Coveted Jewel

Coveted Jewel


When this enters the battlefield, draw three cards.

: Gain three mana of any one colour.

Whenever one or more creatures an opponent controls attacks you and isn't blocked, that player draws three cards and gains control of this. Untap it.

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Coveted Jewel Discussion

TheVectornaut on Messing with Lore

2 weeks ago

Changes look positive to me. Make sure you have a sac outlet prepared for Coveted Jewel so it doesn't backfire in a big way. Also, I'd make sure your meta has good targets for Grinning Totem. If you're paying 7 mana just to steal a Sol Ring, it probably isn't worth it.

twechsler on Messing with Lore

2 weeks ago

TheVectornaut no worries about timing. There's no rush to build a good deck. I'm just glad to hear from you. Based on your descriptions I think the second option is where I want to go with this deck, but with some added self-mill so I can really build up options for osgir quickly. Here are some cards that are on the way that I am most likely going to add soon: Phyrexian Triniform (big creature that may work better than triplicate titan), Rings of Brighthearth (4 tokens instead of two with osgir), Blinkmoth Urn(big mana), Goblin Engineer (sac and tutor in one), Zirda, the Dawnwaker(more mana help) and Leonin Abunas (protection). I also am pretty sure I will get Coveted Jewel, Basalt Monolith, Jhoira's Familiar (mana help), Grinning Totem, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Oswald Fiddlebender (tutors), Urza's Bauble (draw). I think if I get these and drop the ones in the sideboard section the deck would have increased mana efficiency, more tutors, and overall just stronger. The last piece I think would be a Mesmeric Orb, Grinding Station, or Keening Stone to fill up faster because the current GY fill cards are just lacking. Let me know if you think these are good choices out of the maybe board to snag. Ill try to playtest the deck a bit more online to see as well. Thanks!

1empyrean on inniaz, the gale force

3 months ago

Since you want to give people useless stuff, Coveted Jewel is incredible for Inniaz, and Pendant of Prosperity cool if you want to play nice with the person sitting to your right.

unstable_anomaly on Full Metal Alchemy (Osgir, the Reconstructor)

3 months ago

Thordagreat I've deliberately chosen to neglect board wipes in this build, but am currently reconsidering that decision. I'll be sure to keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks!

TeeWHY_100 I almost always tutor for Rings of Brighthearth first since it's half of an infinite combo, but will also allow us to copy Osgir's second ability, providing quite a bit of value early game. Otherwise if I have the mana to cast it, tutoring for Coveted Jewel will also provide quite a bit of value.

Thank you both for the comments/ suggestions, much appreciated. Cheers.

KBK7101 on Battle Beast

4 months ago

Long time Invincible fan, so this deck gets an upvote just for the name!

Some things I'd recommend from my own (Naya tribal) Marisi deck would be more ways to entice opponents swinging at each other rather than at you. Cards to help with this would be things like Contested War Zone , Coveted Jewel (a bit high CMC wise, though) and any Monarch effects. Some Lure effects might also help to get your deathtouchers through so you can win with Fynn, the Fangbearer . Mana wise, the recent Pathway cycle from Zendikar/Kaldheim might be worth a look. Thankfully, they're all relatively cheap.

Come to think of it, I haven't played my Marisi deck in a while. Seeing this list has me itching to bust it out again!

MaltOMeal on Osgir: Its Reconstruction, not Recursion

4 months ago

Hey jakeyuki12! I do use the standard London mulligan for my commander games. While I would normally agree with you in the fact the land count is rather low, with this particular deck being so low to the ground we can consistently hit our curve. You'd be surprised at how quickly you can run out of things to do if you've got too many lands.

With my mana base, I've got a lot of 0 drop and 1 drop artifacts, and cards like Thrill of Possibility to pitch to the grave to fuel my 3D printer, so it's normal to open with a hand of 1 or 2 lands and have 3 artifacts we can cast on turn 1. Additionally in playtesting I didn't really like using Faithless Looting , simply because I didn't want to run many sorceries in the deck, we've got a handful of targets for Isochron Scepter and with the way I'd play this deck I'd much rather be casting instants over sorceries.

Osgir has a unique ability to crack open an artifact and turn it into 2, in the Mana Weaving section of my deck description we cover all the ways we can do this. We end up with a lot of mana, and most of the time it's not even from the land base. With this being a high-power deck as well, we look for a turn 5-7 win, not technically cEDH, but we don't want to drag it out too long.

I have a scenario actually from a night of commander games. Taught me to really take in everything going on at the table. The board just got wiped by an Ashling the Pilgrim boosted by a Dictate of the Twin Gods and the active player healed a ton through Basilisk Collar , my board had a bunch of artifacts that stuck around. Notably 2 Thousand-Year Elixir s, 4 Sol Ring s, 8 Wurm tokens from 4 copies of Wurmcoil Engine , 2 Coveted Jewel s, Boros Signet and I believe Rings of Brighthearth , nothing of value in hand, also only on 4 lands at like turn 6 or 7, not an uncommon occurrence. In my grave I had a ton of artifacts, one of them being Mirage Mirror . Life Totals for the 3 players remaining were 158 for the Ashling player, 28 for the player across from me, and I was at 14. So doing the math my turn, I had to kill everyone somehow, I drew and it wasn't Basalt Monolith , which would give me infinite mana for my Walking Ballista in the grave I could get out with Myr Retriever ... so first thing was first, I recast Osgir for 6 mana tapping those Coveted Jewels. Then I used my lands and my signet to reconstruct Mirage Mirror 4 times thanks to Rings, paid 8 mana into 4 different Mirage Mirrors to make copies of a thing. We chose to make 4 Dictate of the Twin Gods and swung 3/3 Wurms for the win. Doing the math, one 3/3 dealt 96 damage with 5 Dictates in play. With all of this situational stuff it doesn't explain much, but it shows that the land base doesn't matter all the time, 1 land and 2 land opening hands in paper magic are a common thing for this deck, and that's fine, we make more mana along the way. Not everything has to be statistically accurate when it comes to making your own mana.

1empyrean on What are Fun Non-Legendary Cards …

5 months ago

griffstick: Just run Akiri, Line-Slinger and Falthis, Shadowcat Familiar as your commanders.

I have an Inniaz, the Gale Force deck and Coveted Jewel is a central piece to the deck. I get it on the field and give it away on my attack trigger, then take it back, untap it, and draw 3 cards when I deal combat damage.

Different commanders can utilize different cards to different degrees and I like figuring out different ways to use cards.

unstable_anomaly on Full Metal Alchemy (Osgir, the Reconstructor)

5 months ago

Hey Broviticus, thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate the comment, question, and upvote.

Also thanks for catching the fact that Alibou, Ancient Witness is in fact an artifact. I put that update together pretty late last night, and was quite tired. Being an artifact does make it more appealing, but as you mention, I'm not exactly sure what to cut to add it.

The original thought behind not including Coveted Jewel / Hedron Archive is the high CMC. When adding ramp cards and specifically mana rocks, I was looking for 2CMC rocks in order to help get the commander out a turn early. I was also concerned about opponents stealing Coveted Jewel , but you make an excellent point it could just be scarified in response. I may be looking to add this in the future since it does have some serious late game potential. Mind Stone was in the original draft, but seems to be missing from the maybeboard for some reason. I decided to cut this for more efficient card draw options such as Ichor Wellspring / Mishra's Bauble / Urza's Bauble .

Glad someone finally noticed the FMA theme. Just recently finished watching it all the way through for the first time, and I have to say, it's definitely in my top 5 now. Thanks again for the upvote. Cheers.

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