Squandered Resources

Squandered Resources


Sacrifice a land: Add to your mana pool one mana of any type the sacrificed land could produce.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Squandered Resources Discussion

BransBranflakes on Tayam's Fun and Interactive Combos!

1 week ago

AkaAkuma Thanks for the love!

Tayam is a super versatile commander in that there's SOOOOOOO many different ways to build him! Originally, I was gonna build 3cmc Superfriends, with just value creatures and stuff in the mix. Then it turned into an Ophiomancer / Pawn of Ulamog style value/token/aristocrats deck where the fun stuff was all 3cmc. It wasn't until I found the card Squandered Resources that I figured out the Piranha Marsh kill and fell in love with how weird it was. I think the beauty in Tayam is just HOW MANY different iterations of feasible deck ideas there are because of how open ended it is. You can build the deck with no combos and I bet you'd have a great and still very valid deck on your hands!

I'd love to see -1/-1 counters variant! The support is there! And I never even considered the enchantress style, but that sounds SICK!!!!

It's very easy to go too far and make Tayam this bland combo-graveyard deck by leaning a lil too hard into it, so at least with my list I tried to build it in a way that even if all the combo pieces were removed the deck still can function as a tokens-counters shell c: I left out stuff like Hermit Druid to avoid that kinda "too far" strategy. I also left out alot of the best tutors for this reason too. If you're playing for the combo kill, more often than not you'll get the win with the combo, but if you don't think the combo is ready, you can switch gears and play for value and bodies and it works just fine!

And what my playgroup thinks of the deck... we're a bunch of shitlord's honestly and we tend to play some very rude strategies, so usually no ones upset about getting combo'd off, cause they would've probably tried the next turn anyway lol. I wouldn't recommend a list like mine to anyone playing with people who might still be learning or are playing "weaker" decks. It can be a bit much, and sometimes in a very do or die situation, you might take a pretty long turn while you wheel and deal with Tayam's ability or count dice and counters on your stuff.. But other than that, I find it to be SUPER fun to play and nobody has hated on me for playing it!

Tayam in general feels more like a surprise ever time you activate him because you never know whats coming off the top of the library, which leads to less linear play and generally more fun in games. That can be changed if you want to up the competitiveness of the deck, but you don't gotta c: It all comes down to you and your group, and Tayam offers a very cool design than can be used for MANY different styles and groups.

The world is your oyster! Whatever you build will end up a really sick deck, so link me if you happen to go through with it!

HELLcaster19 on Korvold's Realms

4 months ago

SirHerpaderp As mentioned by enpc earlier, Drownyard Temple is a fantastic addition to your deck, for what you are trying to do. Do not forget that you can always have that land brought back to your field during an opponents turn as well, so that it untaps on your turn.

Rain of Filth is a card that works like Squandered Resources but only generates , in addition to drawing you cards and pumping your commander.

Also, something like Bloodghast would fit in nicely. If you have no other target for a sac option, kill it off instead. Play a land and presto manifesto, it returns to your field. :)

Temur Sabertooth could also be a viable option for an addition to utilize a handful of those creatures that have etb's

bushido_man96 on The Sagas of Muldrotha and her Mediocre-Friends

4 months ago

Lhurgyof, thank you for those suggestions! I only have Squandered Resources and Destiny Spinner on hand right now, but on the next order, I'll probably pick up a few more of your suggestions! I'll definitely make the switch for Compulsion .

Lhurgyof on The Sagas of Muldrotha and her Mediocre-Friends

4 months ago

How do you feel about Destiny Spinner ? I feel like it would help protect some of your big plays. I think Sphinx of the Second Sun might be cool in here too if you think you could fit it. Another draw and untap is useful, plus you'd trigger your sagas twice a turn. The only downside I can see are cumulative upkeep cards like Elephant Grass and Mystic Remora .

I'd replace Mental Discipline with Compulsion . Compulsion is a straight upgrade in that it costs less and it can sac itself for a card too.

Getting into more expensive stuff, I feel like Squandered Resources would allow for some absolute bomb plays in here. City of Solitude and the much more affordable Dosan the Falling Leaf would protect you quite well, considering you only run two instants I don't think they would hold you back much at all.

As far as cuts go, I would look at Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted , Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage , and Arlinn, Voice of the Pack look/feel weak to me. I don't think they offer much to the deck and while Arlinn does make tokens it feels kind of meh compared to other walkers like Vraska.

Medomai's Prophecy seems pretty weak to me as well, maybe you have different experiences than I do but it feels really weak compared to other sagas. Having to name your next play could be risky too depending on what you have for options in your hand.

+1 from me, really cool take on Muldrotha!

jaymc1130 on Blooming Onion - The Best Deck in EDH [Primer]

10 months ago

Might be worth mentioning in the Bloom Engine panel that the Isochron Scepter line actually tends to be a 5-7 card combo engine more often than not to result in an infinite win line: Thrasios, Triton Hero, Isochron Scepter, Dramatic Reversal, plus (usually) 2 mana rocks/dorks with one producing at least 2 mana (or 3 mana rocks/dorks producing a single mana), and an actual game winning card (like Thassa's Oracle). The Mystic Bloom Combo engine requires 3 islands, but as these are generally acquired over the course of game play in normal fashions by fetching and playing them it's not difficult to assemble 3 islands in play and their requirement for the engine can largely be ignored since you'll almost always have them. If the islands are discounted then the Bloom Engine is also a 5 card infinite win line requiring Summer Bloom, Ramunap Excavator, Squandered Resources, Mystic Sanctuary, and the sac to draw land (though none of these pieces are in the command zone, which is a downside). In terms of total cards (and therefore card slots) required to culminate in a game winning line of play both engines are relatively equally card slot efficient, with the main difference being the quality of the individual cards outside of functioning in an engine capacity that leads to various play pattern advantages.

Looking forward to checking in on the primer as it evolves!.

SynergyBuild on Blooming Onion - The Best Deck in EDH [Primer]

10 months ago

DeinoStinkus While for cEDH, I don't see us needing Beseech the Queen, as we aren't running tutoring that expensive, and I'd probably slot in an Enlightened Tutor for a Mystic Remora, Mana Crypt, Training Grounds, or Squandered Resources first, and Uro is much better where the 3 life and 6/6 beat stick is a relevant clock and threats, here I think Mystical Dispute is still a wonderful card for this strategy.

I considered it mainboard, as well as a few other 1 mana counterspells, specifically Autumn's Veil, Dispel, and a few personal favorites like Divert. The card is fantastic, but remember that it won't kill any consult players, as you actually are supposed to cast Thassa's Oracle first, wait for it to resolve, then respond to it's ETB effect with the Demonic Consultation/Tainted Pact effect. Doing it this was gets around dying to a counterspell, and is why it's such a popular method.

Just a warning for if you try this, it probably can stop them, if they cant counter back or pay 3 mana, but can't kill them is all!

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