Rite of Replication

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vintage Legal

Rite of Replication


Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)

Create a token that's a copy of target creature. If this was kicked, put five of those tokens onto the battlefield instead.

CamraMaan on Timing interaction between Orvar, the …

3 weeks ago

With Rite of Replication does that mean I can order them scry 3 > draw 3 > scry 3 > draw 3 > scry 3, etc...?

Rhadamanthus on Timing interaction between Orvar, the …

3 weeks ago

You get to decide the order.

In 704.3 quoted above, "Whenever a player would get priority..." means the check is done right before that player actually gets priority. When an ability triggers, it's put onto the stack the next time a player gets priority. In this situation, that means Inga's ETB triggers when she enters the battlefield, she's put into the graveyard for SBAs before anyone gets priority again, so now her "dies" ability also triggers. When a player is finally given priority after SBAs are done, the triggers are trying to go onto the stack at the same time, so since you control them both you get to decide the order.

In the kicked Rite of Replication example, keep in mind you have to decide the order of all the triggers before you start resolving any of them. You can't order them on the fly as you scry and draw.

CamraMaan on Timing interaction between Orvar, the …

3 weeks ago


I assume the same would be true with a Rite of Replication instead of Jump, effectively drawing 15 cards before 5x scry 3...?

JoyBoy6 on Welcome to the Undercity

4 weeks ago

More like a last resort card. Y need a specific creature or spell or the enemy will win in a turn or 2, and y cast Doomsday to draw the card(s) you want and get the advantage. The downside is sure lose in 5 turns at best, but if you are at a point where you will lose the game anyway, then you have no other choice and y dont exile the enemy graveyard.Y set the draw for the next 5 turns and y win with mill(Consuming Aberration+ Rite of Replication), clone( Phyrexian Metamorph) or abuse the graveyard( Rise of the Dark Realms) of the enemy.

Crow-Umbra on Be'lakor, Demon Daddy

1 month ago

Because Demons are very expensive to cast, I think that you could stand to add in some more mana rock ramp. Anything to help you make it easier to get to your creature core:

I think you could maybe cut 1-2 basic lands (I know, a bit counterintuitive), mostly so you can play some more rocks in your earlier turns for setup. Additionally, I think you could cut like 2-3 of your more lackluster demons, basically anything that has a slow or very specific/inconsistent payoff, like Vrock?

You could also lower your curve a bit by playing Changeling creatures like Taurean Mauler which are technically Demons, thus making it a bit easier to have some stuff on board when your commander hits.

If you are interested in a combo option, you could use a Rite of Replication with the Kicker cost paid, targeting Be'Lakor, the Dark Master and kill the table. Your original Be'lakor will see the 5 copies entering the battlefield and shoot the damage around as you choose, but I believe the 5 copies will also see each other entering the battlefield as well.

carpecanum on

1 month ago

I'd throw in a Mimic Vat and maybe Callidus Assassin, Rite of Replication and Evil Twin. Copies of their creatures counts as their creatures right?

Verduran Enchantress maybe? Mark of Eviction and Contempt can be cast over and over.

Arcane Lighthouse and Detection Tower so you can steal creatures with hexproof.

Guerric on [Primer] Casting the Mythal

2 months ago

Hi everyone! I do apologize for the time away from here. Things have been busy and I've been focused on developing my Giada, Font of Hope deck as this one runs pretty flawlessly. I thought I'd respond to card suggestions with some thoughts of my own. In short, I'm holding my current deck for now. It's always tempting to swap out with each shiny new set, but in most cases I'd favor the current list. Nonetheless, let me respond individually to the suggestions.


I like Wizards of Thay for Lore since I am a longtime DnD player, but I don't think it really goes here. We aren't running a ton of sorceries, and this isn't a deck that benefits too much from discounting that spell type. I also kind of feel like Red Wizards should be red, even though philosophically they fit with blue, but that's just a flavor point. Vesuvan Duplimancy could help us go infinite with Naru Meha, Master Wizard and Rite of Replication, and there would probably be some other shenanigans we could do with it with Venser. I don't know that it would be terrible, but I don't think it would do what we want it to do often enough to justify cutting another piece for it though. Cool card and interesting suggestion nonetheless!


I'm glad you are enjoying the deck! It does have a cool feel and stays a tribal deck which is nonetheless incredibly powerful and combo-y, which is unique. Omniscience is always a fun card and I very much use it as a central piece of my Tuvasa the Sunlit deck. With its high cmc I think it will just get in our way much of the time here. I used to run Clone Legion which is a similar cmc and does synergize, and it did make some memorable games but it was just too far off to make a difference. If you like it play it by all means, it's an amazing card and certainly won't be bad. For me it just would contribute to variance without helping the decks key synergies, but I am picky with that.


Aether Channeler is definitely good and absolutely the type of card that goes in here. It's the right cmc and like AEther Adept can effectively bounce itself back (via the token copy). But it has added utility in that it can draw cards and bounce other permanent types. It definitely replaces either Merchant of Secrets or Cloudkin Seer in that it is strictly better than the former and practically better than the latter. Barrin is good because of his second ability, which I've found to be relevant. And having an extra bounce option is very good without losing the card draw piece. I'm not so sure about Ertai Resurrected though. The abilities are certainly good, but the 4cmc *five to copy) is pushing it for me. I think he's a good option, I'm just not sold yet, particularly over something with a lower cmc.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions as always! I have so many decks and primers now it is easy to miss some suggestions, and as this is my original and favorite deck I do like to keep it up to snuff. Aether Channeler will probably go in soon.

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