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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Search your library and graveyard for five cards and exile the rest. Put the chosen cards on top of your library in any order. You lose half your life, rounded up.

MightyPox on Demon Till Your Dreams Come True

4 months ago

Hi Rocketman! I think you only saw my last comment which was an edit of the actual comment before it. :)

I had the chance to playtest the changes a bit and I found that Infernal Sovereign can help us play Final Fortune within a Doomsday pile when we drew all the cards because we will skip our draw step during the extra turn. :)

The_Acid_Drip on The price is life

4 months ago

A couple of options are available to you here.

First, Cruel Bargain and Infernal Contract both help you lose life and draw cards. While not as effective as Peer into the Abyss, peer has a tendency to deck players. Just a thought.

Likewise, Death Wish is a great tutor for a silver bullet which also reduces the cost of the tutor target. Very useful.

Doomsday is kinda outside of what you're doing but could be an option. Usually people play doomsday in a combo deck as a final way to assemble the pieces. Your deck seems to be more of a value deck, which is more fun and interactive, so it's probably not a fit.

Best of wishes, great brew!!

SteelSentry on Faster game starts and smoother …

6 months ago

I would say, on the topic of tutors, the problem is usually people not knowing the deck as well as they think they do. The only two decks I have a density of non-land searching is my Goblin Welder secret commander deck, and a deck I know inside and out that I've had basically since I started playing EDH; even complicated tutors like Doomsday and Realms Uncharted don't take me much time at all since I know my piles beforehand and can name all the cards I'm grabbing before I pick up the deck.

aladinnsane on Disco Infernum

1 year ago

Madcookie yeah I'd noticed too late and haven't got my hands on any better recursion atm. So those 2 cards are on top of the list, thanks!

Not too fussed about the combat damage tbh so Golden Argosy is an awesome suggestion, will get that on the buy list too.

Honestly, ad naus is there cos I had one, it's always handy if I get real screwed with cards and need to dig a bit. Doomsday is there to use with living death, if it's at the right time, can win the game if I really need a hail Mary. I wanna get a good rakdos doomsday pile but not come up with much yet.

Madcookie on Disco Infernum

1 year ago

I see two regenerate cards but they don't work too good with what you are trying to do. I'd consider Undying Evil and Feign Death instead.

For Rakdos blink stuff the only suitable card for your strategy that comes to mind is Golden Argosy but it will blink your commander before combat damage it dealt, meaning he won't proc of your stuff dying while attacking. Nim Deathmantle could work too I suppose but it is more mana intensive.

BTW I'm curious why does the list run Ad Nauseam and Doomsday?

sylvannos on Hoax Storm v2

1 year ago

To start with, there's a few cards that have better Vintage equivalents. Overmaster and Spell Pierce should be the 3rd. and 4th. copies of Force of Will. Leftover space from cutting those can be Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast, or Flusterstorm. You don't need Faithless Looting because we have Paradoxical Outcome, Sensei's Divining Top, Gush, Dig Through Time, Treasure Cruise, and Brainstorm to choose from. Merchant Scroll also belongs in here, because you can use it to grab Ancestral Recall at the very least. Usually you want it to make sure you have protection in hand by grabbing countermagic.

Library of Alexandria isn't good in this deck. And you're not the type that needs 8x sources, so Steam Vents can go, along with a few copies of Volcanic Island (1 or 2). Replace all of these with four copies of Scalding Tarn and basic lands. Or even just play 6x fetches. You need to be able to shuffle after using Brainstorm, Ponder,and Sensei's Divining Top.

From here, you have a solid U/R Storm shell. However, I wouldn't play straight "Modern U/R Storm, but Power 9" dot dec. 2 mana is a lot for Goblin Electromancer, there are easier ways of winning than Grapeshot, and so on. The question then becomes "Where to go from here?"

Hope this helps! Welcome to MtG's oldest and greatest format.

Spirits on Yuriko, Shadow of Fate EDH

1 year ago

Still unsure what to replace Doomsday with, was trying to figure out if there is an Intuition win? Show and Tell + Omniscience + Enter the Infinite seems to work with the high CMC on them, hmm.

Wondering if I should focus more on the damage aspects (above would help with that too) instead of Doomsday.

The 3 CMC tutors seem heavy, and the Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar gets lots of hate. Thinking maybe more ninjas to try and draw more.

Still needs tweaks, but can't figure out what to do.

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