Scourge of Valkas

Creature — Dragon


Whenever this or another Dragon enters the battlefield under your control, that Dragon deals X damage to target creature, player or planeswalker, where X is the number of Dragons you control.

: This gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

faustodemambo on The Ur-Dragon, Dragon Tribal

1 month ago

dr_destructo I'm actively looking for cards to change in this deck, just haven't found a lot the last couple of months. In this week or the next I'll write a explanation like I did in my quest to 100% list including some of the "combo's" I have found thus far

A quick tldr Ramp, get some spells that let you "cheat" your creatures in to play and win through combat damage or through ping damage with Dragon Tempest / Scourge of Valkas

Rivel on Mono red Dragon Deck V2

1 month ago

So I have rambled on and on about my thoughts on all of the different aspects of this deck. In advance, I would like to thank anyone who has taken the time out of their day to read all of these and leave their own thoughts, as that is part of what makes this community great. There aren't many more themes to talk about in the deck. Now, onto win cons. So my main win conditions in the deck are damage from triggers and beating the opponent down with hoards of big dragons (with a third backup wincon with Hellkite Tyrant and Hellkite Igniter).

For damage from triggers I have Where Ancients Tread, Warstorm Surge, Dragon Tempest, Terror of the Peaks, Scourge of Valkas and Panharmonicon. They work great with Lathliss, Dragon Queen due to the tokens she generates when another dragon is played, all activating those damage triggers which can be used to control the board and directly target the opponent's HP pools. Archwing Dragon is a reliable way for the Damage triggers to activate each turn. Summons from Utvara Hellkite, Skyline Despot and Dragonmaster Outcast act as backup token generators for the damage triggers in case our lathliss isn't in play. Demanding Dragon is potentially a free 5 damage to the opponent's face. Drakuseth, Maw of Flames his damage trigger is repeatable every time you attack.

Supporting cards for the first win condition: I do not have any of these three cards in my decklist, as I can't figure out what I want to replace to get them in, but the dream is there. Conjurer's Closet allows you to make a dragon leave and re-enter the field at the end of the turn, triggering all of our ETB effects above. Mirage Mirror allows you to copy one of our pieces above, and you can choose the most beneficial one. It would be nice having two Dragon Tempest in play, especially say if you have 6 dragons on the field, have Mirage Mirror end of turn triggering them and getting free 12 damage to any target you want. If you could fit in a Fiery Emancipation that 12 turns into 36!

The secondary win condition "beat down", with "big" "dragon hoards", is also supported by Lathliss, Dragon Queen due to the big 5/5 token dragons she pumps out. The "dragon hoard" part is also supported by cards such as Utvara Hellkite, Skyline Despot, Dragonmaster Outcast as they all generate plenty of dragons. Now the "big" part comes from my anthems that buff my dragons Crucible of Fire, Gauntlet of Power, The Immortal Sun, and Vanquisher's Banner, as well as several dragons that are all pumpable to make them and/or their fellow dragons hit harder. Moonveil Dragon, Scourge of Valkas, Moltensteel Dragon and lastly Lathliss, Dragon Queen. Now, the fun part of my secondary win condition, "beat down" comes into play. Dragons such as Scourge of the Throne and Hellkite Charger allow you to take an extra combat turn, allowing you to really bash in your opponent's face with your big dragon hoard :)

Supporting cards for the secondary win condition: Terror of Mount Velus gives all of your dragon's double strike. Thundermaw Hellkite allows you to tap your opponent's fliers, allowing your dragons through. Drakuseth, Maw of Flames allows you to potentially shoot down any small fliers blocking your path. Cards I would like to put in: Fervor, Anger and Akroma's Memorial would allow any dragons that enter the field to have haste (with akroma adding a slew of goodies and protection). Door of Destinies could allow you to grow your dragons even more. Gratuitous Violence and Fiery Emancipation would allow you to double and triple your damage. Rage Reflection granting double strike would be nice. I would prioritize Fervor, Anger and Akroma's Memorial, as haste is such a beautiful thing, as it helps make up for lost time due to how expensive your dragons can be. I am not sure what I need to remove to fit them into the deck.

Lastly, Hellkite Tyrant is a pretty nifty dragon, acting as a potential win condition on its own. My deck has plenty of artifacts as is, and I typically play against 2-3 (sometimes even more) opponents in a game. Reaching the 20 artifacts owned is doable, the hard part would be keeping it, the artifacts, and yourself alive until it is once more your turn (Suddenly that wall of text I wrote on protection is looking a lot more appealing). Another fun synergy with that is Hellkite Igniter, if that can sneak on by you can pump its damage insanely high due to all of the artifacts! Need to see about getting some haste in the deck to help it connect...

Thanks all for reading!

