Boros Reckoner

Boros Reckoner

Creature — Minotaur Wizard

Whenever Boros Reckoner is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to target creature or player.

: Boros Reckoner gains first strike until end of turn.

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Boros Reckoner Discussion

king-saproling on Undeniably Indejankable

1 week ago

Sure thing! Justice actually enables infinite damage with a lot of the things you already have, for example:

Arcbond plays a similar role, except that it's even better than Justice as it has the self-damaging effect while also applying the damage-redirection effect of something like Mogg Maniac to any creature. So you could have infinite damage with Arcbond + Tajic + Pariah.

Sunforger essentially acts as a second copy of Arcbond, Boros Charm, or Martyrdom , making the Sunforger super valuable as it can fulfill any role in the combo.

Gratuitous Violence is another cool one because on an indestructible, martyred Boros Reckoner (or similar dude) you can target yourself continuously with Reckoner's redirect trigger to keep multiplying the damage up to a lethal amount, then fire it at an opponent. At worst Violence is letting you two-hit opps with Tajic, which is still pretty good.

Just some food for thought!

Rhadamanthus on My turn of Boros Reckoner …

1 month ago

Yes, this does what you want it to do.

Reckless Rage will deal 4 damage to the first target and 2 damage to Boros Reckoner simultaneously. If you gave Reckless Rage lifelink (for example, with Firesong and Sunspeaker ) then you'll gain a total of 6 life. Boros Reckoner 's ability will trigger and it will deal 2 damage to any target of your choice.

Note that the damage dealt to Boros Reckoner isn't redirected to a different target. The Reckoner still takes the damage.

Yesterday on My turn of Boros Reckoner …

1 month ago

You're mostly right. Creatures heal up any damage they had on them during the cleanup step of the end phase of each turn.

Boros Reckoner doesn't 'redirect' any damage, which sounds pedantic but damage redirection is actually a thing in Magic* and this is something else. After it takes 2 damage, it'll deal 2 damage to any other target of your choice. You could add that to the same target that took the previous 4 damage for a total of 6, but the 2 damage that the Reckoner deals is the only damage that will gain you life, because the Reckoner has lifelink and is the one dealing that 2 damage. (It's a new instance of 2 damage rather than being the same damage that the spell would deal.)

Redirect is an archaic term used on cards like Reflect Damage which has since been oracle-texted to not use that word on newer cards like Razia, Boros Archangel .

9-lives on My turn of Boros Reckoner …

1 month ago

If I cast Reckless Rage and have Boros Reckoner on the battlefield on my turn, will it deal 4 damage to a creature, then I can direct 2 damage to Boros Reckoner which I can redirect to the opponent player's life or the same creature, and then end my turn with my Boros Reckoner having his life regenerated before the end of my turn? And if I have lifelink on my Reckless Rage will I gain 6 life total?

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye

1 month ago

And TBH i can't really run Deafening Clarion because it will kill off my creatures that I need on the battlefield. Even my Boros Reckoner would die from that, even though he would redirect the damage before he dies.

itsbuzzi on Aikido of the Inward Eye

1 month ago

Seems very gimmick, the combo is a 4 card combo. You either need 1) ways to ensure you get the combo, by drawing and searching the deck and 2) to ensure you don't lose before you get the combo. Facing an aggressive deck you may not want to trade off a creature you control with an attacker because that creature is needed for the combo. Brash Taunter wouldn't die, but you'd need to survive to turn 5 just to cast it. Maybe run some card draw (Boros is notorious for not having card draw) but maybe Showdown of the Skalds could help you get your combo, but you'd still need to survive by then and have the mana to cast all of it. Maybe go with some sort of treasure token generation theme so you can have the mana earlier. Also Deafening Clarion can help in the early game by wiping the board and give lifelink to whomever on your side survives. You could also look into token creatures, Boros has tons of that then cast Transmogrify to drop an Aikido creature. There are other effects that do this I think there is a Lukka planeswalker that does it as well.

You could also look into the route of just board wiping with an Aikido card out. It appears as though you are trying to cast a cheap Storm's Wrath but maybe just go Star of Extinction with a Boros Reckoner out and win? It's a 2 card combo, not 3 so easier to pull off you just have to get to 7 lands (which is only 1 more than your infinite combo) You don't actually need infinite, just enough to win.

Also Arid Mesa and Rugged Prairie appear as legal on Tappedout but neither is legal. Pioneer Lands Data Base is a great place to check it appears updated for all lands legal in the format.

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