Fiendish Duo

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Fiendish Duo

Creature — Devil

First strike

If a source would deal damage to an opponent, it deals double that damage to that player instead.

CommanderNeyo on Tempus Necandi - Saskia EDH (Lingua Latina)

1 month ago

I love Saskia the Unyielding as well, and I think she is an underrated commander! You have a few cards here I don't have in my build, but will definitely consider (especially Adeline, Resplendent Cathar).

Something that I don't see a lot of people doing, but I find to be super effective, is using damage-doubling effects, such as Gratuitous Violence and especially Fiery Emancipation. With Fiery Emancipation on the field, a 1/1 would deal 3 damage to one opponent, and then 9 damage to Saskia's chosen opponent - so a total of 12 damage! Saskia alone will deal 36 damage (3x3 + (3x3)x3 = 9 + 27 = 36)!!!

I run Gratuitous Violence, Fiendish Duo, and Fiery Emancipation in my Saskia deck because of how incredibly effective they are at increasing the power level.

Also, for me, I noticed that Bloom Tender and Faeburrow Elder are incredibly pivotal in enacting my gameplan, so I run more creature tutors such as Eladamri's Call and Worldly Tutor, and I recommend the same for you.

Lastly, because you are playing so many small creatures, I highly recommend something like Pathbreaker Ibex or the classic Craterhoof Behemoth, since they turn those small early game creatures into finishers.

I enjoyed your deck, and the Latin flair is fantastic!

IHATENAMES on Maraxus of Keld Pump & Dump

3 months ago

OK I get the meta thing. Tbh up to you. Scavenger Grounds I'd suggest added to manabase to have 1 grave exile effect at least. Have an answer feels better even if you don't draw it.

As for modes on cards in commanderthey are important. I'm against the mage for curve reasons more so then anything else (also list is getting tighter). T3 ramping isn't the best. T3 making 2 bodies isn't the best. It's when they are together that makes it playable.

Fiendish Duo is a great card but there are some enchantments that double or triple with one that is a source you control if you want instead. I realize for instance Gratuitous Violence doesn't work it was in my list mb XD

Fair point on the greaves.

Laela is a great card by itself but if you exile a card you might not want to cast it can feel bad. Red card draw generally is like that. For now I'd suggest gobo Engineer. He can do some great work for you. A tutor for academy manufator or haste/trample/ramp enabler is spicy. Give deck some additional steam late if you lose some of your important artifacts.

Brash Taunter fight your commander. It is a 3 mana Fling effect every turn without sacing that doubles as a good blocker here. @[email protected] you don't need too much more synergies then that I think.

Neheb is a great big red deal damage to face payoff card. I've ended up cutting him out of my decks as I never seem to get him to survive a round. I worry you may run out of cards in hand to play and don't have alot of mana sync type cards. Worth trying maybe.

For the battle axe. It might be a good option to pump your creatures/make tokens but you can't swing a creature with it until like t5 most of the time. That's alot for it to do its thing. Then no double strike or free equipt makes it super expensive quickly. I love the card as for years I mostly ran mono white equipment vultron/tokens. But here the deck would have to refocus somewhat on equipment to make it work well.

SirHipHopHippo on Maraxus of Keld Pump & Dump

3 months ago


I could probably cut either Rush of Blood or Fatal Frenzy however I would need to replace one with Fiendish Duo because I want both Maraxus's combat to be double damage and the flings to be double damage and I want the damage doublers to only work against my opponents and not myself.

I've thought about cutting Exhibition Magician for Wily Goblin but I do like the versatility of being able to make a citizen in case I'm up against an Aristocrat deck running group hug sac cards like Dictate of Erebos. I think it's a safer cards for sticky situations, treasures can't block either

While Lightning Greaves is very good, I don't think it's that good in fling decks. Being in a situation where Maraxus is my only creature will likely come up and then I will not be able to move Greaves off of him when I go to fling him. The same can be said for when I draw new equipment, if Maraxus is on board equipped with Greaves I cannot equip new equipment to him unless I have another creature to move Greaves onto. Shroud and Fling strategies just don't add up for me, which is why I'm stoked to have Champion's Helm

I like Laelia, the Blade Reforged maybe I will try and squeeze that in. I like that it has haste too. Imposing Grandeur seems fun too, I am still not sold on it though because I always end up holding my flings in my hand for the right moments and it's not a guarantee that I will draw a new fling effect after a wheel, that's why I prefer the exile top card of library draw effects, or the treasure making draw cards.

I think I am going to cut Urabrask, Heretic Praetor for either Laelia, the Blade Reforged or for Goblin Engineer

I like when people win with Brash Taunter and build around it, it feels out of place for this deck and theme though. I feel like if someone's going to include it they basically build around it or at least build around that theme of damaging their own creatures.

Malignus over Cavalier of Flame.

I used to have another version of this deck that had Bloodforged Battle-Axe, since it makes so many copies it can really pump Maraxus. I also used to run Neheb, the Eternal so I could Fling Maraxus pre combat, and then recast and reequip post combat with ease and without tapping lands.

That are your thoughts in adding those cards somehow?

again, thank you for all the suggestions.

itachi5464 on Raphael, Fiendish Savior Demons [2022]

3 months ago

Fiendish Duo seems pretty gucci. Thanks friend Gleeock!

Gleeock on Raphael, Fiendish Savior Demons [2022]

3 months ago

Love it! Descent into Avernus seems pretty good. Probably any group slug since you have pseudo built in lifegain. Also Fiendish Duo. Zariel, Archduke of Avernus

DemonDragonJ on The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Raze

4 months ago

I have replaced Rage Reflection with Fiendish Duo, because, as awesome as the reflection was, this deck does not rely on combat damage to win, whereas the duo's ability works very well with the various damage-dealing cards in this deck.

king-saproling on TappedOut

4 months ago

Curiosity on Vial Smasher seems like it'd be good, especially considering that you have a lot of instants.

You might dig these too: Archfiend of Despair, Fiendish Duo, Gratuitous Violence, Angrath's Marauders

LB0818 on SMFWWTWB! (Mogis - Group Slug!)

4 months ago

Got my hands on a Fiendish Duo removed Silverclad Ferocidons.

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