Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange


Choose any number of creatures target player controls. Choose the same number of creatures another target player controls. Those players exchange control of those creatures. (This effect doesn't end at end of turn.)

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Cultural Exchange Discussion

Niko9 on Need a home for my …

1 week ago

This looks like a really fun card to play with.

Maybe something with Bident of Thassa to make them attack and then Isperia, Supreme Judge to profit if they attack you.

You could use Cultural Exchange to completely upset the board. One person gets tokens that are going to die, and the other gets creatures that might be good but they can't use the synergies. Only problem is that you just might make two people mad : )

Maybe Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant to create a ton of tokens and then give everyone an incentive to not attack you.

Honestly, it seems like a hard card to build around, but at the same time, such an awesome one. I feel like you need ramp for the upkeep, removal or mill to fuel graveyards, and then still a way to pay it off.

And, Sundial of the Infinite might work, but you'd really need ways to untap it like Unwinding Clock and even then, the payoff may not be so great.

Lolth, Spider Queen might go nuts with death triggers and her ult is really good with any small evading creatures.

I guess if it was me, I'd be on the plan of, make everyone make tokens, give them reasons to swing at each other, then when everyone is beat up, swoop in with something to win.

Oh, also, Braid of Fire could help you pay the cumulative cost, at least in part.

It would be fun to see what it looks like when it's all together : ) Super creative!

DreadKhan on Blackstar (Yo pumpkin head)

7 months ago

I don't know if there is any way to edit comments, but I've made some funny mistakes. Both cards look interesting, and it's definitely true that my Changelings are unimpressive creatures without any buffs on them. I'll probably put Exchange in my Azorius 'clever tricks' deck, it can already do a lot of crazy stuff, Cultural Exchange sounds pretty much right on, but there is a good chance it'll be in here. I might take out my Merc tutor, which mostly finds bad cards unless I have Maskwood out.

carpecanum on Blackstar (Yo pumpkin head)

7 months ago

omg just noticed I mixed up the last line for Cultural Exchange and put it under Changeling Berserker . I need to stop posting as soon as I wake up

carpecanum on Blackstar (Yo pumpkin head)

7 months ago

Changeling Berserker doubles up ETB triggers if you can blink him. Even if he dies you get the trigger for the championed creature coming back to the board. If nothing else you can exchange opponents with opponents to bust up combos.

If you can't blink things then Cultural Exchange would let you trade itty-bitty scarecrows for any creature on the board. It Targets a player not the creature so you can ignore Shroud or Protection.

Pledge of Loyalty maybe.

carpecanum on Tripping over my Cans

11 months ago

Eventually somebody will play a scarier monster than you have. A Clone type card to copy their stuff so you can then make copies of it or a Switcheroo effect to steal then copy. Control Magic , Steal Enchantment , Cultural Exchange (very useful as it can steal shrouded creatures).

Isochron Scepter , Spellbinder , Mirari or Bosium Strip (not all 4 but one or two might be nice)

carpecanum on

11 months ago

When you mutate you kinda lose a creature but you get a cool effect. I would look for a reliable source of disposable creatures to mutate. Token creatures maybe. Mimic Vat .

Spells that swap creatures allow you to trade, keep theirs then mutate your old creature because you still own it. Cultural Exchange , Switcheroo .

28 is a very low land count. I never play with less than 33 and then have mana artifacts etc that bring my mana count to 40 ish.

legendofa on Top 10 blue cards at …

11 months ago

I'm going to nominate Cultural Exchange .

Polaris on card:Cultural Exchange + card:Kykar, Wind's …

1 year ago

I would add that there is no "trigger counting the creatures." All of the effects happen during the spell's resolution, so there's no opportunity to take any actions between the creatures being selected and exchanging control. This spell only targets players. When it's cast, the controller of the spell assigns two players as targets. Then priority is passed and players can respond to the spell (including removing creatures).

Once the spell resolves, these things happen with no chance for anyone to do anything:

  • The spell's controller chooses creatures for Player A.
  • The spell's controller chooses creatures (the same number ) for Player B.
  • The chosen creatures are exchanged.
  • Cultural Exchange finishes resolving and is put in its owner's graveyard.

Then, and only then, can players take more actions.

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