Rivel on Mono red Dragon Deck V2

1 month ago

Protection: It feels bad when I get my lathliss out, and the poor queen of dragons gets subjected to a Murder or a Path to Exile, or caught up in a Blasphemous Act. It feels even worse when I attempt to play her and just get a Counterspell, effectively throwing away a turn. I would love some more protection in my deck, not just for my Lathliss, Dragon Queen but perhaps other important Dragons I will have in my deck like Terror of the Peaks, Scourge of Valkas, Hellkite Tyrant, etc etc you get the idea.

Currently, I only have 4 protection cards. Lightning Greaves, Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, and lastly Reverberate (for potentially duplicating pyro/red ele blast if they try and use yet another counter spell). I feel like I do not have enough protection. However, should I even worry about protection and just focus on ramping and rushing down my opponent? If the game starts to drag out or I am facing a lot of control, I believe it would come in handy.

I would like to add in Darksteel Plate for destroy/damage protection. But then, in order to protect that (and all of my mana ramp+discount arts) I would like Darksteel Forge. While it wouldn't save them from exile, I face a lot more destruction than exile in my playgroup. If I do run into exile, I wouldn't mind a Sword of War and Peace due to a lot of exile being white colored. Id also like to run Swiftfoot Boots but seeing as I already have Lightning Greaves is it too much? Lastly, in terms of protection, I would like to run Conqueror's Flail, and Price of Glory as those would prevent/discourage control players from using counter spells, instant destructions and what not during my turn when Im trying to do some big plays.

Ultimately, my biggest issue is there are lots of cards that I like, but not enough deck space. I am not sure which ones I should focus on, what cards I should take out to fit them in, or if I shouldn't worry about getting more protection in my deck and just focus on running down the opponents.

Guerric on [Primer] Unleash the Dragon! *Updated*

2 months ago
With the addition of a few great new dragons in recent sets, I'm finally posting an update! Thanks for all the input on the deck for those who are playing dragons which have pointed out some great new options.

1) Dragon's Hoard OUT Ceta Sanctuary IN

As much as I love the flavor of hoard, it is generally slow and unreliable card draw, and any artifact-based ramp that costs three mana or more is too much these days, so it's never been great there. Ceta Sanctuary is such a perfect draw spell for this deck. With Scion out it will always draw two cards every turn and discard any one card from our hand, which allows us to filter any dragons we draw into the graveyard where we can get them out more efficiently. Kudos to kookoo for this fabulous suggestion!

2) Scourge of Valkas OUT Lathliss, Dragon Queen IN

Scourge was always good mostly as a Fireball when you could mass reanimate it, and pretty bad in most other situations. If it is on the board and one dragon enters, that's at best doming something for two. In contrast, if Lathliss is out and a dragon enters we get a 5/5 dragon token. What's more to the point, if we mass reanimate Lathliss we'll get tokens for every other dragon, and if we have a haste enabler all of those tokens will be able to attack that turn.

3) Vorosh, the Hunter OUT Scalelord Reckoner IN

Reckoner has always been great, so I'm not sure why I took it out of the original deck. Knowing they'll get reciprocity for removal is always a good incentive for your opponents to leave you alone and try to politic instead. Vorosh was great if you could get the counters, have Scion stick around, and then use him with Skittles the next turn, but this was kind of a slow process with a lot of investment, which can be easily disrupted. Putting six counters on Scion has a way of putting more of a target on him due to the possibility of commander damage alone, so I think reckoner is a better card.

4) Ojutai, Soul of Winter OUT Old Gnawbone IN

Ojutai is a great disruptor and has salvaged a few iffy games for me in the past by freezing down my opponents, but it is in very particular situations that he helps us and in others it's not as good. Gnawbone gets us lots of treasure, and is a great first target for Scion, and can also hoard us resources on the board later in the game. Its just an all-star card that's good in every situation, and I had to put it in.

5) Crucible of Fire OUT Kairi, the Swirling Sky IN

Kairi just has so much utility that she's hard to pass up. She is a third protection target for Scion, which we definitely need, and can also provide great utility on board-wipes. Crucible is good and always better than you expect it to be, but it is the weakest link at this point.

6) Herald's Horn OUT Sakura-Tribe Elder IN

Horn is a great card, but not in this deck. It is best in tribal decks with cheap creatures where you can cast multiple spells a turn at a discount, and draw a card on one and three turns. I'll probably put it in my Trynn, Champion of Freedom and Silvar, Devourer of the Free deck where it will rock the house. Here it only draws a card one in four turns, and we would rather draw other cards than our dragons. As a ramp piece it doesn't help us cast Scion, hard-casting our dragons isn't a focus, and its not likely we'll be casting more than one. Good old Elder gets us a land for two mana, which is where we really need to be on ramp in this deck.

