Storm-Kiln Artist

Creature — Dwarf Shaman

Storm-Kiln Artist gets +1/+0 for each artifact you control

Magecraft—Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, create a treasure token

Dete on Kess EDH

3 weeks ago
Young Pyromancer => Sedgemoor Witch si es q poni chain of smog obvio

Jace's Sanctum ya teni otros 3 q hacen reduccion, hasta sacaria 1 mas

Thousand-Year Storm real es la raja pero demasiado setup, mejor poner Bonus Round

Mana Geyser/Jeska's Will muy pocas cosas con rojo

muchas weas muchas weas, lo intente ordenar lo mejor posible y probalemente se puedan sacar hasrtas cartas mas

FmagiC on Yidris (Magecraft/Infect/Commander damage)

3 weeks ago

Love this deck. I might build it. Quick question. Why not add Storm-Kiln Artist and Ral, Storm Conduit. They both have magecraft and could help the deck

DaneGleesaque on SNC: Cormela Combo

4 weeks ago

TarantinoJr and amerika00, I believe this does go infinite with Storm-Kiln Artist

Polaris on Increasing Vengeance Getting Copied

1 month ago

To sum up:

  • Copies of Increasing Vengeance will make one copy of the spell they target, even if the original was cast from the graveyard.

  • Kalamax, the Stormsire only copies the first instant you cast each turn, so to copy it with Kalamax you need to have cast a sorcery to target with Increasing Vengeance, not an instant.

  • Making a copy of a copy spell can start a loop, but you don't gain extra spells from it since you only make enough copies to continue the loop. You need another piece to close out the game—you could get Kalamax arbitrarily large if you can get in with an attack, get an arbitrary amount of Treasures from Storm-Kiln Artist, or kill everyone with Ral, Storm Conduit, but without something like that your copy loop won't do anything.

chrismackay on Mono Red infinite combos???

1 month ago

As the proud owner of an admittedly kinda janky Zada deck, Storm-Kiln Artist and Young Pyromancer are your best friends. My deck is mostly focused on building a board and one-shotting the table with combat tricks, but a more controlling line using Zada as a draw engine with cantrips could be pretty fun. Possibility Storm can really screw with your opponents as you still get the copies of your spells from Zada anyway. Finally, A hilarious finisher I used once was Harnessed Lightning and Arcbond, The latter of which is just really good in Zada, the former being insane if you have any decent energy payoffs like Lightning Runner

Fuzzy003 on Zada Hedron grinder + "whenever …

2 months ago

Keeping in mono-red Storm-Kiln Artist is great for keeping up the mana while drawing on your cantrips. Pity he's the only mono-red magecraft :(

Emisary121 on Zada Is Grinding Kills

2 months ago

Well i played the deck once last thursday! And damn.... did the deck perform!

Storm-Kiln Artist is the MVP here... it was turn 5 and i only had 2 lands and 2 mana dorks and zada on the board...

Storm-kiln artist made me so much mana that i just kept going and drawing with my 1 or 2 cmc cards that i used on zada! Won the game on that explosive turn!

Omniscience_is_life on Weakest Mono Color

3 months ago

The main issue with your argument about Red's removal, as I see it, is that you really only need a few ways to deal with enchantments/indestructible creatures anyways. I can run Chaos Warp, Introduction to Annihilation, and Liquimetal Torque and be pretty much set to deal with whatever comes at me. Even in a green or white deck, are you playing more than 3 sources of enchantment hate?

Past that, ritual-type mana and impulsive-style draws are actually very strong--the burst of mana I can get from a Dockside Extortionist, Storm-Kiln Artist, or Birgi, God of Storytelling  Flip is generally all I'd need to pop off, and the access to cards from things like Jeska's Will, Light Up the Stage, or Ignite the Future is enough to hit land drops and answers.

White just can't draw enough cards to stay in the running with the value engines of the other colors, and usually has to pivot to control to keep things balanced. Control is certainly viable, but tends to get hated-targeted off the table or just outpaced. Plus, white has little access to strong mana acceleration, usually putting it just a turn behind the others. Again, its main technique for balancing this is control, but that comes with the above issues.

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