Altar of Dementia

Altar of Dementia


Sacrifice a creature: Target player puts a number of cards equal to the sacrificed creature's power from the top of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Altar of Dementia Discussion

Hc_Clan on Brion, Armstrong

19 hours ago

+1. If you are looking for suggestions, I agree with the previous comments regarding Malignus. I'm also a big fan of Taurean Mauler as well since he gets huge pretty fast in multiplayer with no real downside.

I think you could cut Thousand-Year Elixir for Anger since you only have 6 creatures in the deck with tap abilities.

Gilded Lotus is a bit pricy mana-wise, perhaps cut it for Mind Stone to help get Brion out faster.

I think more sac outlets would be welcome in this deck. High Market is great utility on a land, and Altar of Dementia combos with Sun Titan and Gift of Immortality if you want a combo finisher.

Azeworai on Dragon Jesus (Bladewing the Risen EDH)

2 days ago

You had commented upon my list, thus you must allow me to do the same for yours.

I must recommend a Sneak Attack. It offers an excruciatingly cheap mana reduction for putting dragons into play, thereupon being put into the bin for later reanimation. It allows for quite the explosive turns upon resolution, and has been one of the better engines in my list.

Now, I do not run these cards in my deck, but Hellkite Courser and Altar of Dementia allow for an infinite combo with Bladewing. Put out the Courser, sacrifice it to the Altar, then have the "ETB" trigger put Bladewing into play. Target his trigger to the Hellkite Courser and sacrifice Bladewing in response. Someone is milled, Courser is reanimated, and then Bladewing can come back into play, sacrifice Hellkite Courser, then repeat for infinity. If you need a combo to end the game, each of the cards within it being solid on their own, I would recommend this. I am trying to squeeze it into my list, but it depends on your taste in strategy and meta.

A card I used to run, but ultimately found lacking, is Dragonspeaker Shaman. I see it in your Maybeboard, but I may as well grant it a mention.

One dragon that seems particularly devastating is Tyrant's Familiar, for it returns with a powerful attack trigger. It is straightforward but potent.

You must be aware of the utilities capable in the mana base. I used to run Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace. It pulled its weight, but was ablated for Bonders' Enclave and the ensuing War Room. Each of these cards are quite fine, but favourable in the eyes of some.

I have found haste to be a necessity in strategies such as this. Hall of the Bandit Lord startlingly inefficient as a land, but the haste is immensely powerful. Removing summoning sickness at the mere cost of life and a tapped land is, in my opinion, more than worth it. If I get ahold of one, it shall be seen to inclusion in my list.

That shall be all from me, but thank you once more for your prior comment.

As foresaid, might your day be lovely.

nomjas123 on Milling Gone Rogue (Precon Upgrade Guide)[PRIMER]

1 week ago

VorelNailo Thanks for reaching out!

Mesmeric Orb Mills a lot. Depends on how long it stays on the table, but usually 5-10 per turn triggered at untap, resolved at upkeep. One-time 2 generic mana investment. One of my favorites. Court of Cunning is stronger, as long as you can costitently keep monarch.

Ashiok, Dream Render - maybe less usefull if you don't have too much reanimation in your playgroup. I have a buddy playing Meren and I love going all Ashiok on him. Anyhow, anti-tutor is pretty powerful all around (kills ramp too).

My meta used to be full of boardwipes, so I put together Mulldrotha deck. I brewed with it a little bit and turns out I really liked how milling went, so I decided for that strategy.

If you wanna shift towards reanimation, then I would happily recommend: Havengul Lich - can reanimate your or opponents graves

Sewer Nemesis - can get quite big really fast

Consuming Aberration - as above. If you play a lot of small spells, which you seem to do, it provides good milling too.

Altar of Dementia - Good sac outlet for mill decks. Works amazing with the two above.

Living Death - crazy gamechanger with self-mill and ashiok

Use whatever you like :)

Rocketman988 on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

1 week ago

TrEndKillHerEsy, I tested out Underworld Breach briefly and wasn’t impressed how it worked in the deck. I’d personally rather load my graveyard with silver bullet answers and the creatures I specifically need to win the game. Cards like Entomb and Buried Alive don’t dump enough fodder into the graveyard to get more than one, maybe two cheap spells off, and it usually means exiling creatures I’d like to keep available in the graveyard in addition to expendable cards like fetchlands. I have found great success in appearing to have a relatively “floundering” board state with the deck, where only I know how the one or two key demons I have in the graveyard will work with my cards in hand to steal the win. 20 cards in my graveyard screams that I am a serious threat, and this deck does not play enough protection to weather the combined assault of 3 opponents for very long.

Regarding Altar of Dementia, if I’m going to sacrifice my creatures, I want it to be to Sacrifice and Burnt Offering effects. Living demons are a source of mana investment that aren’t sacrificed when I swing with Rakdos, and the deck uses every shred of alternate mana sources it can get. Sacking a creature just to fill up my graveyard is not worth it to me. If you want to aim for a more all in graveyard strat in the deck, I could see Underworld Breach and Altar of Dementia being very effective.

Lastly, honestly I think you’re right about Yawgmoth's Will. The deck plays enough cheap reanimation, wheel effects, and rituals that it would be very effective even with a limited board state. I’ll have to think about a good cut for it. Thanks for the great suggestion!

TrEndKillHerEsy on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

1 week ago

Why is Underworld Breach, Altar of Dementia or Yawgmoth's Will not in here? The deck looks fun but man. I feel like you missing out on a lot more synergy that these cards provide.

castoravio on Budget Mirrodin Besieged

2 weeks ago

Hi Saccox, thank you for your suggestions, I appreciate the consideration given to my deck.

As I said months ago, I'm not a good player, but your cards seems a little bit out of my porpuse... The deck has just been played once: lost (14 artifacts in graveyard instead of 15 when Mirrodin Besieged checked...), so what's missed were cards able to fill the graveyard with artifacts and at the same time being able to slow down the opponent (gaining time to find Mirrodin Besieged ). Nitty gritty: cards like Salvage Titan or Altar of Dementia would be great.

Let me know if you are more lucky with the deck

Pikobyte on Muldrotha, the Gravetide - EDH - Combo

3 weeks ago

If you add Kaya's Ghostform and Altar of Dementia you would have an instant win combo that doesn’t exile your whole library and is much safer. Leveler could lose you the game if oracle gets countered

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