Luminarch Ascension

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Luminarch Ascension


At the beginning of each opponent's end step, if you didn't lose life this turn, you may put a quest counter on Luminarch Ascension. (Damage causes loss of life.)

{{1,W}}: Put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only if Luminarch Ascension has four or more quest counters on it.

Grind on Trostani and Karametra are BFFs

3 days ago

Cool deck!!
Any thoughts about Ezuri's Predation or Luminarch Ascension?
Cheers and have fun!!

Necrosis24 on Which Card Should Replace Marshal’s …

3 weeks ago

I think Smothering Tithe is the safe option especially if you are already running tax effects.

Otherwise if your mana base and ramp is fine so far then I would go for Blind Obedience for the extra control. Though you are correct it usually draws the ire of the table so I wouldn’t use it unless you can really capitalize on it with sufficient removal or cards like Propaganda.

Luminarch Ascension can be a win-con given enough mana so it is worth considering but if you can already close out games reliably it is not necessary. And i think Propaganda/Ghostly Prison would be better than using Luminarch Ascension to create blockers.

DemonDragonJ on Which Card Should Replace Marshal’s …

3 weeks ago

I have a copy of Marshal's Anthem in my black/white/blue EDH deck, but that deck is a control deck, whereas the anthem is better for a combat-oriented deck, so I shall be replacing it with a card that better suits the theme of the deck, and I wish to ask for the advice of the other users here regarding which card I should put in the deck in place of the anthem.

That deck previously contained a copy of Smothering Tithe, so that card is currently my top choice for replacing the anthem, but I am also considering Blind Obedience and Luminarch Ascension, since those are also good cards for a control deck, and would also lower my deck’s mana curve. However, Luminarch Ascension has the tendency to draw the attention of all other players to its controller, so I am not certain about that, and, on further thought, Blind Obedience like would do the same, as well, so Smothering Tithe is still my best choice.

What does everyone else say about this subject? Which card should replace Marshal's Anthem?

DemonDragonJ on Should I Keep Luminarch Ascension …

1 month ago

AstroAA, that is a great amount of suggestions, most of which are excellent, but I need time to process them, so I shall focus solely on my original dilemma, at this time, and replace Luminarch Ascension with Esper Sentinel, since I was already favoring that card, anyway, because I already have Smothering Tithe in multiple decks, but have Esper Sentinel in only one other deck, plus it is less expensive and also less threatening. Thank you, very much, for your suggestion!

DemonDragonJ on Utopian Prosperity

1 month ago

I have replaced Luminarch Ascension with Esper Sentinel, which reduced this deck's average converted mana cost from 3.87 to 3.85, which is certainly a good thing, because the former card is better in control deck than it is in combat-oriented decks, which this one is.

AstroAA on Should I Keep Luminarch Ascension …

1 month ago

Luminarch Ascension is just slow. I used to run it in my Sythis, Harvest's Hand enchantress prison deck as a backup method to get beaters out, and most of the time I'd play it and it'd just sit there as I'd use my mana for other things. It's not worth it most of the time.

I do not know why you aren't already running Esper Sentinel. In your deck you're running a bunch of anthems, and Esper Sentinel can easily draw you a ridiculous amount of cards rather quickly if his tax gets up to 4~5 mana. He's easily one of the best white cards in Magic, and your deck seems likely to support him. Plus he's only one mana, and you have an absolutely ridiculous CMC of 3.87 with only seven mana rocks - two of which are 4+ CMC.

My advice? Fuck Smothering Tithe. I personally think the card is overrated and is one of the most "kill on sight" cards in Magic. A quarter of the time you play it and it's countered. Another quarter of the time you play it and it gets blown up immediately. Another quarter of the time you play it and it does nothing. The last quarter of the time it does something. If you wanted to play some cheaper "kill on sight" cards to bait out counter magic and kill spells, Food Chain, Survival of the Fittest, and even something like Grafdigger's Cage against certain decks. But, take what I say here with a grain of salt - I just don't like Smothering Tithe, and I think the CMC of it won't help you that much since you don't run a lot of ramp. I'd honestly rather run Yasharn, Implacable Earth over Smothering Tithe in your deck right now.

