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Commander Staples Cube

By LitchOubliette

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Commander Cube

Designed to simulate play just below CEDH.

Each player gets a pack of five legends formed from the Commanders list first. Three cards are drafted from these packs, passing clockwise, before the rest are returned to the box. Partner commanders automatically come with their associated partner. After this, four packs of twenty are drafted from the remaining cards, alternating passing directions. Two cards are drafted at a time from the 20 card packs.

Players make 60 card decks (excluding their commander(s)) out of their draft pools and any number of snow-basics and/or wastes. Any legendary in the draft pool can be used as a commander or in the main deck. Note that partner commanders do not reduce minimum deck size as they normally would.

Mana_Fixing (180)

Land (160)

Artifact (20)