Scute Swarm

Scute Swarm

Creature — Insect

Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, create a 1/1 green Insect creature token. If you control six or more lands, create a token that’s a copy of this instead.

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Scute Swarm Discussion

glhfJKiHax on Simic Landfall

15 hours ago

I just noticed as well that you run both Parcelbeast and Scute Swarm have you considered adding Retreat to Coralhelm and any bounce land such as Guildless Commons? Its a bit convoluted but a fun combo and the bounce land would also go infinite with Kodama of the East Tree and Field of the Dead making you infinite zombies.

fifthdawn on Not Infinite, but Larger than the Universe

1 month ago

I also make an absurd number of tokens in my deck. I use Earthcraft to make it so that my tokens can tap themselves to untap my basic, thereby making an equivalent amount of mana as I have tokens. Or I can make twice as much mana as I have tokens if I enchant a basic I control with Wild Growth. I have a similar restriction as you against using infinite tokens, but I also restrict myself against using any doublers (or triplers for that matter.) Because I don't use any doublers, I have to manually double my tokens using the ability of Rhys the Redeemed.

Check out my deck if you want to see my method. I use things like Siege-Gang Commander or Scute Swarm in coordination with Rhys the Redeemed. Like your deck, many of my pieces are already good on their own so they're fine even if I don't end up creating the lock. You can check out my list here if you're interested: Polyamorous Lovefall Tokens

Misconception on Mutants in the Shadows

1 month ago

Cool deck, I really like your approach with shadow creatures here! As I learned, Scute Swarm can go nuts with mutate cards like Migratory Greathorn and Auspicious Starrix!

Traieon on Otrimi, Pinnacle of Evolution

1 month ago

I had considered Scute Swarm but at the time it was quite expensive. If I added it now I’m not sure what I would cut for it.

glhfJKiHax on Otrimi, Pinnacle of Evolution

1 month ago

Have you considered Scute Swarm? Mutated Swarms can lead to some great boards.

Parcelbeast mutated onto Scute Swarm is fun.

glhfJKiHax on Avatar of Creation

1 month ago

Are you trying to avoid infinite combos or stating that you don't have any?

Just looking over the list, if you included just one bounce land such as Guildless Commons for example, you could make infinite tokens with Retreat to Coralhelm,Scute Swarm and Sakura-Tribe Scout

BotaNickill on Throbbing Gristle #1

1 month ago

Heya buddy! Looking good! Scute Swarm might be a good fit for ya! I'll keep an eye out for others! Good luck! Looking forward to playing against you!

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