Guardian Project

Guardian Project


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, if it doesn't have the same name as another creature you control or a creature card in your graveyard, draw a card.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Guardian Project Discussion

d_iros on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage [Primer]

4 days ago

Soulus101 - My experience with looking over many Kadena decks on this site is that most do not have ways to definitively win the game consistently. That is what I'm trying to bring to the table, a Kadena deck that uses her and morphs to find the cards that do the actual winning, in my own janky yet carefully considered way.

I already have three such cards, Guardian Project , Beast Whisperer (already in the deck, but thank you), and Teferi's Ageless Insight . I don't think any of the flexible black tutors can be cut with how convoluted most of the few win conditions of this deck are. I find the deck typically wins turn 8-11 (occasionally earlier, occasionally later) if left uninterrupted and the tutor package has been a large part of that consistency. Lastly, one of my favorite uses of tutors in this deck is not to find the win piece, but the piece that is going to take the draw engine to the next level. That being said, there are definitely improvements that can be made to the consistency of getting a good draw engine going and another More Cards Per Morph card should always be considered.

I worry that the 6 CMC cost of Soul of the Harvest is too high and the card won't make an impact until too late. At 6+ turns you want to be focused on deploying combo pieces and leaving the rest of your mana open for morphs. Lifecrafter's Bestiary seems like a good option, I've spent a long time considering it, but it is definitely a step down from a card like Beast Whisperer which is already in the deck and the weakest of my More Cards Per Morph cards. I feel like both need a shot being played with to really know, but also there's nothing I'm quick to cut from this list at the moment to make room for them.

Of all the tutors I might cut it may be Shared Summons . I think it has good application in this deck but the 5 CMC cost is pretty painful. I still need more time playing with it though.

Abzkaban on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage [Primer]

4 days ago


Generally games will go really quick if you can set up a Prophet of Kruphix effect. At that point it’s really easy to outvalue and control the board. Usually it takes just one turn cycle of prophet if that to reach a win con.

I do agree that additional card draw makes Kadena run more smoothly. Beast Whisperer and Guardian Project are all stars here. I don’t know that I personally like Soul of the Harvest purely for its mana cost, but it does trigger on entry rather than cast which is a notable difference.

Neotrup on interaction between Yedora, Guardian Project, …

4 weeks ago

Yes, you'll draw. Objects with no name cannot share a name with another object. If the land creature somehow acquires a name before Guardian Project 's ability resolves, due to being turned face up or becoming equipped with a Spy Kit that can prevent you from drawing due to the intervening if clause.

Ph4ntasmal on interaction between Yedora, Guardian Project, …

4 weeks ago

I am curious to know, if I have a creature die and brought back as a forest with Yedora, Grave Gardener while I have both Living Lands and Guardian Project , will I draw a card? To my understanding the creatures that return as forest because of Yedora, Grave Gardener don't have a name

Also because of the lack of name does that mean I can draw off of multiple different creatures?

Ziabo on

1 month ago

very good start but needs a little rounding out.

For landfall you need to be able to get more lands. Cultivate , Kodama's Reach or Rampant Growth those kind of things. Since you like creatures maybe Civic Wayfinder , Sakura-Tribe Scout or Llanowar Scout

Also need some way to keep your hand full with all of this mana like Guardian Project , Explore , Garruk's Packleader , Mentor of the Meek , Solemn Simulacrum or Soul of the Harvest

Some suggestions for wincons Overwhelming Stampede ? or abuse your buttload of mana with Genesis Wave but easily you're missing Avenger of Zendikar he should be a must with selesnya tokens.

But really like this casual feel +1 in my book :)

Have fun brewing!

Grimgrinner on Toski's Happy Tree Friends

1 month ago

Thanks for the kind words. You got me thinking with the Guardian Project recommendation - I have been very disappointed with Verdant Embrace and that is a slot I can cut. However, I think Beast Whisperer is a slightly better inclusion for that purpose. You got me thinking in the right direction!

mlequesne on Toski's Happy Tree Friends

1 month ago

Love it, I thing you might like Guardian Project as another draw card.

See you! <3

Quickspell on Non-Creature Naya Card Draw?

1 month ago

StopShot!!! Guardian Project + Norin the Wary - that's the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life (;_;)

Search for Glory and Time of Need - that's actually really helpful when I have Sneak Attack but nothing to fire.

Scroll Rack + Land Tax - I have both, I shall try

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