Storm-Kiln Artist

Storm-Kiln Artist

Creature — Dwarf Shaman

Storm-Kiln Artist gets +1/+0 for each artifact you control

Magecraft—Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, create a treasure token

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Storm-Kiln Artist Discussion

Polaris on How does Ink-Treader Nephilim interact …

3 weeks ago

Ink-Treader Nephilim cares about players casting an instant or sorcery (that targets it specifically). Magecraft cares about casting or copying spells.

Any time Ink-Treader triggers, it will trigger all magecraft effects you control for each copy made (if you were the one who cast the spell, you'll trigger magecraft on the cast too).

For your first question, you'll cast Leap, copy it for the other three creatures (not Ink-Treader itself), and Storm-Kiln Artist will make four Treasure tokens.

For your second question, Veyran, Voice of Duality will apply as Ink-Treader has been triggered by you casting an instant,so Ink-Treader will copy it twice for each other creature. You'll end up resolving six copies of Leap plus the original, drawing seven cards, and Veyran's own trigger will give it a total of +14/+14 (just for funsies, he makes his own magecraft double trigger too).

Note, however, that Ink-Treader doesn't only copy it for your creatures; if you have four creatures out and your opponent has three, Leap will get all of them (barring protection or hexproof) and (at the cost of also giving the blockers flying) you'll draw seven cards and make seven Treasures with Storm-Kiln Artist, or draw thirteen cards and give Veyran +26/+26 with him instead.

Note also that Ink-Treader copies even if you weren't the caster. If your opponent hits it with Murder and you have four creatures and they have three, they will all die and you will make six Treasures (with Storm-Kiln) or copy Murder twelve times and give Veyran +24/+24 before it dies (and make 24 Treasures if you had Veyran AND Storm-Kiln out).

Veyran is somehow a Prismari card, despite making you do more math than Quandrix and being busted enough to pass for Simic.

doodkyle on None

3 weeks ago

I'll give a few examples: Let's assume Ink-Treader Nephilim is on the battlefield along with Storm-Kiln Artist and 2 other creatures. If I cast Leap on ink-treader, and copy it for each creature, do I: 1: create 5 treasures (1 for the cast and 1 for each copy) 2: create 2 treasures (1 for the first cast, then 1 for the trigger that copies the spell)

Next example: Let's assume Ink-Treader Nephilim is on the battlefield along with Veyran, Voice of Duality and 2 other creatures. If I cast Leap on ink-treader do I cast leap on every other creature twice?

multimedia on Double Trouble : Budget High-power Kalamax

3 weeks ago

Hey, nice to see another well built budget Kalamax deck. You have really good card sense on a budget and you understand you want instants with Kalamax. Rod of Absorption is interesting tech, haven't seen it yet with Kalamax.

Unfortunately, when talking about power level (PL) you should include the manabase, lands also matter. The manabase here is not above PL 5, it's casual. My budget Kalamax deck has a much more expensive price manabase and I'm calling my deck PL 6 and casual. I'm not playing Shock lands, but I am playing two Bond lands, three Pain lands, three Filter lands and two Check lands.

To get beyond PL 6 with the manabase you want Shock lands and Bond lands. Beyond PL 7 you want the expensive price Fetch lands or Rainbow lands: City, Confluence. Into PL 8 territory you want Fetch lands. Beyond that to you need ABUR Duals. What I'm saying is you have to be able to afford these lands if you want a high PL for your deck.

29 lands is low amount with a casual manabase because you don't have enough color fixing because you don't have enough lands. Color fixing is really important with Kalamax because of the difficult color requirements needed to cast the most important spells: for Narset's Reversal and for Reverberate.

From lands here only 13 sources of blue is not enough when it's the primary color and most important color with Kalamax for draw and Reversal. You want at least 20 sources of blue without help from nonland mana sources. You have essentially cut lands in favor of more blue draw spells, but you didn't increase the amount of blue sources in the manabase to account for having more blue spells. You're relying on red more than blue for combos, Ral and Ignition, but only 14 sources of red is low amount to be able to consistently make or more.

