Forsaken Monument

Forsaken Monument

Legendary Artifact

Colourless creatures you control get +2/+2.

Whenever you tap a permanent for , gain an additional .

Whenever you cast a colourless spell, you gain 2 life.

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Forsaken Monument Discussion

kikimaki on Azusa High Power

1 month ago

Hey artaud21 first of all thanks for the comment!

Your suggestions are all great. Reshape the Earth i have considered include, but the thing i don't like about it in this deck is that a big 9 drop that just bring more lands is a little redudant. I've tried to include similar cards that generate mana like Forsaken Monument, Tireless Provisioner, Boundless Realms, Lotus Cobra, but in the end of the day those cards sometimes don't perform very well because the main issue with this deck is not mana (we have plenty), it is the card advantage. Also, you have to remind that we get just 40 slot for all nonland cards and is hard to include everthing we want to include.

That been said, i do think is a good card combined with Field of the Dead and i intend to test it in the future! About the rest of the lands you mentioned, Ancient Tomb i don't use because of budget issue (like other powerful lands), and the other two definitely will test it out! Thanks again for the suggestions!

P.S.: Just so you know, this deck performs VERY well, it is very powerful and wins lots of games in my table. It is consistently explosive. If you like the theme, you should try it!

IHATENAMES on Shorikai, take the wheel! 2.0 UltraSuper

3 months ago


Protection Apostle's Blessing Blacksmith's Skill for perms.

Mass artifact bounce can benefit you perhaps Rebuild Hurkyl's Recall helps intruder alarm go off.

Drift of Phantasms transmute for many important 3 cmc cards.

Master Transmuter cheat in artifacts.

All That Glitters Perhaps? Or some other way to get bonuses from all the artifacts you run.

Forsaken Monument 1 your pilots are colorless. Also helps ramp if you add in more tech lands.

ZenYoLife on Myr Tokens Budget

3 months ago

IHATENAMES, Forsaken Monument would work better in a Myrtron deck that isn't white in my opinion. Tempered Steel is cheaper and can stack as it is not Legendary.

Myr Reservoir and Myr Retriever do what Return to the Ranks can and are artifacts. I think the goal LeechBoy is doing is sticking with somewhat mainly Myr and artifact creatures as the base of creatures which capitalizes on Tempered Steel.

The Antiquities War Would probably work better with an Esper or Azorius control deck as you can have tons more of noncreature artifacts in that type of deck.

With White Tempered artifact decks, you want to go massive pump so the bots can teabag with their big nuts and bolts.

IHATENAMES on Myr Tokens Budget

3 months ago

Just realized the inf combo but it is difficult at best to pull off. Even if you do untapping a ton won't win the game a few more ideas. Some better then others.

Forsaken Monument might be a better tempered steel price allowing.

Eldrazi Displacera cook card not sure it fits here

Return to the Ranks mana sink +can win the long game.

The Antiquities War budget beef up artifacts. You only need a few blue sources as you can play the blue myr

Blacksmith's Skill protection +buff

ganchy on Colors Are For Suckers

3 months ago

McDuckington sweet! You already run Forsaken Monument, one of my favorite infinite mana combos is Forsaken and Basalt Monolith because its so simple. Basalt taps for four, and untaps for three. If you’re open to Rings of Brighthearth things can get even wackier, providing infinite colorless mana with just itself and Basalt. Not to mention all the copying of other valuable activated abilities. :]

Karn, Silver Golem is an incredible combo piece when combined with abilities like Voltaic Construct, allowing you to cheat the price of untap costs on mana rocks by making them into creatures! If you’re feeling evil (you always should) you can play Mycosynth Lattice and kick things up a notch by making your opponents lands into artifacts, which you turn into 0/0 artifact creatures with Karn for just one mana. Combine with infinite mana for infinite fun for the whole family!

CommanderNeyo on Tentacles Rising from the Deep

5 months ago

I just want to point out that the tokens Krothuss creates will still maintain the color identity, so Forsaken Monument will not buff them

vase10 on Jhoira, Solitaire Captain

6 months ago

Forsaken Monument is another 2 card combo with Basalt Monolith to go infinite. More efficient than Rings of Brighthearth and 2 card combo unlike Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter

Necrosis24 on Ghostly Flame and Thran Lens

8 months ago

I am working on a Rakdos morph deck and have come across Thran Lens and Ghostly Flame.

Thran Lens seems to have more obvious applications such as:

Ghostly Flame on the other hand I can't think of any useful applications as it doesn't circumvent targeting a creature with "protection from red/black". Even if it did that would be a niche ability not prevalent in my meta.

So I was curious if there were any cards/abilities that benefit from Thran Lens and Ghostly Flame beyond the ones I mentioned.

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