Silvar, Devourer of the Free

Silvar, Devourer of the Free

Legendary Creature — Cat Nightmare

Partner with Trynn, Champion of Freedom (When this creature enters the battlefield, target player may put Trynn into their hand from their library, then shuffle.)


Sacrifice a Human: Put a +1/+1 counter on Silvar, Devourer of the Free. It gains indestructible until end of turn.

Silvar, Devourer of the Free Discussion

AlistarFiend on Beauty and the Beast

1 month ago

Vessiliana, the human tribal synergies in this deck work very well together. I built this deck to be one of my more casual decks, but it performs extremely well and often wins. This deck produces a lot of creatures quickly and generates concern with it’s dominant board state. This usually triggers board wipes or targeted removal, but with Silvar, Devourer of the Free ability, a board wipe tends to just generate a really big Commander to deal with!

Guerric on State of Mono-Colored Decks in …

3 months ago

Unlife I definitely agree that building properly is key, and it seems that you have quite a bit of experience in mono-colored decks! I play mono-green Ezuri, Renegade Leader and its busted. It was tougher when I've played with white though. I do have to say that white decks are more resilient than they used to be, with Cosmic Intervention and Flawless Maneuver type cards helping you to preserve your board state, which does help when card draw isn't great. One of the big liabilities with the lack of card draw in white used to be that when the board wipe hit you were basically out of the game, since you wouldn't be able to rebuild due to poor draw. And I have to say, I expected my Trynn, Champion of Freedom and Silvar, Devourer of the Free deck to be bad because its creature-based aggro, and those strategies struggled more in the past. But I have found it to be super resilient, and that I have lots of ways to recover, and as a result I've won more games than I should have. I'd still like to see more draw in white though, even if it pushes us in a certain direction.

Ysura on [Duel Commander] Help to upgrade …

11 months ago

Hello all,

I am looking to improve the Ruthless Regiment deck, whose main commander is Jirina Koudro.

For the game plan: human tribal, mardu, aggro aggressive (creatures that can be launched quickly and evolve) and with some midrange effects.

I've already tried several games with Silvar, Devourer of the Free in command, but it didn't do me any more.

Where I'm having the most trouble is identifying which cards to remove and which to add to the counterpart.

My budget to start all these modifications is about $50 and i will make it evolve later.

I've identified a few cards that I like:

I also heard about the combo with these cards:

Thank you all

Massacar on Devourers of Souls

1 year ago

So I would consider cutting Vigilante Justice for Impact Tremors.

Some other possible good includes Bastion of Remembrance or Reverent Hoplite. The Ozolith could also be helpful for times when your big Silvar, Devourer of the Free gets removed so you don't lose all of your counters. You could also consider adding something like Grave Pact to make your sacrificial engine nastier.

Attrition could also be a possible substitution for Skirsdag Flayer.

paytongamer on

1 year ago

I’m a sucker for Bojuka Bog myself. I run it in every deck with black. If you do cut it maybe consider Scavenger Grounds as having an answer to graveyards on a land is nice. The bounce lands are much debated and they enter tapped but being able to return the Bojuka Bog and recast it is one reason I like them all right.

The updated mana base looks better!

I am working on a rebuild of an old Mardu deck I retired a while back that got some nice pieces in the new precon. Falkenrath Aristocrat may be my favorite card and Silvar, Devourer of the Free is basically a worse aristocrat so I am going to try the partner commanders.

Vivctius on Humans, Humans, and more HUMANS!

1 year ago

I've been looking forward to this deck but only for the partner commanders tbh. I think it goes without saying Shiny Impetus isn't that good in the deck. Some of my suggestions are Hanweir Garrison and Hanweir Battlements. It depends now which path you take, you can go for a wide board and a beatdown strategy or go for a sacrifice and ping everybody. Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Benalish Marshal, Commander's Insignia, Flamerush Rider are some good cards to go for the first strategy. Judith, the Scourge Diva, Xathrid Necromancer,General Kudro of Drannith (can work for both sides),Teysa Karlov,Priest of Forgotten Gods are nice additions for a sacrifice route. Ashnod's Altar works on both sides alongside with Anointed Procession, Phyrexian Arena and Dictate of Erebos if you really want to control the board. Now if you really want to get your table super salty get Silvar, Devourer of the Free jacked up and then equip him with Worldslayer and then just win. Is it viable? Not really, you have better strategies. But is it worth it? Yes, just to see the despair on their faces or you can run Avacyn, Angel of Hope that also works.

mythbuster128 on Run To The Hills!

1 year ago

Now that's the harder part haha. I feel like Silvar, Devourer of the Free doesn't do much here. Like, yeah he gets indestructible and can be a survivor after a board wipe, but he doesn't combo with anyone else and doesn't get tribal boost. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death too. Having looked at the list and made some sums, even with 52 creatures, she only works with maybe 20? And only 10 would you actually want to be attacking, the rest you'd want staying put and being passively effective. Not good odds to me. Ulvenwald Mysteries seems to be outclassed by several other draw engines, even with the added bonus of it making humans. If it didn't specify non-tokens, I'd give it a little more thought, but since you have to pay to draw a card anyway, I'd pass

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