Maralen of the Mornsong
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Maralen of the Mornsong

Legendary Creature — Elf Wizard

Players can't draw cards.

At the beginning of each player's draw step, that player loses 3 life, searches his or her library for a card, puts it into his or her hand, then shuffles his or her library.

adw92 on It'll consist your head off

1 month ago


They are guaranteed to be drawn via Ad Nauseam as long as it isn't countered.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All (I'm assuming) is counter protection for Sickening Dreams (kind of pointless, if your opponents aren't countering Ad Nauseam it's already GG.)

Elixir of Immortality can be tutored by Maralen of the Mornsong on turn 6 if your turn 5 Ad Nauseam is countered, and acts as a reset button.

Niko9 on Which recent set release should …

2 months ago

I don't have a ton of experience with finance in mtg, so take this with a huge, whopping, grain of salt, but Kami Neon might be a good one because it has a very powerful land cycle (which prices will always stay high) and it's printed at rare, so you have a good chance to get at least some of them.

This all being said, it's generally a crap shoot at the best of times. The people who really make out in investing are the people who don't necessarily do it for a love of the game and who buy large amounts of things at a time. I mean, the number of fetchlands that are sitting in collectors collections, never to be played, must be nuts : )

I definitely crack packs and make decks out of what I have available, and I find that fun. A lot of what I end up using is stuff I wouldn't have really thought about, but looking through things, brewing, and testing, that's so fun to me. But I never view that as a sound financial way to go. I guess I see it as a fun way to spend a little bit on over time, and I get to make a lot of decks that way. It may be smarter to just make one really good deck and trade it over time, but I like having a lot of decks I can break out. The main downside is that none of mine are as good as an optimized deck, because I'm spreading what I've got out.

It's all fun, and it's all how you want to play it. There are plusses and minuses to each approach, but as long as you like what you make, it's all good. It's just, no matter what you do, you can't expect to hit the finance nail on the head. Even when you do get a great pull and that card price skyrockets, if you play it and don't sell it, it's really all about the same. Happens to me all the time : ) Oooh, Maralen of the Mornsong skyrocketed since I bought it, nice, but she's still just sitting in my deck, so...

Nick_V on CEDH Tergrid Stax

2 months ago

Profet93 .. A lot to unpack here and its late but I want to respond before I forget.

Maralen of the Mornsong, It would just be another option to lock the game when I am ahead. I do not currently have the card though and I am loathe to spend $20 on a card that might just sit in my binder. This will only be tested if I can trade for one.

Mox Opal I agree. I do have a bit of artifacts in my deck and I do consistently have the extra 2 needed to trigger metalcraft. The chance it is a dead card though in the early game could cost me the game itself. Like the Maralen, unless I can trade for it to test it out I am not willing to drop more $ on a possible binder card.

Karn, the Great Creator I do like him as a stax piece just in my current game environment the only consistent thing it is turning off are mana rocks, which to me is less impactful then what else I could be using the 4 drop on. If it does change I can see him being a good add. I have Karn though so it might be worth testing out.

Cabal Coffers + Deserted Temple + Rings of Brighthearth = GG. This might be worth adding as another win condition. I didnt add one of these win conditions before because I didn't want to add cards that had no use on their own. I am worried that Rings is slow.

Opposition Agent + Wishclaw Talisman. Ya I knew about this. I like wishclaw as a 1 mana tutor to finish up the game. It replaced Grim Tutor, it was a little to slow.

Bitterblossom + Contamination The times I have had it out on the board it has done very well. It has shut off my own Coffers before but the lock was enough. I have also used it just to slow them down a couple turns and let it sac itself. It is not perfect but it helps me break parody and get ahead.

Crucible of Worlds in this deck I am not fond of it. It takes a valuable 3 drop spot and has no impact when coming in. It does look better if I had the 5 sac lands to go with it, but its still a hard sell for me.

Bloodstained Mire Marsh Flats Polluted Delta Prismatic Vista Verdant Catacombs, I would like to get these in the deck I just do not currently own any so its a $$ thing.

