Sedgemoor Witch

Sedgemoor Witch

Creature — Human Warlock


Ward—Pay 3 life. (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter it unless that player pays 3 life.)

Magecraft — Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, create a 1/1 black and green Pest creature token with "When this creature dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens are put into the graveyard before they cease to exist), you gain 1 life."

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Sedgemoor Witch Discussion

jacobpmesser on Pyromancer Ascension Control

4 weeks ago

I was just working on a Pyro-mill deck and saw a lot of value in my interaction and thought this.

Of course, someone else did, too.

This needs updated. This is my goal... maybe Monastery Mentor for the win. Sedgemoor Witch if I go into black.

zapyourtumor on The Infestation

1 month ago

I would probably make the deck more focused on a specific theme/synergy. I think currently the most synergy is tokens and -1/-1 counters, so I'd cut Winding Constrictor.

Sedgemoor Witch makes a bunch of tokens and has a nice interaction with Plumb the Forbidden... but you only have 8 instants and 2 sorceries. To make Sedgemoor good you need at least 20 total. I'd just cut it.

Strixhaven Stadium is kind of useless. At that point you should be able to win through combat damage anyways.

Going along with a -1/-1 counter + tokens theme, there's definitely one card I believe you should definitely add: Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons. Even though its legendary I think she deserves the full playset. For only 2 mana, it places -1/-1 counters and creates a ton of deathtouch snakes which clog up whatever non fliers the opponent has.

Obelisk Spider is another good one, similar to Hapatra: it makes -1/-1 counters and also drains the opponent.

It's too bad you can't play Black Sun's Zenith because the card is kind of bonkers in this sort of deck.

For removal, Eaten Alive is strictly better than Splinters. Honestly I don't recommend running either though. I'd just straight up run Fatal Push.

Land count looks a little high, I think 22 seems like a better number since your curve is pretty low. Cards like Heroic Intervention are generally not worth running just to save your creatures from wipes.

zapyourtumor on Bogbrew witch black blue control

2 months ago

Default sorting by color is so cursed

I'd cut down on the number of Newts or Cauldrons to maybe 2 each. Since you have 4x Witch to tutor them, you really don't need that many, and this will lower the chances of drawing dead cards and let you fill the slots with something better.

Another witch that is fun in UB control lists and fits with the witch theme is Sedgemoor Witch. Floods the board with tokens that gain you some life. Also a lot of fun with Flusterstorm.

Instead of Thought Erasure I'd use Dread Fugue if you can't afford Thoughtseize. Having that 1 cmc is just super important since you can get rid of a card on t1 and leave t2 open for a counterspell.

Blackgate on Witches Get Stitches

3 months ago

Cool deck! I also struggled with turn 3 when building with Poppet Stitcher  Flip and Sedgemoor Witch in this style of spell-slinger deck.

A high value 1 drop with a mana-sink ability like Ascendant Spirit could be a good creature early game as it gives you board presence and is a way to use mana efficiently without having to go through your instant/sorcery arsenal in your hand. It acting as a magnet for removal due to its upside means there is once less piece of removal for your opponent to target the Stitcher and the Witch.

Delver of Secrets  Flip is another possibility to play test as well.

If you are trying to avoid adding more creatures in the deck, perhaps a way to protect the Stitcher and the Witch will help- you can get the Stitcher or the Witch on turn 4 with room to protect them with a card like You See a Guard Approach.

GrimlockVIII on Cloning for Your Cloning

3 months ago

Hey Blackgate , the shite thing about Echoing Equation is that it doesn't trigger any ETB effects of the creature you clone cuz all the clones are technically already on the battlefield. You'd have to build a whole other strategy for that to be effective.

One thing you can do though is combine Echoing Equation with one of those Instant/Sorcery-based token generators like Young Pyromancer, Poppet Stitcher  Flip, or Sedgemoor Witch. Slap down a big creature you'd want to copy, then activate the equation, and suddenly all those little tokens become beefy boys for a turn.

reddeath68 on Everything Has a Price

4 months ago

GrimlockVIII I had considered it but honestly if the game has lasted long enough for me to get to the point where I need a mana sink like that I have probably stalled out. Right now since Choice of Damnations is bugged on MTGO I am testing the Pooling Venom and they seem to help, but I am having some bad luck not seeing any of my draw spells. I might consider replacing the Sedgemoor Witch's with Browbeat to increase my draw and see if that helps.

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