Entreat the Angels


Create X 4/4 white Angel creature tokens with flying.

Miracle (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

Guerric on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven: A Giada Guide

2 weeks ago

Cyb3rguerrill0 I have a lovely FTV Foil Entreat the Angels and it was in my original draft of the deck, but I cut it before the final list for space. It would be better if I had some topdeck manipulation and could feasibly cast it for the miracle cost often. I judged Starnheim Unleashed the better card, but I'd prefer to play both. I'll probably try it out soon though. I do think the upside of these cards is as finishers, even if they can just be used on the low end as a over-costed angel "creature" cards. I do suppose the upside of white never being a card draw monster could be that casting it for the miracle cost would be more normal. In this case such would be an especially good play with Crashing Drawbridge out.

Cyb3rguerrill0 on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven: A Giada Guide

2 weeks ago

Hi Guerric you already have a lot of suggestions, but maybe you would like to also add Court of Grace and Entreat the Angels to your maybeboard?

Guerric on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven: A Giada Guide

3 weeks ago

Wow! I didn't know about Harsh Mercy, and I love one-sided board wipes. I'll definitely find some place to put that one. I also had planned to put Vanquisher's Banner in only to forget it again, so thanks for reminding me! Serra the Benevolent is one I thought about too since this is the natural commander deck to put her in, but it also slipped my mind. And Finale of Glory could be good. I was originally going to run Entreat the Angels and Starnheim Unleashed, and this is a third effect for those though we only get the angels at twelve mana, which is a lot. Thanks foe some great suggestions!

LunchBox1211 on My Shield is my sword

6 months ago

Hour of Reckoning might not be a bad addition, and if you want another token maker Entreat the Angels does exist. It's not the best card, but I think Miracle is a fun mechanic. Angel of Sanctions Also makes a token of itself that can exile a thing, and Song of the Worldsoul just makes more tokens for (almost) free. That, and I think Parhelion II is a fun card. Maybe run Mass Calcify for a one-sided wrath?

xtechnetia on Noxious Miracles

7 months ago

A couple of quick comments on your miracle cards:

  • Temporal Mastery isn't actually good in a miracles shell. You rarely do enough with an extra turn that it's worth the effort to setup a miracle for it. An extra combat step with angels isn't worth that trouble, very few decks can realistically contest multiple 4/4 fliers on board anyways. The hard part is getting to a point where you can safely create them.
  • You have too many copies of Entreat the Angels. It's a dead card until you're ready to end the game. 1-2 copies is plenty. You won't even be closing every game with angels anyways, Jace carries you to victory a decent portion of the time.

DawnsRayofLight on Bant tokens

7 months ago

With all the instants and sorceries you're running you could use Deekah, Fractal Theorist, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Metallurgic Summonings, and Shark Typhoon

Doubling Season and Parallel Lives will help creating more tokens.

Craterhoof Behemoth and Finale of Devastation should offer some other win cons.

Some honest advice, the list seems like it is trying to do too much, it looks like a tempo build but tokens wants to put out as many tokens as fast as possible, blue offers you some other protection you can use in the form of counterspells and white can give them some protection like Teferi's Protection. You could still make due with some of the above suggestions and add some instant and sorcery token generators like Entreat the Angels, though your general would prefer you to run more creatures that can generate tokens.

Nayru_Incarnate on Angels

8 months ago

Ive found Starnheim Unleashed is really effective in angel decks recently, (as opposed to the Entreat the Angels I’d normally play,) and Fateful Absence may be a bit better for removal than Blessed Alliance once MID’s out.

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