Urza's Saga has done well so far. It gives me early gave protection with constructs if needed and a direct line to artifact mana or in some cases more importantly Sensei's Divining Top

This is a 3am response so I hope I didn't butcher it to much. TYVM for the insights though, its all worth trying and seeing what happens.

DreadKhan on Damn Right and I'll do it Again

5 months ago

Have you ever thought about a Maralen of the Mornsong combo? She works with Opposition Agent already, but if you add in stuff like Teferi's Puzzle Box you would have a fairly nasty lock, you access 1 tutored card per turn, while opponents still pay 3 to have to put the card on the bottom right after.

Imp's Mischief is a nice Black card for more competitive decks. Feed the Swarm is a nice option if you really want creature removal, being able to blow up an enchantment can really save your life sometimes.

Niko9 on Olivia - necks victim

7 months ago

Nice. Limited always seems like a ton of fun, and I do love how it gives some cards a chance to shine :) I always have trouble finding time with people to get together, but maybe someday we will get some limited in. If it comes up, I may pick your brain about it :) If that's cool.

Anyways, I had a thought about Olivia, and I'm not 100% sure how good it would be. Maralen of the Mornsong combo with Opposition Agent might be strong in this deck because of how much selection you get off of your GY. I think it could be very doable to get op agent into play, maybe on an opponent's end step, and then using Olivia or a reanimate on your turn to hit Maralen. Or if Maralen is in hand, Emergence Zone pretty much ends the game before your turn by casting Maralen, tutoring either op agent or reanimate, and then locking it. The really nice thing about the combo in this deck is that you will have a lot of ways to back it up. If one of your pieces gets countered, both things that you need are creatures, and you can get it back from the graveyard very easily.

I don't know, that's just something I was thinking about. Maralen combo is probably not the most fun way to win, but it's hard to find a place where it actually kinda works. Also, I just like casting Maralen sometimes with no combo. Decks that want to draw a million cards and spin wheels actually hate having to tutor one card. And if someone tutors to remove her, you can always get her back with Olivia. It's a dangerous play for sure, but sometimes the nuttyness can put you ahead.

Hopefully I will try to get a deck together at some point. I tend to be a little hyperactive and get on tangents, but sometimes things come together :) You've given me a lot to think about with Olivia though, so thanks! She's definitely the best, wedding party that I know is evil but I still kind of want to go to it, commander.

zAzen7977 on TINY PUNISHER - Discard/Stax [cEDH Primer MH2]

9 months ago

Hi MLS91, thank you for your suggestions!

Maralen of the Mornsong does combo well with Opposition Agent. However, by herself she is dangerous because she kills my card advantage with Tinybones (“Players can’t draw cards”) and will grant each opponent a card of their choice before my next turn. So I would never want to play her unless I have Opp Agent in hand already. Plus if both Mary and Opp Agent are in play, Opp Agent can be removed easily, and then I’m stuck with Mary and her drawbacks.

Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire is ok but is essentially a 5-mana delayed tutor, assuming it survives until the turn after I play it. It is strictly worse than most tutors unless I have Opp Agent in play. So for now, Mary and Vary are staying on the Maybeboard :)

MLS91 on TINY PUNISHER - Discard/Stax [cEDH Primer MH2]

10 months ago

I feel like Maralen of the Mornsong is a really good option for your build. I noticed you were running "Op. Agent" and it makes a lock with her. Varragoth is another option to play alongside Opposition Agent.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

1 year ago

Recently Added:

Maralen of the Mornsong Why: Locks people into hands with Opposition Agent

Grave Pact Why : Took place of Death Cloud , allows for better interaction with the board as well as just more synergistic with the deck

Read the Bones and Sign in Blood why: best card draw I could find as I can't currently afforded a Necropotence

Hymn to Tourach Why: I've been looking for more instances of discard for the deck

@Profet93 as a side note some cards im looking at including into the deck here shortly after some conversations wit ha couple buddies in the play group are as follows

Mindslicer ---> cut Ill-Gotten Gains / cut Sadistic Hypnotist

Insidious Dreams -----> cut: Diabolic Intent or another tutor???

Sedgemoor Witch ----> cut: IDK, i like the card because it makes tokens(think Tavesh/Skullclamp/Smokestack)

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