Clock of Omens

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Clock of Omens


Tap two untapped artifacts you control: Untap target artifact.

FormOverFunction on Time is of the Essence

1 month ago

wallisface for sure. It’d need to be in some sort of Clock of Omens deck or something.

WhatInTheWhoNow on Cut-CO knives are ehxpensive!

2 months ago


Thanks for your suggestions! Here are my thoughts:

As for the Clock of Omens combo, it is my opinion that it's rather difficult to assemble for the following reasons:

  • Finding four cards for a combo is a lot, besides having to set them up.
  • Two artifacts, a creature, and a card in hand are required. That means a single removal or discard spell can disrupt the combo.
  • clock is basically a dead card without the combo.

I agree with your opinion on Memnite. I chose to add it because it can add to the artifact count and crew Smuggler's Copter, which is sometimes necessary to get asmor running. It can also be a target for Ensoul Artifact. Fae of Wishes can also crew copter, is a discard option, and can grab the combo or another sideboard option. Honestly I think the only downsides are that it's not an artifact and it costs a lot to do stuff with it. Unearth seems like a really good option as long as it has targets, but if I remove all creatures except for asmor it won't be any good. Any suggestions for replacement creatures?

wallisface on Cut-CO knives are ehxpensive!

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • as Fae of Wishes will almost always be grabbing Clock of Omens, and because the Clock of Omens combo is relatively easy to assemble, i’d just suggest cutting Fae of Wishes entirely and just run Clock of Omens mainboard - to cut out the middleman.

  • I don’t think Memnite does anything for you here and should probably be cut so you can run full playsets of the cards that matter most (i.e., Asmo, Manufactor).

  • Personally i’d move Fatal Push to the sideboard and run Unearth in its place. You’re a combo deck so top priority should be keeping the combo pieces alive. Also, if you’re unearthing Asmo, she’ll very quickly be able to killspell the problem threat herself.

king-saproling on Uncle Unctus

2 months ago

Urza, Lord High Artificer could work well considering Unc can turn creatures into artifacts. He pops off with Pemmin's Aura and Freed from the Real.

Other cards that might be worth considering: Pili-Pala, Grand Architect, Illusionist's Bracers, Clock of Omens, Gush, Isochron Scepter, Drake Haven, Opposition, Wharf Infiltrator, Ashnod's Altar, Teferi's Ageless Insight

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

4 months ago

Looks pretty cool. Might I suggest Clock of Omens for a little more tap/untap action?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Saturday Morning Cartoons

5 months ago

Awesome to see this, very cool!

Considering all these artifact creatures, Tempered Steel is obviously powerful, as is Urza, Prince of Kroog. Clock of Omens and other ways to untap your creatures would be pretty cool. Also, maybe Lita, Mechanical Engineer? She even kind of references Battle Angel Alita, so somewhat on flavour? One more, Padeem, Consul of Innovation and Bronze Guardian for more protection.

Finally, Patchwork Automaton looks like something from a transformers cartoon.

Profet93 on Druken Distortion

6 months ago

Blinkmoth Urn - HUGE ramp, can be even better with a tapping effect such as Clock of Omens or whatever tickles your fancy. Could even utilize a land such as Blinkmoth Well.

Mycosynth Lattice - Synergy with the above and Karn, the Great Creator. Not an entirely serious suggestion, but worth considering

Warping Wail - Additional counterspell.

Wurmcoil Engine - Not entirely serious but Wurm + Klan Ironworks + Nimdeathmantle = Infinite creatures and mana(?), I'm too tired to do math at the moment but I think it checks out

Cryptic Caves > Springjack pasture. Draws cards which is relevant for your commander and in a pinch. Can be copied with rings as well and recurred with crucible.

Field of the Dead > Rogue's passage. Do you often find yourself at a stalemate where rogue's passage would be actually beneficial? Field, while comes in tapped, can easily produce some zombie tokens to protect your boardstate, sac to trading post and more.

Cavern of Souls > Nephalia Academy. Do you find your opponents making you discard in your meta? If not, I dont see the purpose as you can't utilize your commander. Would you not be better served by protecting your creatures from counterspells despite getting the cast trigger? Budget restriction? No1 plays blue in the meta?

Skullclamp - Draw, is there a specific reason you're not running it?

Mindslaver - Given you run Emrakrul, it doesn't seem like you're against mind control effects. If so, then this is a worthwhile inclusion. Being able to effectively not only time skip them at worst, but make them lose (looking at u necropotence), keep their commander in exile, or just make them in such an unwinnable position that your victory is assured, the flexibility is strong and should not be overlooked. Also, politics! You did state the deck is archenemy, so perhaps no politics, but if you're already the enemy, might as well end their misery.

Also, Scorched Ruins + Rings + Deserted Temple = Infinite colorless mana.

To respond to your previous comment, I do not believe it is a worthwhile inclusion.

Stonewizzard on Turbo Magda Modern Combo (Need Feedback)

8 months ago

I like the idea of Mishra's Bauble for the deck.

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is one of the cards I was least sure about including in the deck. It is one of the few 1 drops that can make treasures efficiently. If I don't naturally draw into the Clock of Omens I need five treasures to get it out with magda so I can start the combo. Hence why Birds of Paradise wouldn't really fit the slot well.

Pyre of Heroes is in the deck as essentially extra (but worse) copies of Eladamri's Call both spend four total mana to get magda out. It requires a creature which is a downside but there are 8 1-drops and if worst comes to worst saga tokens to 1 drops. They help the consistency but are kinda slow. I wasn't really sure what other tutors to use as without getting magda consistently the deck falls apart.

I see what you mean about Springleaf Drum but it seemingly the most useful way for me to tap down the dwarves to get treasures and they are fetchable with Saga.

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