Abrupt Decay

Abrupt Decay


This spell can't be countered.

Destroy target nonland permanent with converted mana cost / mana value 3 or less.

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Abrupt Decay Discussion

wallisface on Jund

1 week ago

Some cards to consider running as playsets:

Some cards that are decent, but probably better as 3-ofs (as drawing multiples can hurt)

nbarry223 on Glittering Company

1 week ago

Yup, I agree about the mill matchup being hard, and you also don't have good gravehate, which is why I was suggesting inclusion of Endurance in the side since it would cover both weaknesses.

If you like Revival / Revenge so much as an option, then my next candidates would probably be Loxodon Smiter / Mystic Enforcer or Despark although they all leave holes. I'd probably go with Loxodon Smiter if I had to choose, since a blue player could just counter the Glittering Wish but since it's 3 CMC it is actually capable of being moved in...

I'm not even sure what's the weakest sideboard card, as they all have very niche uses that can change the gamestate now.

Maybe a toss-up between Crime / Punishment and Culling Ritual since they both serve mainly the same purpose, but the niche differences could be so much of an upside on those two as well.

I know it sounds crazy to sort of cripple yourself with a worse removal spell, but maybe Assassin's Trophy instead of Abrupt Decay + Despark is the best route to go if freeing up a slot. It does come with the upside of being able to target troublesome lands like the tron lands I guess...

It's always been a general rule of mine that ramping my opponent is bad, and making your only targeted removal do just that seems a little sub-par.

I think you should still try to fit in Endurance somewhere, but I'm not really sure where right now honestly, haha.

zapyourtumor on Traverse shadow

2 weeks ago

4 Tarfire feels like a huge mistake. 1 is definitely fine, maybe even two, but sacrificing 1/3 of the power level of Lightning Bolt to achieve delirium faster/buff goyf +1/+1 isn't worth it. You shouldn't have a problem achieving delirium quickly in this build anyways with DRC and bauble. I recommend cutting all but 1 Tarfire for 4 bolt. 1-2 Abrupt Decay can help round out the removal suite a bit too.

I do love Tracker, but I think there is a very strong case to be made here of cutting Tracker, Grist, Murderous Rider and Ghor-Clan Rampager for Lurrus of the Dream-Den as companion. It lets you grind a lot harder in the late game, and also lets you recur baubles.

1 Seal of Fire might also be worth it, similar to tarfire for that extra card type. It becomes especially good with Lurrus.

Scourge of the Skyclaves is another strong creature that looks like it would be at home here, also really good with TBR. Scavenging Ooze could be a 1 of to get with Traverse, and maybe also 1 Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger for a mid-late game threat or an easy way to get a creature into the yard (especially if you go Lurrus and cut Ghor). It isn't really a nonbo with delirium either since you can fill the yard so fast.

A full 8 discard seems a little overkill to me right now, I think you could cut 1-2 IoK and go down to 6-7.

The sideboard looks a little all over the place right now (Back to Nature? wat) but I do like some of the traverse targets Voidwalker/Ouphe/Revoker. 1 of Tourach, Dread Cantor can be pretty good to tutor vs UWx, 4c blink, etc since it's immune to Solitude and Prismatic.

solterranean on Lathril (94%) let’s get 95!

3 weeks ago

If you're looking to speed the deck up, I'd consider adding: Elves of Deep Shadow, Birds of Paradise, Wild Growth, Utopia Sprawl, Boreal Druid, Elvish Pioneer and the all-mighty Deathrite Shaman. For those, I'd look at cutting: Kodama's Reach, Rampant Growth, Elfhame Druid, Farhaven Elf, Jaspera Sentinel, Llanowar Visionary, and Springbloom Druid. Selvala, Heart of the Wilds is an amazing card, just not sure if it belongs here, maybe replace it with Elvish Guidance. There's also always Heritage Druid,

And hey, if you've got a Gaea's Cradle, Crop Rotation is a must (and its slower cousin, Sylvan Scrying, which also makes Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx a good add. More ($$$$) lands to consider would be: Cavern of Souls and Yavimaya Hollow. Other utility lands you might want to check out would be: Emergence Zone, Nurturing Peatland, Castle Garenbrig, and Wirewood Lodge.

If you've got the funds and are looking to get those last few % points in your ramp package, take a look at: Carpet of Flowers and Jeweled Lotus.

For card advantage, yeah I agree that Glimpse of Nature and Oakhame Adversary are good options, along with Sylvan Library, Necropotence, and Dark Confidant if you've got the $$ and looking to get as close to 100% as possible. Regal Force is a non-elf that's essential in elf decks. Some other options would be: Pact of the Serpent and Elvish Visionary. In terms of tutors, definitely consider: Chord of Calling, Eldritch Evolution, and maybe even Woodland Bellower and Fauna Shaman. Decks closer to CEDH would probably include: Vampiric Tutor, Diabolic Intent, and Survival of the Fittest. Also, Eternal Witness might be too good to not include, along with Noxious Revival. Patriarch's Bidding is a cheaper Haunting Voyage.

