Cathars' Crusade

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Cathars' Crusade


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

Basshunter on Elesh Norn, Mommy of Soulsisters

1 week ago

A good suggest, since this deck lacks a bit of wincon, I will consider it as well as Cathars' Crusade

Crow-Umbra on Alesha Aristocrats

2 weeks ago

Overall I think your deck is solid and has many of the core components an Alesha deck would want. I do have some recommendations on potential cuts and swaps.

Potential cuts

  • Cathars' Crusade - I don't think it's super helpful for this deck, as most Alesha decks aren't really aiming to go wide and swing a big board at multiple opponents, especially if you are more combo focused as you seem to be.

  • Dusk / Dawn - In general I think you can safely run 2 board wipes in this deck. The Dawn part of the card is kind of counter-intuitive since you would want those creatures returned to your board instead of your hand. This was a card I cut from my build fairly early.

  • Ruinous Ultimatum - Mostly because of the restrictive and higher mana cost. I've used this in both Alesha and Isshin at various points of each build and ultimately cut it due to having games where my mana wasn't perfectly fixed to accommodate the cost, mostly because I had some colorless mana rocks or utility lands.

Stuff to consider for swap-ins

  • Burning Inquiry - Can round out your suite of looting effects and also throw opponents off kilter if they chuck stuff they would want to keep. Def a risk/reward element.

  • Gamble - Another tutor effect that can potentially chuck something into your graveyard that you might want there anyways.

  • Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim - Another aristocrat that can cushion your life a bit.

  • Loran of the Third Path - Another reusable ETB removal effect, and a strategic/political drawing option.

  • Mayhem Devil - An aristocrat option that also punishes your opponents running sacrifice effects.

  • Retribution of the Meek - Ditto as Slaughter the Strong.

  • Slaughter the Strong - A wipe effect that Alesha can dodge, and is lower on cmc than some of the other options you're currently running.

  • Tocasia's Welcome - Another draw option. Currently 17 of your 33 creatures, including Alesha, are 3 cmc or less. Would also trigger from your Preston and Jaxis tokens.

  • Yahenni, Undying Partisan - Another Free sac-outlet, and a potential aggro option or decent blocker if needed.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. I'd be happy to chat more about your play experiences with Alesha so far, and maybe looking for other pieces that might be able to better help what you're trying to pull off. Cheers!

Last_Laugh on Big Darien's Soldier Machine

2 weeks ago

Mirror Entity and Odric, Master Tactician will help turn those 1/1's into real threats.

I also have a mono white tokens deck but with Jazal at the helm. Feel free to check it out for more ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Goldmane... The Other Brother

Crow-Umbra on Isshin for a Fight

3 weeks ago

Glad you're getting the hang of the deck and it's working well for you so far. If you like the beefiness of Cathars' Crusade, you could run Adriana, Captain of the Guard. I see she's in your maybe board. Same cmc, but her P/T boosts although temporary, are still pretty decent. With Isshin out, and swinging at 3 opponents, your creatures will get +6/+6. If you pull off the Magic Christmas Land of having Adriana and Skyhunter Strike Force on field at the same time as Isshin, I think your creatures would all get +12/+12, since each instance of Melee triggers separately and would stack.

Additional creatures that can also provide P/T boosts on attack: Signal Pest, Accorder Paladin, Soltari Champion.

Ankle Shanker could be worth a look at to essentially make your board evasive with First Strike & Deathtouch.

In regards to Phyrexian Arena & Tocasia's Welcome they definitely have their pros and cons

Phyrexian Arena:

  • Pro: Consistently gets you a card at each of your upkeeps
  • Con: Have to wait a whole turn rotation to draw a card from it, making the play pattern kind of awkward in mid-late game.
  • Con: Life loss can get precarious later in game, but that's the risk of playing Black Draw lol.
  • Con: Double color mana pip, especially in a color that your deck is currently playing the least

Tocasia's Welcome:

  • Pro: Can get you a card the same turn it gets played if you follow up with creature token production or a 3cmc or less creature.
  • Con: Only draws one card per turn.
  • Con: May not draw cards on other players' turns if you don't have a means of making creature tokens at instant speed.
  • Con: At its best when paired with consistent creature token production, or casting smaller creatures.

Vampiric Rites is an option worth trying, but will shine with enough creature tokens to toss into it. The activation cost could compete with instant speed removal/interaction in situations where you may be trying to dig for answers. Might be better in an Aristocrats focused deck that is likely also getting additional value out of death triggers, so the 2 mana is a more value generating activation beyond drawing a card and gaining life.

Deadly Dispute and Painful Truths are additional "burst" options for draw.

Michigone on Isshin for a Fight

3 weeks ago

Change Log 27-Feb-2023

Move to Maybe Board:

Move to Main Board/Add:

Michigone on Isshin for a Fight

3 weeks ago

In the interest of squashing the curve, and with the purpose of getting more consistent card draw without table interaction, which inevitably draws attention to the piece and attention to myself, I'm testing out the deck with Phyrexian Arena in for Esper Sentinel and Authority of the Consuls in for Cathars' Crusade. My concern is that Crusade is a wincon, which I am cutting for lifegain, but as noted in earlier posts and in discussions with Crow-Umbra, resolving it takes a long time, and trying to set it up is often an exercise in futility as it is a lode-stone for removal. With Authority, I gain some small amount of lifegain, enough to keep me at the table longer, and I gain the added combat utility of having potential blockers on my opponent's boards entering tapped, allowing me to get more swings in. Feels like a little more control/stax, which I am not opposed to.

Michigone on Isshin for a Fight

1 month ago

And actually to your point earlier, maybe I switch Cathars' Crusade out for Authority of the Consuls.

Michigone on Isshin for a Fight

1 month ago

After not even one playtest, and a few chats, and bowing to the wisdom of others (plainsrunner, Crow-Umbra, NAT0), I decided to cut out Tome of Legends and put back in Professional Face-Breaker. I don't have trouble connecting with multiple players, and it's both ramp and draw. And with Tome, I know that it's an attack trigger, but I have to use my commander to get it to go, and I don't always want to be swinging Isshin in. Also, in what has to be one the greatest light bulb moments/bonehead moves of my life, I realized why people run myriad in Isshin. IT'S AN ATTACK TRIGGER! Duh Michigone, geez. Can't believe I didn't realize that. I was so focused on the tokens not getting the attack triggers that I forgot that myriad itself in an attack trigger. I have only been putting out three tokens this entire time, not 6. Well, Battle Angels of Tyr just went from a good card to a great card in this deck. I mean, getting to do all the triggers from it would be great, no doubt. But ALSO swinging 8 in the air at people? Yes please!

Also, to answer your query Crow-Umbra, I keep finding Cathars' Crusade to be so good with everything when I playtest with groups that don't play so much removal. It just turns my board state into a beast. Especially with something like Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin. Or any token producer really. But it is a lodestone for removal, I will give you that. And if I don't have a way to make tokens, it sometimes just sits on my board and does nothing, which isn't as great. So I don't want to cut it (it's kinda a pet card), but I'm sure something better will come along. At some point. Maybe. ;)

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