Living End

Living End


This is black.

Suspend 3— (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay and exile this with three time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast this without paying its mana cost.)

Each player exiles all creature cards from their graveyard, then sacrifices all creatures they control, then puts all cards they exiled this way onto the battlefield.

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Living End Discussion

philosopher on Modern Mono-white Humans

1 month ago

Hey CoolDude678,

I too built a pioneer to modern deck, so you can use this as inspiration:

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is too slow for modern because decks try to win on turn 3 or 4, so I recommend removing it and adding two more Thalia, Guardian of Thrabens because she slows down your opponent's removal spells and she slows down any combo decks, see Living End or Crashing Footfalls decks for more information.

I recommend swapping Benalish Marshal for Rally the Ranks because with Gideon and the Marshall gone, you can put a Lurrus of the Dream-Den as your companion, which will allow you to be more aggressive with your Dauntless Bodyguard's ability because you can get him back on your next turn.

Mono white modern decks are rare in modern, so please see this video for sideboard suggestions because modern decks need different sideboard cards than pioneer:

I hope this helps and welcome to modern.


K0rt on ARCHONBLADE - Hybrid Reanimator/Stoneblade [MH2]

2 months ago


I'm personally not a big fan of Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger in this deck, or any deck really that doesn't have a consistent way of putting cards in the graveyard e.g Dragon's Rage Channeler . It's also going to be a bit awkward and painful in aggro matchups to get double red in this deck, since you want to both be getting double black to cast both unmarked and persist in the same turn or cast Damn and Lilliana. It also is bad against graveyard hate, which is definitely going to be brought in against you. I also think it's just not really going to be relevant enough times to be worth the awkwardness with the mana and exiling cards from graveyard, Archon of Cruelty is plenty good enough to win games by itself and adding interaction with an opponent to make Archon stick seems better than playing Kroxa.

I think that the Evoke creatures, specifically Grief , aren't that good unless you're doing something that makes them broken e.g Ephemerate or that supports a combo of some kind, like in the new Living End versions with Grief or Crashing Footfalls decks that run Fury as free interaction that cost more than 2. I doubt the number of times Grief takes a crucial piece from an opponent is worth it over getting rid of a combo piece or another piece of interaction.

Ultimately if you're curious about some cards then do some experimenting with them in the deck. It'll be interesting to see what you find.

K0rt on White human aggro

2 months ago

A cool take on D&T with a Humans subtheme. Especially like the Ranger-Captain + Mikaeus.

Not entirely sure what Flagstones of Trokair is doing here, it is basically just a basic plains that can make Blood Moon and Drown in the Loch better against you. 18 lands with no cantrips is also pretty risky with all of your three drops, you currently only have about 70% chance of hitting three lands on your third turn, meaning you're going to be playing from behind early a lot without a turn 1 Vial. If your having flooding problems just add more Silent Clearing

I'd also add a single Giver of Runes to fetch off Ranger Captain as seems good for board stalls/control even if it isn't great with the Humans, espcailly since cards like Auriok Champion and Sanctum Prelate is game over for a lot of decks.

Might also want to look at some Sanctifier en-Vec and Drannith Magistrate for the sideboard since your going to have a pretty bad Dragon's Rage Channeler and Living End matchup otherwise

legendofa on Best objectives for deck idea: …

3 months ago

I had another deck concept this morning: Use the cascade from Flamekin Herald to cast Resurgent Belief for a big pile of enchantments. I'm looking for some direction to go forward with this idea. Budget isn't a serious concern, but it should match the competitiveness. I don't want to put a $300 card in a casual jank deck. Similarly, I tend to play toward the lower end of the competitive EDH scale. I like to win, but I like to mess with the game and try new things just as much. Uniqueness is more important than victory, as long as victory is possible.

Right now, I see two ways to design this thing. First is straight enchantment combo, something like Havoc Festival + Wound Reflection that just wins the game. Second is Voltron, using something like Eldrazi Conscription and Rage Reflection .

I'm also not sure where to go with the commander. I'm looking hard at a partner set. Sets that support the Voltron line are Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar + something , or Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder + pretty much anything at MV 2. Akiri, Line-Slinger is on color and MV 2 for the cascade, but the ability doesn't offer much. So basically, I need a partner set that includes:

  • a very cheap (MV 2) option
  • + color identity
  • something that reasonably interacts with enchantments or Voltron

The commander consideration is also related to how the enchantments are getting into the graveyard in the first place. There aren't any huge, game winning enchantments with cycling. Wheels give away free cards in this setup. Self-mill might be the way to go.

Also, if anyone has any specific card suggestions to help the core concept, please throw them in, too. This deck is more or less a Living End variant for enchantments in EDH.

zapyourtumor on Living End

4 months ago

I don't understand what you are doing here. The cycling creatures are pretty normal, and I assume the mill cards are to target yourself, so you can mill out more creatures and resurrect more when a Living End resolves. But there are still many problems I see with your deck.

1) Your sideboard has 40 cards. There's a max of 15.

2) You have the suspend cards Ancestral Vision and Living End , but no way to cast them except for their suspend function in the mainboard (only in the sideboard).

3) Even if you include cascade cards, the classic Living End trigger, the lowest costed cascade card is 3 cmc, and you have a ton of other 1-2 cmc cards so that won't even work.

4) You have Claim / Fame , but only 1 legal target for it in the whole deck, which is Snappy.

5) Raven's Crime is presumably there to help you discard your creatures, since I don't see how it would have any use targeting the opponent. But all your big creatures already have cycling, making this card essentially useless.

6) Your threat density is extremely thin, with only 15 big cycling creatures for Living End . This also makes it harder to keep cycling through the deck, and makes self mill less efficient as you are likely to only get around 2 creatures in the grave after a Glimpse the Unthinkable .

Yesterday on How does Dream Devourer / …

4 months ago

I believe you can't activate Dream Devourer 's ability in the first place. Each card in your hand gains a Foretell cost equal to its mana cost minus , notably not its Mana Value (Converted Mana Cost) minus . Living End does not have a mana cost.

Rhadamanthus on How does Dream Devourer / …

4 months ago

Living End will be stuck face-down in exile. It can't be suspended because the Suspend ability only works from the hand, and it can't be cast with foretell because Dream Devourer 's ability gave it a nonexistent/empty foretell cost that can't be paid. If we use an example with a mana cost, like Search for Tomorrow , it can be cast but not suspended.

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