Now, you asked for feedback and suggestions, so here are my main suggestions. I'm not sure your budget, but considering you're asking us to decide between two $20~$30 cards, I'll assume it's higher than the average Magic player's. Here is a basic list of things you can do to improve your deck:

  • Go through your deck and individually look at every card in it. Think to yourself "How often do I play this card? Does this card make an impact whenever I play it? Is it just immediately answered? How does this fit into my game plan?" etc. Cut cards that you think aren't up to par or properly fit into your deck.
  • Your deck seems to lack a proper direction. You say you want to pillowfort and focus on building up an army. Cards like Windborn Muse and Ghostly Prison can help you prevent people from swinging at you. If you wanted to prevent people from swinging at all, Crawlspace and Dueling Grounds can work, and you can just pop them with a Nature's Claim or something before you want to start attacking. If you wanted to focus more on the army aspect, you could go with stuff like Avenger of Zendikar, Rhys the Redeemed, or Tendershoot Dryad.
  • Lower your Converted Mana Cost. You currently have a CMC of 3.87, which is rather high. In addition, you are only running seven pieces of ramp - all mana rocks - and two of them are four or more CMC, which does not help you much. Cut cards that don't do much and replace them with either cheaper mana rocks or mana dorks. A few that I immediately see that I would cut are cards like Treva, the Renewer, Skyward Eye Prophets, Empyrial Archangel, and Archon of the Triumvirate. Cards you should add are like Avacyn's Pilgrim, Birds of Paradise, Sylvan Caryatid, and Noble Hierarch. This will lower your CMC and provide additional mana ramp.
  • Lands. You are currently running 38 lands, which is definitely on the high end. However, I think this is a product of having a CMC of 3.87. I think should you end up reducing your CMC to around 2.75 to 3.00 while adding in at least ~7 sources of mana acceleration you can go down to 32~33 lands, which is much more reasonable. However, I also want to talk about your land choices. You aren't running any fetches and many of your lands have a chance to enter tapped. I would look at adding in more fetches such as Prismatic Vista, Windswept Heath, Misty Rainforest, and Flooded Strand at least. In addition, I'd also look at lands such as City of Brass, Mystic Confluence, and the Battlebond lands such as Bountiful Promenade, Rejuvenating Springs, and Sea of Clouds should you reliably play with 3+ people pods. Cut cards like Seaside Citadel and the check lands, as they're kind of feelsbad turn one plays.
  • Removal. You aren't running much removal to deal with threats. Cheap removal such as Nature's Claim, Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Return to Nature, and On Thin Ice are all super good in EDH. I would definitely look at improving your removal suite outside of 3+ mana counterspells. Also, look at cheaper counterspells. Cards like Mana Drain would be super good here as it provides you mana acceleration while stopping your opponents.

There is more I would like to add, such as talking more about card advantage, but I've spent damn near close to an hour typing this so I'm gonna call it here. Now, take what I've said with a grain of salt. I'm a high-powered player; I like to optimize my decks, and with optimization comes homogenization. I.e; your decks become less unique. You've got a pretty unique deck here, and if you like it then you like it. Ultimately it's up to you on making that call of whether or not you want to optimize and change everything. If you need more help, feel free to ask. Good luck, and sorry for the wall of text.

DemonDragonJ on Should I Keep Luminarch Ascension …

1 month ago

KibaAlpha, Luminarch Ascension is nice, but I realized that it does not fit the general theme of the deck, since it is better in control/pillowfort decks, whereas this deck is focused more on combat, so it will be to this deck's benefit to replace it with another card.

Niko9 on Should I Keep Luminarch Ascension …

1 month ago

I do think that Luminarch Ascension is a little slow without ways of proliferating or something like that. As far as what to add though, you can't really go wrong with sentinel or smothering tithe as generically good cards, but you also don't have a ton of synergy with either. Smothering Tithe is good ramp, but it's at it's best in an artifacts matter deck. And Esper Sentinel is amazing for card advantage, but I feel like your deck is more about attacking than necessarily value.

If it was me I'd probably look at this deck as a massive pump deck. Things like Ancestral Mask or Blackblade Reforged or even Eldrazi Conscription that can make your commander into a huge threat.

But it's all what you like to do. You have a very well balanced deck that can respond to a lot of things, and it looks awesome. I definitely look at Jenara, Asura of War and think that she could make a terrifying auras/enchantress commander, but that's just me : )

And maybe an odd choice, but I feel like Slippery Bogbonder is a very underrated card. It's like a counter plus a creature plus a really weird upside effect, and the hexproof counter is really hard for an opponent to get rid of.

So, I don't know, too much info maybe : ) Sorry. I do think that luminarch is a good call to replace, but you have tons of options. At least it's not the worst problem. Hope it ends up great!

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