Creature — Zombie

Gravecrawler can't block.

You may cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard as long as you control a Zombie.

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Gravecrawler Discussion

Mcat1999 on Altar Combos!

1 week ago

Phyrexian Altar + Gravecrawler + any ETB damage / life loss effect, also any death-trigger damage / life loss effect, also any Storm spell you can cast = the biggest of winnings

Apollo_Paladin on Casual Zombie Horde

1 month ago

The Gravecrawlers you're running there pair remarkably well with stuff like Bone Splinters and Village Rites. You may want to look into some of those options even if they're only for Sideboard for temporary use in/out against certain decks.

I really like some of your choices here; nice mix of old & new! +1

exatin on Liesa leeches

1 month ago


Things I like


Probably not...

I've played a small set of games with the deck now. It had impact on the game. Majority of creatures cast in the deck didn't feel of consequence when standing alone. I'm investigating more ways to gain life but also add "target player gains life" to abuse Tainted Remedy against non-life gain decks that just ignore it when it hits the field. Spells like Swords to Plowshares.

TheTrevs on The Scarab Kingdom V2

1 month ago

I like the deck and I ran a Grimgrin, Corpse-Born deck before and I think the Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Gravecrawler, and Rooftop Storm combo can be really good just as a random combo in the deck. Also a really good addition in this deck would probably be Diregraf Colossus. It works really good in the combo and can just generate so much value if they just leave him there.

sergiodelrio on Durkka durkka

1 month ago

Here are some ideas you might like:

Vexing Devil is all upside in your deck.

Then, maybe think of other cards that bring back creatures from the grave like Unearth. I don't like undying evil because you only have a tiny window to cast it. Cauldron Haze could be interesting also.

Then, you might want some creature that can bring back themselves from the grave, like Gravecrawler. You'll find a lot more on Gatherer.

Then, you might want a sac outlet like Viscera Seer in case your opponents don't kill enough of your stuff or exile them.

Village Rites is card advantage.

Finally, Spark Harvest over Bone Splinters all day every day.

Happy Brewing!

MrKillStar on Teysa Karlov’s Double D's

2 months ago

KibaAlpha to go infinite with Bitter Ordeal I use Desecrated Tomb + Phyrexian Altar + Tortured Existence . Could also use Gravecrawler with another zombie. Or for another usage for infinite Bitter Ordeal, I use Bolas's Citadel + Gray Merchant of Asphodel + Haunted Crossroads with Phyrexian Altar to go infinite; with Mortuary as a possible replacement for Haunted Crossroads and removing the need of having Phyrexian Altar on board, then if any opponent somehow stays alive, Bitter Ordeal them :D Emergence Zone if you need to flash Bitter Ordeal.

Tzefick: I would agree to keep Black Market in deck. Yea, it costs , which isnt something amazing, but even in mono-black, its not hard to ramp into it and witht the right cards (or even if any opponent goes crazy with sacing creatures), you can get some great mana value from it. In a worse case, it eats some enchantment removel and "protects" your more important ones.

The thing I would be more careful about is Dark Prophecy, since it can kill you, unless you have something to negate the life loss or something to shuffle your GY back into library (Elixir of Immortality/old Eldrazi titans)+discard.

MrKillStar on Syr Konrad, the Grim

2 months ago

You only run 5 other zombies to get Gravecrawler back, I would probabky replace those small artifact creature with some more zombies. Also, in my Syr Konrad's For the Void deck, I run Phyrexian Altar with Tortured Existence aswell, in addition with Desecrated Tomb for infinite loop. From the new Commander Legends set, Tormod, the Desecrator could be used instead of Desecrated Tomb too. It honestly works great, not only for Syr Konrad himself, but also for cards like Bitter Ordeal, Altar of the Brood, Ayara, First of Locthwain or simply Grave Pact as a creature board wipe.

Tainted Strike - for Syr Konrad for some sneaky kills. With Phyresis you just become instant target unless you manage to kill everyone right away.

For a lower budget deck, Crypt of Agadeem is great land since you can get many creatures into your graveyard pretty easily. Its a land version of Songs of the Damned.

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