Heat Shimmer

Heat Shimmer


Create a token that's a copy of target creature except it has haste and "At the beginning of the end step, exile this permanent."

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Heat Shimmer Discussion

BrassLord on This Demon Brings the Slap Party!

4 weeks ago

Neat commander! Could also look into cards that create temporary tokens of the commander, as he doesn't really care if he sticks around. Heat Shimmer , Twinflame .

Monarchy also seems to work really well with your commander, as you're forcing everyone to attack someone other than yourself. Court of Ambition , Skyline Despot , Emberwilde Captain , Court of Ire . Captive Audience is also a rude card, as you'll force your opponents to attack eachother with the zombies, giving you five zombies to run amok.

General rude Rakdos cards, something like Mind Twist or Rakdos's Return can cripple a player. Combined with having to attack someone else leaving themselves open seems like it'd be really backbreaking!

Grind on Kess, Budget Mage

1 month ago

Sweet deck!!
In my opinion, Impulse and Anticipate are both preferable to deliberate and budget friendly.
Also you didn't mention your dualcaster mage + twinflame combo in your description. I also like Heat Shimmer over or in addition to twinflame bc it can provide value if your opponent is playing good creatures, and still perform the dualcaster mage combo.
You're already running narset parter of veils, so Windfall seems like a great inclusion.
Also i would vote for Reality Shift over one of your point removal sorceries like cut/ribbons. I have found instant speed exile can get you out of many tight binds.
Just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!!

Grind on Purple Reign (Adeliz)

1 month ago

cool, i didnt know about curious homunculus. actually i would run both! But if you pick just 1, the homunculus is probably better at attacking.
Also worth considering is Heat Shimmer , a playable card on its own, but part of a winning combo with dualcaster mage which you already run.

Tederollz on Chainer, Nightmare Adept

2 months ago


Hey thanks dude!

Heat Shimmer seems like a solid include, currently my Dualcaster Mage goes inf with Living Death and a sac source, but Heat Shimmer would give me an other alternative to the Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Zealous Conscripts combo, basically same result.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Grind on Chainer, Nightmare Adept

2 months ago

Sweet deck!!
You already run dualcaster mage, so you might as well run Heat Shimmer so you have a chance at the inf combo. And its s decent card on its own. Cheers!

metuhs on By Thor's Hammer (Toralf Guide)

2 months ago

I really like the deck. I think you have to do the Twinflame+Dualcaster Mage combo the other way around. I would recommend a copy of Heat Shimmer for redundancy.

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