Illusionist's Bracers

Illusionist's Bracers

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever an ability of equipped creature is activated, if it isn't a mana ability, copy that ability. You may choose new targets for the copy.


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Illusionist's Bracers Discussion

plakjekaas on Garth one-eye interaction with Illusionist's …

1 week ago

The actual ability that is copied by Illusionist's Bracers, is choosing a card that hasn't been chosen yet, and creating a copy of it. So by activating Garth One-Eye with the Bracers equipped, you choose two (different) cards to copy out of the list of still available spells.

When the copied card is cast, it has nothing to do with Garth's ability anymore, so you don't get another Braingeyser.

The best way to use the Bracers is probably by making a Black Lotus and a Braingeyser for 3 free extra cards.

joshjwicks on Garth one-eye interaction with Illusionist's …

1 week ago

Hey a Friend was playing Garth One-Eye attached the Illusionist's Bracers and tapped Garth then cast a Braingeyser for 5

Now does he get another geyser for 5 or does he just get the chance to cast it again.

spectre3353 on Rhys's pieces

2 weeks ago

Some recommendations:

I've got a similar list over here if you want other ideas:

Imdafish1 on Krenko mob boss speed is the only way

1 month ago

Illusionist's Bracers would be awesome in this deck!

The99 on A Better Oswald Fiddlebender

1 month ago


I'm alternating cards in and out to find the best play lines for my play style and what suits Oswald... I find that Staff of Domination is seldom often the utility I use to close out the game, as with Rings/Bracers my natural tendency is to lean towards Lesser/Mimic. However, with Mesmeric Orb and Myr Welder I can very easily lean "weld" a win with: e.g. Illusionist's Bracers + WWW6 (9cmc) -> Oswald 1cmc -> Magewright's Stone + Mesmeric Orb -> Oswald 2cmc -> Basalt Monolith + Anything (normally Sculpting Steel on Basalt or Trini if needed) -> Basalt/Mesmeric Library -> Cast Sevinne's Reclamation -> Myr Welder + Thousand-Year Elixir -> Imprint Staff of Domination -> Untap Welder -> Imprint any Mana positive rock (Sol Ring, Mana Vault, etc.) -> Untap and produce infinite generic with Myr Welder's Staff/Rock -> Imprint Walking Ballista / Arcum's Astrolabe + Blasting Station (or any other various combinations of things, pending deck). With this play line, I can very aggressively steal a game. Note: Basalt Monolith will ultimately be used to pay the cost of Sevinne's Flashback. Furthermore, Sculpting Steel can copy any rock to help further reduce the burden of mana. This breathes new life into staff and also allows us to play with a finisher that works as recursion (Myr Welder can very easily become Basalt Monolith in a pinch). I hope this answers your question.

rb701 on infinite combo?

1 month ago

unfortunately no. replacement/modify effects such as Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession used in tandem are just multipliers; they don't actually react the way you are describing

when it comes to infinite combos, its easiest to compare to simpler ones that fall under 2 categories - controlled and uncontrolled

controlled - Gilded Lotus, Captain of the Mists, and Illusionist's Bracers create a controlled infinite mana combo. so long as i choose to make it happen, it does. while there are lots more like this, it doesn't change the circumstance

uncontrolled - Life and Limb, Sporemound create an uncontrolled combo due to modify and ability. because LaL is turning forests and saprolings into a unified type, and Sporemound triggers due to a land coming in to play, it is a continuous unbreakable loop. in terms of this, when it comes to competitive play, you have to define a limit (ie "i make ten million tokens"); however, you must be able to prove the existence of said limit, or be disqualified. i had this clarified by a local game store whom the owner regularly attends tournaments. when it comes to uncontrolled combos, you want to try to add in an element that allows a slight amount of control through continuous checks - in this case, i used Pandemonium. as each creature came in, it dealt damage to the opponent, and a life check would have to happen

hope this helps

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