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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal


Creature — Dinosaur

Enrage - Whenever Polyraptor is dealt damage, create a token that's a copy of Polyraptor.

dreadswolf on Don't make the Dino Angry

1 week ago

Nice combo with Polyraptor and AEther Flash. Enrage is a sweet mechanic. Love the idea of endless dinosaurs sprouting out of eggs too. Cool deck!

Dencoan on Isla Nublar

3 months ago

CoarselyRefined adding ways to trigger Polyraptor definety could help. it can also trigger some of the other dinos. World at War could be a good game ender as well. for haste I already have a few cards in there that grant it, I'm torn on also giving haste to my opponents on their combat step

CoarselyRefined on Isla Nublar

3 months ago

Impact Tremors allows you to repeatedly ping Polyraptor (and clones) filling your board. Marauding Raptor does the same but on a dino body.

I like Concordant Crossroads and Mass Hysteria to sneak in after I establish board state.

Possibly Savage Beating or World at War to finish a game out.

Mattydap on speedy Ghalta

3 months ago

Interesting concept for modern, but I am a little confused. Are you trying more to make a Dino deck or are you going all in on a stompy Ghalta plan. I've got a couple ideas, and will try to separate them though it may overlap.

  1. Elvish Mystic is cool and all, but I think if you added either Ignoble Hierarch or Noble Hierarch they would boost the color consistency plus buff the ghalta if it swung alone.

  2. Adding some sort of tutor like Forerunner of the Empire or Eladamri's Call to consistently get ghalta or some other big dino will help, plus if you play the Hierarch it gives you better access to cast it.

  3. I think I've talked myself into saying adding white would prove pretty beneficial to you if you are going the way of the dino cause that also adds Kinjalli's Caller. Also if you end up adding the tutors you could have overall less ghaltas in the deck to make room for other tutorable threats like Gishath, Sun's Avatar and Zacama, Primal Calamity

  4. It wouldn't be the worst idea to add some sort of draw engine into the deck like The Great Henge just so you have some more late game potential.

  5. Interaction like Reckless Rage would make room for attackers while also getting rid of threats. While something like Cinderclasm would help wipe the board while also activating your enrage creatures.

  6. If you end up adding Forerunner please consider adding Polyraptor it was a combo I used to play back in standard and I'd love knowing it could be seeing play in modern.

  7. Ummmm, yeah thats all I can really come up with off the top of my head right now sorry that its really messy, but if you take anything away from this adding white is my most important point. You'd probably have to change up the mana base if you did that though so you do you.

TheOfficialCreator on Dino

3 months ago

Marauding Raptor + Polyraptor goes infinite and both parts of the combo are good in your deck! ^u^

KongMing on Forest Fire

3 months ago

Mirrorweave on the sideboard for boardwipes with the Peddler/Staticaster combo? Also works pretty well with Primordial Hydra to make everything else 0/0 on resolve.

Also, is there a reason you don't have Polyraptor in here? Seems like a great addition. Ranging Raptors and Ripjaw Raptor also give you options.

I doubt it would be reliable or worth it in the mainboard, but a possible sideboard addition for longer games or hexproof/indestructible enemies would be Silverclad Ferocidons.

Soulus101 on Emiel The Blessed One [Primer]

4 months ago

Guardian Project and Blessed Sanctuary both seem strong in this deck. Cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder and Burnished Hart seem less effective than say Solemn Simulacrum or Wood Elves in the same function. Teleportation Circle and/or Conjurer's Closet add some redundancy to your blinking. 35 lands seems a little low, but you do seem to have a fair amount of ramp. Polyraptor is a funny card but I'm not sure it has a place in this deck... Gruul or Naya builds might prefer it.

shock7123 on Nayasaur park - Gishath EDH

5 months ago

I personally run an infinite enrage combo in my deck that pisses people off if I ever get it going.

Forerunner of the Empire + Polyraptor + Rite of Passage gives you infinite enrage effects, infinite +1/+1 counters, and infinite Polyraptors, not to mention infinite enter the battlefield triggers. It's tricky if you don't have tutors in your hand, but if you get it to go off, it's a game winner with any haste effect.

To get the combo to go off, have Right of Passage out, then play Forerunner of the Empire. If you have Polyraptor in hand already, play it to set the combo off, otherwise you can use Forerunner to get Polyraptor as the top card of your library.

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