Forsaken Monument

Forsaken Monument

Legendary Artifact

Colourless creatures you control get +2/+2.

Whenever you tap a permanent for , gain an additional .

Whenever you cast a colourless spell, you gain 2 life.

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Forsaken Monument Discussion

vase10 on Jhoira, Solitaire Captain

1 month ago

Forsaken Monument is another 2 card combo with Basalt Monolith to go infinite. More efficient than Rings of Brighthearth and 2 card combo unlike Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter

Necrosis24 on Ghostly Flame and Thran Lens

2 months ago

I am working on a Rakdos morph deck and have come across Thran Lens and Ghostly Flame.

Thran Lens seems to have more obvious applications such as:

Ghostly Flame on the other hand I can't think of any useful applications as it doesn't circumvent targeting a creature with "protection from red/black". Even if it did that would be a niche ability not prevalent in my meta.

So I was curious if there were any cards/abilities that benefit from Thran Lens and Ghostly Flame beyond the ones I mentioned.

thom-le on Jimmy's Animar-Morph l Game Knights #16

3 months ago

thijmnesoy Special info: You can play Morph-creatures with Mystic Forge even if the card itself is not colorless in the front.

"If the top card of your library has a morph ability, you can cast it face down from the top of your library, even if it’s normally not a colorless card. (2019-07-12)" I.e. the card is already on the stack as a colorless 2/2 creature.

This means it works also with Ugin, the Ineffable. Also Forsaken Monument could be interesting..

i0brendan0 on Creating colored mana in a …

3 months ago

I have Lotus Field on the battle field. My commander is colorless. Lotus Field specifically states "of any one color", but as my deck does not have a color, does that mean that Lotus Field specifically creates colorless mana, or would the mana be some sort of true 'colored' mana that I could not get a mana bonus from Forsaken Monument or be able to cast Warping Wail using only the mana from Lotus Field?

I've come across 2 different ways of dealing with this but I don't have a definitive answer myself. The first way is that Lotus Field creates colored mana that I can't use for colorless specific casting costs (such as the colorless cost for Warping Wail). The second way is that because my commander has a colorless color identity, any mana produced by "any color" immediately becomes colorless as "any" color is outside my color identity (which means I could pay for Warping Wail with Lotus Field, and get a colorless mana boost from Forsaken Monument).

MTsoulz on Sydri's Wurmcoil Tribal

4 months ago

Have you thought about the card Forsaken Monument ? It can help with beat down and makes infinite mana with Basalt Monolith .

R492 on Colours? In standard?? Please.

5 months ago

Sorin_Markov_1947 thanks for the suggestions! I did consider the sentinels at one point but I found that with Stonecoil it's not that difficult to deal with opposing fliers and my other creatures just work too well in the deck to be able to cut for it anyway, I couldn't find a niche in practice where I wished I had a sentinel over whatever else I happened to draw outside of games where I flooded. Generally a stonecoil on turn 3 or 4 can block as much as needed to let the deck scale up to find other answers, and if my opponent isn't intent on playing the board early a crystalline giant tends to take care of our needs.

The main idea of the deck is to play through Forsaken Monument to aim for either Ugin or straight card advantage, we set up a factory with Lithoform Engine and look to do things like tap 5 lands to cast Chrome Replicator and copy it with lithoform to get 4 6/6 creatures, or stack up a Crawling Barrens to a 30/30 or so, or cast and copy a Stonecoil Serpent at x=16 for a pair of 18/18 tramplers. Everything else is pretty much card advantage and protection.

To this end I do agree that 4 Ugins and Mazeminds would be a great move, and since this list hasn't been upgraded since the days of Tergrid meta I'd be happy to cut Weathered Runestone to complete those playsets and add something like a Shadowspear in the spare slot. The other thing I noticed I didn't include in this build was Skyclave Relic , my other ramp piece in case I don't find my Palladium Myr and the reason that Throne of Makindi gets a spot on the mana base. I think from the list above I'd probably just take out all 3 runestones and 1 copy of Cosmos Elixir to add a 4th each of Ugin and Mazemind as well as 2 Relics.

unstable_anomaly on Full Metal Alchemy (Osgir, the Reconstructor)

5 months ago

AShadyZebra It depends on what you're trying to do (card draw?), but I would probably pick Conjurer's Bauble , because both of it's effects seem useful and you don't have to pay/ sac to draw a card. With Chromatic Star I don't see the filter effect ever being useful and in order to draw a card you would need a sac outlet. I really like Lithoform Engine and Forsaken Monument , but the thing that steers me away from both is the fact that they're legendary, which is somewhat of a nonbo with Osgir. They're both really good cards with powerful effects, but for what I would use them for in my own deck, I feel like there are better more cost efficient alternatives.

You do make a good point about Cursed Mirror though, I may have to take another look at that one.

Suns_Champion I actually didn't realize Zirda, the Dawnwaker could reduce equip costs, and hadn't really thought about her reducing any other abilities other than Osgir's, so thank you for pointing that out. Even though Platinum Angel / Platinum Emperion are a ton of fun to play in the deck, I would probably have to agree they're pretty cheeky.

Between the two of you I think you've convinced me to swap Platinum Emperion for Zirda, the Dawnwaker . The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes that Zirda, the Dawnwaker should be in the deck, and is far superior to Platinum Emperion for a number of reasons.

Thank you both for the continued discussion and suggestions. Much appreciated.

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