana. Can't go wrong with the Bird duo of Birds of Paradise and Gilded Goose for mana nor is Archetype of Endurance bad for protection Gratuitous Violence and Fiendish Duo are both one sided Furnace of Rath. Fervor or Fires of Yavimaya make dragons hasty, and Glorybringer and Combat Celebrant can be massive boon and if you Seedborn Muse you can alway have them untapped as exerted creatures only don't untapp during your phase but since seedborn untaps during opponents turns they also untap so you can get 4 free damage and an extra combat step ever turn. Savage Beating + Spellbinder can give free extra combat and if you use this combo the entwine also happens so you get both Savage Beating's effect's each time it goes off.

Polaris on Combat Celebrant + Aurelia

3 months ago

Let's take this from the top and answer questions one at a time.

First, as long as you attack with both of them and exert Combat Celebrant during one of your attacks, you'll get three combat phases. Whether or not you can attack during all of them will depend on how you stack things.

You're correct that if you exert Combat Celebrant during your first combat (assuming you're also attacking with Aurelia, the Warleader) one of their untaps will be wasted and you won't be able to attack three times with non-vigilance creatures.

The order doesn't have any bearing on your question, because both Celebrant and Aurelia untap your creatures during the resolution of their triggered abilities, so it doesn't matter whose phase is when. Once created, they're identical. Notably, neither of them create a delayed trigger to untap your creatures at the beginning of the extra combat phase.

You can, however, totally stack the triggers how you like, since they're triggering off the same event (attacking). It just won't change the outcome.

Whenever you create another phase, it gets inserted right then. Both Aurelia and Celebrant create a combat phase "after this phase." Let's say you stacked Celebrant below and Aurelia on top. Aurelia will resolve, untap your creatures, and insert an additional combat phase after this combat phase. Celebrant will then resolve, untap your creatures, and insert an additional combat phase after this phase (before the phase created by Aurelia). These both happen during your initial declare attackers step.

With all that said, the correct answer is, as you said, to swing, get the untap and extra combat from Aurelia, then in the next combat swing and exert Celebrant for a third combat phase, then swing one more time. If you don't think you can keep Celebrant alive, hold it back in the first combat so that you can swing with it in the second to exert for value.

Notably, Combat Celebrant won't untap at the beginning of your next turn, but since Aurelia's attack trigger doesn't specify attacking creatures, you can swing Aurelia on your next turn, untap everything (Celebrant included), and swing and exert Celebrant again during your second combat phase to triple up again. Aurelia pairs very well with exert creatures to let you use their powerful abilities every turn.

OmicronPrime on Combat Celebrant + Aurelia

3 months ago

How would I go about triggering exert on Combat Celebrant with Aurelia, the Warleader in order to achieve three combats? So, the way I think this works (doing it the wrong way) is the following: attack with everything and exert the Celebrant. Aurelia triggers and untaps all attackers and the Celebrant additional combat , along with his untap (that gets wasted because Aurelia already untapped everything) goes on the stack to immediately resolve as the next combat so nothing will untap for the third combat and theoretically only Aurelia will be able to attack barring that I don't have any vigilance creatures or giving my board vigilance somehow.

Am I not able to stack the combat triggers how I want them to resolve? Like, why can't I say I want the Aurelia additional combat to resolve first, and then the Celebrant combat following that so I can untap everything? I guess the smart way to do this would be to exert the Celebrant after the additional Aurelia combat, but I am still unclear as to why I can't stack the combats how I want to stack them. Maybe someone can explain this interaction and additional combats in a way that a simpleton (me) can understand it lol.

mrstring6 on

3 months ago

Karazikar is my new favorite commander, he is SO MUCH FUN. He seems to be the most underrated commander of the set. Some cards I love in my list:

Life loss becomes a bit of a sore spot with this guy unless offset: Exsanguinate, Shadowspear, Nighthawk Scavenger

extra combats = extra goading! Port Razer, Combat Celebrant

Nether Traitor is a super cheap and reliable way to always trigger your commander.

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