Notion Thief

Notion Thief

Creature — Human Rogue


If an opponent would draw a card except the first one he or she draws in each of his or her draw steps, instead that player skips that draw and you draw a card.

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Notion Thief Discussion

Coward_Token on Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's …

1 month ago


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Frank_Glascock on Better Omnath Lands

2 months ago

Caleb, what do you think about these changes?

I think these are the best changes:

Wrenn and Six > Birds of Paradise

Nature's Lore > Arcane Signet

Kodama's Reach > Wheel of Fortune

Birds of Paradise never fit a lands matter deck. Just one man's opinion but Arcane Signet doesn't belong in a landfall deck. I don't like Wheel of Fortune when it can not be abused, ala Snakes or if you have a Notion Thief in play. You are paying three mana to refill everyone hands.

I would love to find a spot for Consecrated Sphinx.

Can we talk about your lands? You are playing seven lands that tap for colorless and one, Dark Depths that does not tap for mana. There are also eleven basics in this deck. The only spells in your deck that put basic lands into play are Cultivate and Sakura-Tribe Elder. I would cut Ghost Quarter and three basics for City of Brass, Mana Confluence, Exotic Orchard, Breeding Pool at a minimum. A reasonable case could be made to cut two more basics for Temple Garden, and Sacred Foundry.

I know Coalition Relic solves all your mana base issues but you have no way to tutor for artifacts.

I would probably find a place for Yavimaya Hollow. I play it in snakes.

You stated you wanted more counterspells. I assume this being a Calab Holyt deck that means the addition of Swan Song at a minimum. Orginally, I looked at areas where you had a glut of cards that did the same thing. Creatures that let you play additional lands or lands off the top of your library was one area. The other was cards that allowed you to play lands or recur lands from your graveyard. In the end, I just couldn't justify cutting any of the cards in either of there areas without more testing.

Elvish Reclaimer was the card I settled on to be the cut. Why? This card was extensively tested and cut from another landfall trigger deck, the primer Tappedout list for Omnath, Locus of Rage. The reason was the card was too slow.

I hope this generates discussion between us on this deck. You had to be very happy with the results from your first play session.

Icaruskid on Lazav Voltron/Control

3 months ago

Fun list! I used to run a Lazav voltron build and I like how you have added incidental mill to most of your cards. Here are some ideas:


Darksteel Plate grants Lazav indestructible which combines so well with Lazav's natural hexproof. If you like that, then Worldslayer might be a fun bit of chaos to consider. And if you like swords, Sword of Body and Mind actually fits really well into the mill suite of cards you have. Whispersilk Cloak and Trailblazer's Boots could also be handy for evasion.


Slaughter Pact is great cheap removal that can save you in a pinch. And if you find you need more board wipe effects, Black Sun's Zenith & Toxic Deluge allow you to clear the board without killing Lazav.


Maybe Notion Thief, Whispering Madness, and Windfall would be helpful if you need more gas.


If you find yourself thirsty for more mana, Sol Ring and Talisman of Dominance could meet the need.

I would totally play this list as-is. Thanks for sharing!

griffstick on How is Hullbreacher Worse than …

5 months ago

Yes agree. Also Notion Thief doesn't say "may" draw a card , you have to draw a card this means your opponents can draw that player out of the game

TypicalTimmy on How is Hullbreacher Worse than …

5 months ago

While we all know that card advantage is kind, making Notion Thief a clear choice for the banhammer, we must also respect how a hand full of cards is utterly meaningless if you can't do anything with them - meaning Treasure tokens reign supreme, in this context.

That's my take. One sets you up for a later turn, but Hullbreacher sets you up for "now".

Add 1 less MV and 1 less color AND 1 less pip, and you can see how Hully is far superior, even if he doesn't give you card advantage.

legendofa on How is Hullbreacher Worse than …

5 months ago

Hullbreacher has a lower cost, lower color requirements, and higher toughness than Notion Thief. Any one of those facets individually would make it a better card, but all three together removes any question. Those incremental improvements add up.

A couple of people have touched on it, but the reduced color requirement really is a big deal. The Thief will never be playable in Xyris, the Writhing Storm or Kami of the Crescent Moon decks, to pull out two specific examples. Hullbreacher also provides general utility to any deck, even if its ability isn't part of a combo.

Finally, it's easier to build a deck that cares about artifacts than one that cares about cards in hand. This isn't to say Notion Thief doesn't provide a valuable resource, but artifact decks exist, big mana decks exist, and Hullbreacher accelerates those as well.

Basically, Hullbreacher provides better stats and more flexible utility at a lower, less restrictive cost than Notion Thief. That's a lot of difference in value.

Niko9 on How is Hullbreacher Worse than …

5 months ago

I remember reading on the ban announcement that they were banning Hullbreacher as a way to hit wheel decks, and it kinda makes sense that breacher is much easier to play with wheels. Having one black in Notion Thief may not seem like a lot, but that does mean that you are going to need UBR to combo with wheels where breacher just needs UR.

Also, having hullbreacher be 3CmC and create treasures actually can make a big difference in play. On end step before your turn flash in breacher, then untap, then wheel for 3, then gain seven cards and 21 treasures, and it can all be done on 3 starting mana. Notion thief can start on 4 mana, but then it digs itself into a rut. Notion thief at end of turn, untap, wheel for 3, then you have 1 mana and 28 cards. Late game, when you have a lot of mana, a thief and a wheel can absolutely be a win, but hullbreacher can usually have the same effect on a fast turn 2-4. Especially since if wheeling with breacher draws you into a tutor, it's basically just as good as drawing a ton.

Honestly, I think hullbreacher just made what is seen as an unfun playstyle more playable in casual. Being 2U with flash made it easy to go in a lot of decks, and one-sided wheels with no immediate win can play out very dull. It usually locks 3 out of 4 players into draw-go for a few turns. So maybe the ban was a way to help people from wheeling in casual strictly for the value.

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