Card advantage cards you could consider cutting would be: Twinblade Assassins and Silhana Wayfinder.

In terms of removal, I think you'd want: Assassin's Trophy, Abrupt Decay, Nature's Claim and/or Force of Vigor, and Deadly Rollick. I also like Golgari Charm in more casual metas.

For elf synergy, along with Elvish Champion, I'd take a look at: Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Immaculate Magistrate

For utility, consider: Autumn's Veil, Veil of Summer, Vitalize, and the non-elves Scryb Ranger and Temur Sabertooth. Concordant Crossroads seems really good with Lathril too.

Hope this helps! Happy brewing

JacobAGrossman on Viga-BOOM!

3 weeks ago

Hey, man, updating my deck to it's current standards of play was definitely, in part, thanks to you, so I want to thank you for that :D. How come Anguished Unmaking over Despark if you're also running Abrupt Decay? Other than that, great idea for a deck, love what you've got going on

cyeRunner on BG Infect

1 month ago

Welcome to the Infect-Team :)

The Deck that top 8'd was targeting certain matchups anticipated at the event as you can see in the sideboard, so maybe you might not do as well with the list at your local meta:
7x Graveyard-hate, 7x Artifact- & Entchantment-hate in the Sideboard against Hammertime, Affinity, Amulet Titan and Chalice of the Void with 1 Counter. Ashiok, Dream Render is also good against Titan, but there is no Creature Removal and Lifegain against Burn is missing.

Abrupt Decay vs. Assassin's Trophy: Giving your Opponnent a land-card is currently a huge disadvantage so I would not play too many Trophy's or only in certain Matchups. Decay is a good card, it hits most of the stuff you need to hit, including Wrenn and Six, but excluding Urza's Saga which leads us to ..

Gemrazer! This card has some big advantages over other Disenchant-Effects. Sideboard cards can sometimes be "dead draws", meaning the situation you brought them in has not occoured, so the sideboard card is useless in your hand. Gemrazer can still be played as a Rancor-like effect: "Give your Creatures +3/+3 and trample" for 3 mana is quite good even if you don't use the "Destroy artifact or enchantment"-effect. If you get both you 2for1 your opponent. Also it hits Urza's Saga. Even in the worst case it's a 4-Mana 4/4.

For removal Fatal Push is currently sufficient in my opinion, but I recommend having a sideboard removal-card against bigger creatures like Murktide Regent, Serra's Emissary or Archon of Cruelty.

Generally speaking about Thoughtseize: the obvious reason to run it is to disrupt your opponents hand, but the not so obvious reason is that you are more likely to have something to do on turn 1. 8x 1-drops (Hierarchs and G-Elf) are sometimes not enough to consistently draw one in your opening 7 cards. There were times before Ignoble Hierarch where UG-Infect would run a single Birds of Paradise for more consistent draws. If you have a lot of burn/aggro decks in your local meta swap it for Inquisition of Kozilek.

Phyrexian Crusader is currently a powerhouse since most removal is red or white in the current meta. You are right: Blighted Agent is a lot better than Plague Stinger with a lot of fliers flying around, but the 3 color manabase is just superhard to play.

My prefered budget Replacement for Endurance is Nihil Spellbomb since it can draw you cards. (The effect even triggers if your opponent wants to destroy it)

I am playing BG Infect for ~2,5 years now, if you are interested here is my list: Nobody expects the Kozileks Inqusition - BG Infect

zapyourtumor on Lurrus Death’s Shadow Graveyard Edition

2 months ago

Lightning Bolt is so good that I'd go up to a playset.

For Infernal Grasp vs Terminate, in any deck running BR colors Terminate wins out. Jund DS has always been more grindy than the original Grixis lists in 2016-7 that aimed to turbo out a fat Shadow as fast as possible. Honestly, the deck is more of a grindy midrange deck that plays Shadow than a "Shadow" deck, which is why you don't really need the unconditional extra 2 life loss from Grasp. I would replace all 3 copies of Grasp with maybe 2 copies of Terminate.

Similarly, Dismember isn't super good right now (it's main advantages are turboing out shadow being 1 cmc removal and 4 life loss, and being able to kill stuff like Kaldra Compleat which aren't very prevalent in the meta) and it misses anything equipped with a hammer or murktide or Archon of Cruelty etc. I would run 1 at most.

Since you're in jund, I'd run maybe 1-3 total copies of Abrupt Decay + Assassin's Trophy for some more versatile noncreature permanent removal which can kill stuff like T3feri, W6, Chalice, Hammer/Sigarda's Aid, Amulet, etc. The latter can ever destroy Saga.

hiddengibbons on Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

2 months ago

I have been working on a modern hate deck recently that is BG. I was not aware of Assassin's Trophy. Abrupt Decay seems strong in the current meta.

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