Chromatic Star

Chromatic Star


, : Sacrifice Chromatic Star: Gain one mana of any colour.

When Chromatic Star is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, draw a card.

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Chromatic Star Discussion

DragonSliver9001 on A New Way To Play …

1 month ago

Snips500: i think there would be enough ways around it you don't have to worry. the cards don't even have to say "any color". something like Utopia Sprawl would also work for the decks that can run it. and theres things like Chromatic Star and Chromatic Sphere. or Chromatic Lantern. any deck can run Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. just gotta look.

zapyourtumor on Reaper king Tron

2 months ago

This is actually a really interesting take on mono g tron since Chromatic Star and such can help reduce Reaper King's cost a lot. Since all the scarecrows are colorless though, you should definitely add a playset of Ancient Stirrings. To improve consistency, I think you should drop some of the signets and maybe a forest for Sylvan Scrying and the fourth Expedition Map.

zapyourtumor on Clock of Golem Turbine

2 months ago

TheSurgeon thats basically just a more expensive Altar of the Brood. In my opinion, Grinding Station requires a lot of building around, with a bunch of eggs like Chromatic Star, Sly Requisitioner, Sword of the Meek, Memnite and other 0 mana artifacts, Thopter Foundry, even KCI (I once brewed and played a deck built around this kind of stuff a year or so ago). Basically, its more at home in a different kind of artifact combo deck.

Valengeta on Shrine On

2 months ago

there's a lot of cards out there that destroy all enchantments in one swoop. Since this looks to me like a slow board build, you might as well be playing lots of counterspells and creature removal to hold off opposing plays while you steadily drop shrines. Also I would remove the White and Green shrines from your Mainboard and focus on Red, Blue and Black ones. Red damages your enemy so you can win, Black does that and disrupts his hand by making him discard, Blue keeps your hand fresh and searches for answers. Also, Mirror Gallery can compensate your legendary handicap.

So, to sumarize, you need counterspells like Mana Leak, Dispel, Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, Remand, Rune Snag or Negate.

You need mass removal like Pyroclasm, Slagstorm, Chain Reaction, Anger of the Gods, Ratchet Bomb, Engineered Explosives, Cyclonic Rift, Languish, Damnation or Ritual of Soot.

You need a stronger and more consistent mana base. Removing 2 colors will help you a lot. Dual lands, check lands, fetch lands and shock lands will do you wonders. Chromatic Sphere or Chromatic Star will help fill the gaps while refunding themselves instead of Pentad Prism.

Paradox Haze might work to trigger the Shrines an additional time and also in combo with Sanctum of All.

I understand this isn't a deck that's meant to be a tournament winner, but mostly to play on multiplayer with friends, but still, there's improvements to be made here that would make your build more frightning to others and fun for you. Hope I helped :)

5dollarMTG on Geijutsu wa Bakuhatsu da! ( aka Art is a BANG!)

4 months ago

Cool idea! For people on an extreme budget, you could replace Chromatic Star with Implement of Combustion to get the deck down to around $5 on TCGplayer.

antoniorondon on Here kitty kitty! (Lurrus Reanimator)

6 months ago

I would advise on cutting the Karmic Guide + Reveillark combo for Kaya's Ghostform + Phyrexian Altar and generally lowering the mana curve so that you can run Ad Nauseam. Sidisi is just an overcosted tutor, if you're on a budget Final Parting is much better. Would probraly exchange Perpetual Timepiece for Conjurer's Bauble too and cut some lands for the eggs that draw you cards like:Chromatic Sphere,Chromatic Star,Mishra's Bauble and Urza's Bauble. This way you can go through your deck much faster.

Here is the List that I have been working on: Lurrus Reanimator

in my opinion some must includes that you're missing out on are:

Argivian Find

Brought Back

Sevinne's Reclamation

Kaya's Ghostform

Angelic Renewal

Hope that I could help.

cubemaster123 on UR - Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain

6 months ago

Also I would suggest more rocks like the Talismans and Signets. Also there are more Chromatic Star variants, such as Terrarion and others.

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