Gray Merchant of Asphodel

Gray Merchant of Asphodel

Creature — Zombie

When Gray Merchant of Asphodel enters the battlefield, each opponent loses X life, where X is your devotion to black. You gain life equal to the life lost this way. (Each in the mana costs of permanents you control counts towards your devotion to black.)

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Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pauper Legal
Pre-release Legal
Legacy Legal
Pioneer Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Custom Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Brawl Legal
Gladiator Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Leviathan Legal
Arena Legal
1v1 Commander Legal

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Gray Merchant of Asphodel Discussion

MagicMarc on The State of the Format

1 week ago

Could try Mono Black Control or Boros Aggro or Mono Green Aggro.

Lots of Lightning Bolt or other burn. Or lots of stuff like Vines of Vastwood . Or Gray Merchant of Asphodel and monarch stuff.

Dracknid10 on Ayara, First of Locthwain lifegain/token deck

1 week ago

vito would be a great commander, if you go with him Vilis, Broker of Blood is a good biggy, and Gray Merchant of Asphodel is a great mono black for any life gain deck

plakjekaas on When did you win, at …

4 weeks ago

Does it count if I lost in a glorious way?

I played my Rankle, Master of Pranks deck, on turn 6 I played a Gray Merchant of Asphodel that drained each opponent for 14 (I had quite a few permanents ramped out with Crypt Ghast and Nirkana Revenant on turn 3 and 4). It was a 5-player game, I extorted a bit, so I was at a comfortable 104 life. I swing in with Rankle, and put the trigger on the stack, choosing all modes. Then it happened.

The Phenax, God of Deception player used a dork to mill himself for 5, putting Tree of Perdition in the graveyard. He then activated the ability on his Lazav, the Multifarious in play to become a copy of the Tree. He tapped the Lazav to switch its toughness with my life total. Then he activated his Thousand-Year Elixir to untap it, then tapped it again with Phenax's ability, to mill me for 104. With the all-modes Rankle trigger... Still... On the stack...

Daedalus19876 on To Drown the World in Death: Araumi EDH [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Testing Mystic Reflection over Price of Fame here -- even if it's useful for a shorter window of time, I think it's a better answer for commanders, it can lock things down as effectively as Oko...

And also I suspect it'll enable new combo lines like casting Wake the Dead into five copies of Gray Merchant of Asphodel for the win :3

Daedalus19876 on To Drown the World in Death: Araumi EDH [PRIMER]

1 month ago

jeh1184: They do have summoning sickness if we Living Death them, but we don't win with combat -- we win through looping Gray Merchant of Asphodel or a couple other options. We win through leveraging enter the battlefield effects, not attacking :)

HarleythePanther on Attempting to create a standard …

1 month ago

Thank you for your thoughts! I'll explain my reasoning behind the three cards you mentioned:

  1. I initially had planned to build a mono black deck around Erebos, and Gray Merchant of Asphodel was a must at the time. I left it in this deck because I had more black cards in the deck than white (which might've changed).

  2. I thought Omen of the Dead would be a good card as 1 black mana can return a creature card from the graveyard, but the deck is enchantment heavy, so I reduced it from 4 to 2 copies and added Omen of the Sun.

  3. As for Treacherous Blessing, I was going to use it for card draw, and then it would be sacrificed to Doom Foretold.

I'll remove the 2 Gray Merchants from the main deck, and in their place add a 2nd Vito and a 4th Birth of Meletis (Cheap enchantment to sac to Doom Foretold) I'll remove the Omen of the Dead and add 2 more copies of Omen of the Sun in their place. Reduce Treacherous Blessing from 3 to 2 and add a 3rd copy of Bastion of Remembrance. I will modify the sideboard accordingly.

Most of the decks I play against are precons, but one friend of mine (who I haven't played MTG with in a while) used to run a dinosaur deck. Let me know what you think of my changes!!

wallisface on Attempting to create a standard …

1 month ago

Cool. I'm not that up-to-speed with standard (i pretty much exclusively play modern), so hopefully someone here can give you better advice than my questionable thoughts - but here's what I've noticed:

  • I don't think Gray Merchant of Asphodel is worth it in this deck. Normally he shines in decks where you're running mono-black, with a high devotion count to black... I don't see him doing more than around 3ish points of damage here, and I think you can fill this spot with a better card.

  • I also don't think Omen of the Dead is entirely worth it. Most of your creatures are indestructible, and those that aren't don't really need recursion. About the only card you'd want to recur would be Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose - and in that case, you'd be better-off just running more copies of that card.

  • How has Treacherous Blessing gone for you? It feels like it could be strong in situations where the game is about to end, but not so much if the game drags on. Maybe 2 copies works better than 3? But really, I have no idea.

The rest of the deck looks decent to me. I'd question the sideboard though - it seems to mostly have additional copies of what you already run maindeck. You'd be better off having sideboard cards that hate on the particular decks you play against.

ThatGrimGuy on Liesa, Angel of Monsters and Masochism [PRIMER]

1 month ago

Santiago1011, that is completely understandable. I also wanted to bring up Gary aka Gray Merchant of Asphodel possibly being replaced by K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth. I have found on numerous occasions of playing with Gary that he just often felt underwhelming in this deck. In order to fully tap into his potential I found that I needed several other pieces already in play. As his replacement I opted for K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth as a form of mana acceleration. I found that he acts as a one card mana cost reduction engine for a number of our pieces, such as Bolas's Citadel, Necropotence, our commander, etc. This addition also helped improve running Font of Agonies if you so desire.

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