Spy Kit

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Spy Kit

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has all names of nonlegendary creature cards in addition to its name.


Licecolony on What is Your Opinion of …

8 months ago

derbrack. I dunno about "As for things like sol ring, it's so cheap there's no reason not to just get it from the LGS or tcgplayer if they don't have stock." By all means, support your local game stores. Go to events, buy sleeves and boxes, and snacks, and board games. But I'd never buy a $10,000 car, if the same one could be bought for $3,000 with the contingency that I could never bring it to the Indy 500.

Sol ring is $1.44. Assuming I buy a deck where the average card is $1, that's still a $100 deck. And I think that would be considered budget by most. Or I could pay $20 to print the cards on the back of some lands and suddenly I could play any 5 decks I'd ever want to play for the same cost as that budget deck.

God forbid I get tired of my $100 deck, I'm shit outta luck. I have a precon I've upgraded through the years and is now probably around $150. I don't play it anymore.

I much rather play my Tiamat, win by changing opponents' creature types and playing cards like King Suleiman (a $500 deck excluding lands)

Or my Rafiq, win by changing opponent's land color and then swinging in with a big Coiling Woodworm ($300 excluding lands)

Or my Bant reverse-voltron deck that wins by equipping my creatures with Spy Kit, and my opponent's creatures with Pariah's Shield ($300 excluding lands)

Or my Gabriel Angelfire deck that wins with cards like Jangling Automaton ($250 excluding lands)

And lands are expensive. I would argue that my $150 enhanced precon is more powerful than any of those. But dammit if those other decks are far more fun.

My deckbox hold 6 decks. By proxying, I can fill that deckbox with anything I want for the price of my one enhanced precon. Even if I had the disposable income to buy all of those decks in paper sans the lands, it would send me back $1500. The car I been driving for the past couple years is a $3000 manual-transmission burnt-orange Fiat 500 that drives like a jellybean and I love it.

Those purchases can't compare. I could make a 6-figure salary, and I'd still proxy. And I wouldn't care if anyone did too, so long as their cards are recognizable, and they're following the normal social conventions of playing to the power-level of your pod, communicating ahead of time, and not cheating.

If you're a pubstomper, I'm gonna avoid playing with you because you're a pubstomper, not because you proxied your whole deck.

legendofa on Specific card name effects and …

8 months ago

Gidgetimer Thanks! I'm brainstorming ideas for another Spy Kit deck, and this clears up a lot of points.

legendofa on Specific card name effects and …

8 months ago

Apologies for the double post, but I'm finding more, similar questions. Spy Kit is a weird card.

What cards can Elvish Clancaller or Howling Wolf search for when equipped with Spy Kit?

What creatures can be discarded by a creature with Grandeur equipped with Spy Kit? Can Korlash, Heir to Blackblade discard a Gutterbones to search for Swamps?

I guess the general question is, when a card refers to other cards with the same name as itself, are all instances of "CardName" replaced by "this card", or only when it specifically refers to itself as a game object?

legendofa on Specific card name effects and …

8 months ago

The general rule is that whenever a card refers to itself by name, it can be replaced by "this card."

Undead Servant refers to other cards named Undead Servant. If an Undead Servant enters the battlefield under my control, and I equip Spy Kit at instant speed before the token creation ability resolves, does the ability count the number of cards named Undead Servant in my graveyard or the number of non-legendary cards that share a name with the Spy Kit-equipped Undead Servant? The current ruling doesn't quite seem to address this: "Count the number of Undead Servants in your graveyard as the ability resolves to determine how many tokens to put onto the battlefield. If Undead Servant dies in response to its own triggered ability and is in your graveyard as that ability resolves, it will count toward the number of Zombies you get."

For the opposite end of this question, if Sakashima the Impostor enters the battlefield as a copy of Undead Servant, will it count the number of Servants or the number of Sakashimas in my graveyard?

