Heartbeat of Spring

Heartbeat of Spring


Whenever a player taps a land for mana, that player gains one mana of any type that land produced.

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Heartbeat of Spring Discussion

curmevexas on How does "spend this mana …

2 months ago

For Heartbeat of Spring , is it just the one extra G mana that is unrestricted (or is it everything)?

Omniscience_is_life on How does "spend this mana …

2 months ago

Using the cards you mentioned as examples:

Mana Reflection will not allow for the additional mana to be used on anything but creature spells/abilities, because the mana produced is still being produced by Garenbrig itself.

Heartbeat of Spring , however, allows you as the player to add the mana, meaning it isn't tied to the Castle. You may spend that mana on anything.

Doubling Cube , similarly to the Heartbeat, adds the mana independently of Castle Garenbrig--you may spend that additional mana on anything (this card was, incidentally, the basis for a legacy deck that utilized Jeweled Lotus ).

Horizon Stone simply retains the mana, it doesn't change its properties. Therefore, that mana may only be spent on creature spells/abilities. The same is true for Omnath.

curmevexas on How does "spend this mana …

2 months ago

Suppose I pay 2GG and tap Castle Garenbrig for six G. It specifies that I can "spend this mana only to cast creature spells or activate abilities of creatures." How does this clause interact with Mana Reflection , Heartbeat of Spring , Doubling Cube , Horizon Stone , Omnath, Locus of Mana ? What mana is still restricted by that clause vs what can be used for other mana costs? Any other weird card interactions with that clause?

ReddRhino on Mina and Denn, Land Cultivation and Devastation

3 months ago

You can probably do without Dictate of Karametra and Heartbeat of Spring because all players would be benefiting and it counteracts some cards you have the force other players to sacrifice a card.

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

4 months ago

Long time, no updates, so here's a few cards I've been looking over recently:

Overabundance : The main reason I'm up on this card is its interaction with Glacial Chasm , which is kind of like a Heartbeat of Spring except it hurts your opponents. This will draw a lot of hate though

Beledros Witherbloom : Drop him, untap a bunch of lands, gives you a great opportunity to throw down a Torment of Hailfire . Also incidentally makes token blockers.

Crackle with Power : What I think might be a third reliable win condition, it targets, so it does not get around hexproof like Torment of Hailfire and Exsanguinate but it can potentially hit each opponent down quite a few pegs very easily.

Harness Infinity : Pick up graveyard, what's not to like?

Tibalt's Trickery : The reason I keep coming back to this card is as a way to defend against things which could counter of kill vital pieces. I've never been a fan of going all in on just winning without interaction. It makes games so much more involving. I don't think this card works offensively unless you know there's nothing worse they can really spin into. It's not like a Chaos Warp where they might get nothing, they will ALWAYS get something.

The real question is what gets cut to make way and at this stage I honestly cannot say. The one card I do think will make it in definitely is Tibalt's Trickery . As for Beledros Witherbloom , he doesn't guarantee a win, just one or two turns of big mana. He's an enabler, but at the wrong end of the process, and there need to be a whole bunch of other things in play to make him relevant in this archetype. Harness Infinity seems powerful, it's a unique effect, but seven mana and intensive in colours means you won't have much mana left afterwards to really use it. Absolutely, go nuts with Ayula's Influence , but this just makes bear tokens, which require another turn in order to bring them to...bear.

Again, any thoughts/comments/suggestions are always welcome.

legendofa on Favor Deck

7 months ago

I recommend adding for Rites of Flourishing and Heartbeat of Spring to help keep the game tempo up. Do you want to help everyone equally at all times, or would you include "catch-up" cards like Heroes' Reunion or Inspiration ?

Fotus_Konig on

10 months ago

Could Heartbeat of Spring work well in here?

Lokust on Yurlok, why does everything hurt?

10 months ago

Thanks KayneMarco, I'm trying to find a spot for Heartbeat of Spring, Torbran, Thrane of Red Fell and Belbe, Corrupted Observer the others i will add to the maybe board for now.

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