By making these cuts you add three more lands that can make any color of mana, four more blue sources for 33 lands instead of 29. It's not that the cards I'm suggesting to cut are bad they're just not as good for the mana cost as other cards here. Settlement and Encampment are helpful budget rainbow lands with Kalamax as sources to tap him when he can't attack, you don't want to attack or you need to make a color of mana your lands can't. Crop Rotation can tutor for one these lands or even both which makes them among the better sources that can tap Kalamax.

Archmage and Artist are amazing budget four drops with Kalamax because of magecraft. They have all the interaction when casting instants or copying spells which is the entire game plan of Kalamax. Archmage can draw a ton of cards which can help to draw lands and Artist can create a ton of treasures for ramp/color fixing. Artist is very helpful with Kalamax creating at least two treasures just by casting your first instant on a turn. Making at least two treasures lets you abuse Narset's Reversal with Kalamax, cast it on each opponent's turn.

Artist also goes infinite mana of any colors when you combo with a Fork and that's helpful to have mana to cast counters/other protection to win. Archmage also goes infinite with Fork combos, but you can control how many copies of the Fork you make thus don't go infinite otherwise you'll draw the rest of your library and lose the game drawing from an empty library.

I offer more advice if you would like. Good luck with your deck.

Crow-Umbra on Triple Six, Five, Forked Tongue [Primer]

1 month ago

I had a copy of Possibility Storm in my binders, so I thought I'd give it a try Kalkris. I figured it could kinda serve multiple purposes at once. If I have the other combo pieces onboard already, I can cast any Sorcery and use it to "dig" for Chain of Smog. I only have 10 sorceries in the deck, so depending on how many I've played already, odds get better each time. I also like the pseudo-protection aspect of it messing up any interaction my opponents could play from hand, barring activated abilities and what not they already have on board.

I'm glad that Possibility Storm served you well in that game. Definitely sounds like you had the most ideal set up for it to work as intended. Now that you mention it, I do have copies of Grapeshot and Tendrils of Agony in my binders if I ever wanted to go my Stormy/Spellslinger in the future. On a similar note of Spellslinger, I do have Wandering Archaic  Flip in consideration. Regardless if I've played it, or a friend has, it has come in clutch for getting copies of removal and ramp. Another piece that could also interact nicely with Storm-Kiln Artist and Sedgemoor Witch

dinomiah on wizard's spellbook

1 month ago

I was thinking of doing something like this. Some thoughts off the top of my head: Wouldn't Storm-Kiln Artist be good here? I'd be curious to try some more discard synergies, too, to get stuff in the graveyard for the spellbook (Tormenting Voice, Prismari Command, maybe Unexpected Windfall?). I like the Magma Opus and Elemental Masterpieces. Those feel very good here. Rowan, Scholar of Sparks  Flip also seems potentially strong too. Hard to say what the creature/noncreature ratio should look like.

CavemanlyMan on The Hoard of the Dragon Queen

1 month ago

You should focus your ramp more on treasures (rather than spells like Cultivate) in order to really benefit from the fact that you can tutor Hellkite Tyrant. (as well as for your other treasure synergy)

You could use cards like: Tempting Contract Storm-Kiln Artist Spell Swindle Monologue Tax Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Hornswoggle Shiny Impetus Revel in Riches

As well as token doublers: Xorn Doubling Season Anointed Procession Adrix and Nev, Twincasters Parallel Lives

If you want more ideas I have a Tiamat build based solely on treasures. Tiamat’s Treasure Hoard

TerraBlaze on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH [Primer]

1 month ago

Heya! Just wanted to try Feather out as a Commander and your deck seems like a ton of fun to play! Love the thought process and work you've done with this primer! I got some questions if you wouldnt mind (which ARE'NT about either Sunforger or Aurelia's Fury xD)? I do have a Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard which I feel kinda interested to add into the deck for tutoring key creatures like Storm-Kiln Artist, Monastery Mentor and other juicy stuff. Would it be a bad idea slotting in either of those two instead for Captain Ripley Vance and/or Velomachus Lorehold? Still I haven't tried the deck out at all yet, how do you feel those two cards play-out for you atm?


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