FormOverFunction on I Need Help Making Edric …

1 year ago

My opinion here, your mileage may vary, and it will surprise no one. One surefire way to make a deck weaker is to focus more on theme. Replace some of the less-spy-like stuff (Trygon Predator for example) with things like Spy Kit or whatever. You have a ton of great flavor in there already, and the theme is going to position you well for victory anyways. It might really bother you to take value cards like Spore Frog out, but replacing value with fun conversation pieces is the point of the exercise; try to position yourself to be the person that people are excited to see what weird thing they’re going to cast next. It’s a lot of fun, surprising people with themely cards that no one at the table had ever seen played before (because they’re “not good”). I closed out a game killing one of my friends with a Banshee this Wednesday. One of the other people had never seen that card to begin with, and the other had never seen it used successfully like that... because it’s a crappy old card. But it fits perfectly in my crappy haunted house deck, and it’s refreshing to be casual! I’m a fan of your deck, and I’m excited at your attempt here!

DraconicDestruction on Zur the enchanter $100 budget

1 year ago

Hi. I do think that budget mana bases are a bit inefficient in tricolor, so thanks for those overall ramp recommendations (including artifacts and enchantments and especially The Restoration of Eiganjo  Flip). other than the ramp, I do think that Stronghold Machinist is good, because it's reusable counter magic, and the Spy Kit + Cornered Market combo could be good against creature based decks, but I don't have a way to consistently get out Spy Kit, and as for shrines, I like the idea but almost all shrines function with a lot of shrines, so i would have to cut some other things (a zur deck focused on shrines could be fun though). thanks for the overall recommendations

DreadKhan on Zur the enchanter $100 budget

1 year ago

Cool idea with good execution!

Not sure if you are 100% satisfied with your mana base, some stuff like Esper Panorama, Darkwater Catacombs, Skycloud Expanse, and Ash Barrens can help fix your mana, I always find Zur is a hassle to get out without stretching the budget. There are also somewhat worse options like Obscura Storefront, it's worse than Arcane Sanctum but not by a ton. I recently found out about Planar Atlas, but this looks like exactly what Zur needs to get out faster, but I do run Signets and Signet Lands, so I have more use for colourless arguably. If you're using a Sun Titan, any lands that fetch something before going to the Graveyard become pretty strong in my experience, but Myriad Landscape is hilarious if you can recur it.

Not sure if it's outside your budget, but Mirrormade is the cheapest Copy Enchantment I know of that Zur can fetch, and it can also copy an artifact, so if there is a ramp rock out Zur can find mana. Another way Zur can ramp you is The Restoration of Eiganjo  Flip, which also turns into a creature. Dance of Many is a pretty interesting option if someone has a really big body out against you, not sure if you face many Blightsteels.

If you like to run Rule of Law effects in Zur, you might enjoy using a little Moderation to fuel you, it's a nice cheap card. If you can draw enough cards, Stronghold Machinist and/or Stronghold Biologist are pretty interesting cards. Obviously better with Necropotence though.

If you have Vanishing on Zur, you can fetch Out of Time to wipe the board in a shockingly thorough manner, if the board is full nothing is coming back. Obviously better if you can copy it before it goes away, but Copy Enchantment and Estrid's Invocation are both pretty pricey, and there are few things as good as copying All That Glitters. Another weird thing you could do is combine Spy Kit with Cornered Market, nobody can play creatures, if you have Zur out then you should be set.

If Propaganda or Ghostly Prison are too pricey, War Tax can be an interesting alternative, it's especially useful in a Rule of Law deck where you can't play multiple Sorcery speed spells, this lets you use spare mana to hassle whomever you want, it's non-targeted and scales with the game.

I always wonder if non-cEDH Zur decks should consider running Honden of Seeing Winds and Sanctum of Calm Waters to draw cards, Zur can find you a few other Shrines if you ever draw into a Draw engine, none better than Sanctum of Stone Fangs. I guess you'd have to decide how much work 2-3 cards per turn is worth, at least once it's set up it doesn't use more resources.

Gidgetimer on Do Spy kit Enable de …

1 year ago

Yes, it isn't looking for separate creatures with each name. You activate the Power Plant Worker and then the game checks if you control both a creature with the name Mine Worker (you do, whatever the Spy Kit is equipped on) and a creature with the name Tower Worker (you do, whatever the Spy Kit is equipped on). Much like how Wild Nacatl will be a 3/3 if you control a Sacred Foundry and no other lands.

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