Sedgemoor Witch

Sedgemoor Witch

Creature — Human Warlock


Ward—Pay 3 life. (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter it unless that player pays 3 life.)

Magecraft — Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, create a 1/1 black and green Pest creature token with "When this creature dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens are put into the graveyard before they cease to exist), you gain 1 life."

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Sedgemoor Witch Discussion

reddeath68 on Everything Has a Price

1 week ago

GrimlockVIII I had considered it but honestly if the game has lasted long enough for me to get to the point where I need a mana sink like that I have probably stalled out. Right now since Choice of Damnations is bugged on MTGO I am testing the Pooling Venom and they seem to help, but I am having some bad luck not seeing any of my draw spells. I might consider replacing the Sedgemoor Witch's with Browbeat to increase my draw and see if that helps.

reddeath68 on Everything Has a Price

1 week ago

GrimlockVIII Thanks the deck has always been an idea but I finally got around to building something out of that idea. As for the planeswalker, if you play magic puzzle quest it is similar to the Angrath planeswalker and their abilities, except they prefer dishing out punishment for having creatures while this is for doing anything.

I have been looking at possible change ups, although the deck works well so long as we get our lands and a tiny bit of draw, mostly in replacing Sedgemoor Witch as they while their ward ability is thematic, the rest of their ability doesn't feel as much.

Ideas include Torment of Scarabs, Measure of Wickedness (would be tricky as you need to ensure a card went into your graveyard or you will suffer the 8 life loss), Nevinyrral's Disk as a Choice of Damnations backup, Hideous End as more spot removal, or Pooling Venom to reduce their mana options. The Pooling Venom seems the most fitting, but I am concerned about a lack of creatures.

Daveslab2022 on What’s your “dick move” moment?

2 weeks ago


I disagree, slightly. GP’s while “casual” day one, is still COMP REL. Just because they are more casual players than you are (which… how would you even be able to tell who is casual and whose not? If they’re at a COMP REL event they’re automatically not casual players by definition).

Those players need to learn how to maintain a game state, and learn that you cannot change an action once you’ve reached a certain threshold. If you go to cast a spell but realize it doesn’t have legal targets, that’s fine. You can take that back, you get a warning and move on.

But if my opponent casts Hero's Downfall on my Sedgemoor Witch and forgot the Ward trigger; and they’re at 3 life… no. You can’t let that slide. They need to learn to be deliberate with their moves if they want to participate in COMP REL events.

Max121212 on Hot Women Card Collection

1 month ago

Hi cyeRunner, thanks for the suggestions.

I have added Bloodbraid Elf.

Personally I think Sedgemoor Witch is gorgeous!! Love the foreground, background, everything! The girl has real presence. Strangely, there looks like something is wrong with her eyes when I zoom ALL the way in (eyebrows to short? to much mascara maybe?). Alway, I still love that one. It's in.

I'm going to let the others go. Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni feels like stepping into furries (another short step and descend to crinkling)

Sisters of Stone Death is good art work but I had to stop and read the text to find that the girl is not actually being attacked.

Spellstutter Sprite is... ...can I say lazy. Don't get me wrong, I like different styles and I'm sure this artist has done other great staff but I'm not into this one. The wings are doing nothing, like she is not even in the air. The background is real lazy. Her toes are just a way for the artist to shortcut their work and not even bother. Why are her antenna going through her tiara? Did she drill holes in it? Also nothing original or risk taking in it.

Thanks all the same : )

Crow-Umbra on Triple Six, Five, Forked Tongue [Primer]

1 month ago

I had a copy of Possibility Storm in my binders, so I thought I'd give it a try Kalkris. I figured it could kinda serve multiple purposes at once. If I have the other combo pieces onboard already, I can cast any Sorcery and use it to "dig" for Chain of Smog. I only have 10 sorceries in the deck, so depending on how many I've played already, odds get better each time. I also like the pseudo-protection aspect of it messing up any interaction my opponents could play from hand, barring activated abilities and what not they already have on board.

I'm glad that Possibility Storm served you well in that game. Definitely sounds like you had the most ideal set up for it to work as intended. Now that you mention it, I do have copies of Grapeshot and Tendrils of Agony in my binders if I ever wanted to go my Stormy/Spellslinger in the future. On a similar note of Spellslinger, I do have Wandering Archaic  Flip in consideration. Regardless if I've played it, or a friend has, it has come in clutch for getting copies of removal and ramp. Another piece that could also interact nicely with Storm-Kiln Artist and Sedgemoor Witch

amicdeep on Mardu Pox

1 month ago

Personally for a pox list. I'd go 4 Vindicate (pox into vindicate is one of your stronger plays)

Mentor for the decks is an solid creature. So are Young Pyromancer and Sedgemoor Witch which both Dodge the pox sac while helping build a board.

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame dose what you want dark dwellers to do but cheaper and more times.

Smiting Helix also seems like a obvious include. Mid game removal or discard and lighting helix for extra value

I'd also consider Kaya's Guile and Kolaghan's Command provide some solid instant speed interaction and 2-1.

The other option is Nahiri, the Harbinger + emrakul package. As nahiri works as a solid wincon and interaction card.

Boom//bust is another option.

Kalkris on Triple Six, Five, Forked Tongue [Primer]

1 month ago

So, while it’s not 100% synergistic with the deck, if you add in Chain of Smog as per my suggestion, you’d be behooved (heh heh) to add in at least one more Magecraft card, like Sedgemoor Witch, I’d expect. Not only does this add a bit more interlocking synergy but it also provides you with a theoretical go-wide wincon.

As for a cut if you need it, I’ve actually found that Author of Shadows sort of underperforms at 5mv for me. That’s my personal recommendation to cut, but there may be more than that. That’s what I saw right away though. How does it perform for you specifically?

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