7) Maelstrom Archangel OUT Sylvia Brightspear IN

I've had Sylvia since Battlebond when I pull her from a pack and have always intended to put her in. Three mana to give all our dragons double-strike is a nasty surprise, and cheap enough that we can still activate Scion that turn. The low-end is probably when only Scion is out, but we play her and make Scion into a big dragon for a voltron kill. The high end is we play her when a bunch of dragons are on the board, or put her and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight on the board with Tooth and Nail, and relish our opponents' tears! Maelstrom Archangel is best if we can cast her when a haste enabler is out and immediately put a permanent on the battlefield. She is expensive to cast and a big removal target, and there will be plenty of times we don't have anything good to put on the board with her. I wish she was legendary and could be an angels tribal commander, but Sylvia will be better here.

Vessiliana on Elder Dragon deck - Atarka (R/G)

2 months ago

Have you considered Scourge of Valkas? It's always been an all-star in any Dragon tribal deck I have made!

TypicalTimmy on Your Favorite Plays

4 months ago

Just won a game with my Lathliss, Dragon Queen deck on Turn 6 against Rakdos, Lord of Riots, Runo Stromkirk  Flip and Atraxa, Praetors' Voice.

I had opened with a Spinerock Knoll exiling Dragon Tempest and a Mox Tantalite. Next turn I played a Vesuva, exiling an Utvara Hellkite. On my 3rd turn I topdecked an Ancient Tomb and was fortunate enough to have opened with a Purphoros, God of the Forge so I immediately dropped him into play.

Then we all got wheeled via Wheel of Fortune. Great. Actually, yes quite splendid because I didn't have much else going on.

It sort of became a slugfest of counterspells and the Rakdos player slinging out damage to try and neutralize some of the Planeswalkers Atraxa was dropping. I was just casting Hammer of Purphoros and had literally nothing else going on.

Rakdos' T6, he drops a freaking Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. WOOOOOW...

Gets to my T6 and Atraxa slams down Teferi, Master of Time's -3 to exile my poor Lathliss, Dragon Queen that I had played T5. T_T but but but whyyyy she didn't do anything T_T T_T T_T

I tell her that while she can suspend my poor Lathy, this leaves Kozzy online and a big 6/6 Rakdos, Lord of Riots. I tell her that if she could be so kind as to suspend Rakdos, I can handle Kozzy since that's clearly the biggest threat. I explain to her that while Purphoros, God of the Forge can't deal damage to Kozzy, I can churn out enough 5/5 tokens and pump them with Lathliss, Dragon Queen to kill the Rakdos player - thus removing Kozzy via player removal. All I need is for Rakdos, Lord of Riots offline so my Dragons can get through.

And to my surprise, she bought that lie and agrees. Rakdos fizzles out.

  • hehehehe

So, I drop a Scourge of Valkas that I was fortunate enough to wheel into thanks to that Wheel of Fortune from earlier.

Purphoros, God of the Forge sees a Scourge of Valkas and a 5/5 token via Lathliss, Dragon Queen land. Oopsies. 4 damage to everyone's face. But wait, it gets so much worse.

Scourge of Valkas sees itself ETB for 3 Dragons, thus 3 damage. But he ALSO sees a 5/5 token ETB for 3 Dragons, thus 3 MOAR damage.

I direct all 6 of this to the Rakdos, Lord of Riots player who was firmly sitting at around 34 life. Hmm... not quite enough to live up to my end of the deal. EXCEPT...

A player was dealt 7 or more damage this turn. Que my Vesuva that ETB copying Spinerock Knoll. I tap that mfer and drop Utvara Hellkite.

Purphoros sees Utty and a 5/5 token ETB. 4 more global damage to face.

This time, Scourge of Valkas sees an Utty for 5 and a token for 5. 10 damage as I please. All directly toward Rakdos, Lord of Riots who has now sustained 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 24 damage of their 34 life total. Ouchies.

Move to combat, since I have Hammer of Purphoros online. Tap everybody sideways.

Lathliss, Scourge, Utvara and 2x 5/5s each create a 6/6 for FIVE 6/6s.

Purphoros dishes out 10 global damage and Scourge sees FIVE ETB triggers of 10 damage each.

And we haven't even moved to combat damage, much less blockers ;)

Oopsie doodles, looks like my Lathliss, Dragon Queen deck won on Turn 6. Lololol gg frens

And this is precisely why this deck is my number 1 favorite deck of all time. Does literally every stupid thing I love about Magic: The Gathering in a horrifically efficient manner.

iammute on Alena + Sakashima Dragons v2

4 months ago

Cool deck! I’m building an Izzet Double Dragon deck based around cloning and copying Scourge of Valkas and Terror of the Peaks

A few cards that could be great for your deck are : Dragon Tempest is an extra Scourge of Valkas that gives all your dragons haste too. Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded is another haste enabler with added utility. Molten Echoes , Reflections of Littjara and Sunbird's Invocation can get you a lot of extra value just for playing dragons

A kicked Rite of Replication on Scourge of Valkas or Terror of the Peaks will end most games if you’re into ‘I win’ plays. Sakashima's Will or Kindred Charge are jankier ways that will get you most of the way there

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