Mox Diamond

Mox Diamond


If Mox Diamond would enter the battlefield, you may discard a land card instead. If you do, put Mox Diamond onto the battlefield. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Mox Diamond Discussion

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

1 week ago

fair counter, will accept that Moonsilver Key is on the chopping block(anything that could replace it currently that comes to mind(?Arcane Signet?), guess ill be waiting a bit longer till i can get that Mox Diamond to replace it. After some further obbsessive shuffle throughs and analysis, I'm considering(going to eventually) cutting Liliana of the Dark Realms for Crypt Ghast.

MLS91 on Crippling Fear

1 week ago


HEY BUDDY!!! Good to see you still here!

thanks for the insight and as always appreciate the comment. I'm still hunting a Mox Diamond, but the things that come to mind (by my understanding of what is considered "mana abilities") as targets for Moonsilver Key in this deck are:

Mana Crypt

Jeweled Lotus

Chrome Mox

Expedition Map

otherwise I just use it to fetch a basic, I don't have access to Sword of the Animist at this moment either

Grubbernaut on New Format: Supplemental?

1 week ago

I can safely say we're going to need a banlist.

UB Necro - Supplemental Format

Twin - Supplemental Format

Turns - Supplemental

Other archetypes that jumped out at me: Najeela/Derevi, stax, MLD, lands (dark depths/vesua/thespian's stage/crop rot), burn, delver, grixis control. Likely bans off the top of my head: Lotus Petal, Rite of Flame, Ancient Tomb, Tinker, Necropotence, Mystical Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Imperial Seal, Demonic Tutor, Mox Diamond, Dark Ritual, Sol Ring, Mana Drain, probably more.

I'd be down for some of this degeneracy on spelltable if someone wants to play this week.

TypicalTimmy on TheoryCrafter

3 weeks ago

I just realized, as worded, artifact lands can be tutored for as I didn't specify nonland. Lol. Okay, that may be broken. gets you a Mana Crypt which gets you a Mox Diamond which for additional mana gets you a Sol Ring which gets you a Darksteel Citadel or any other artifact land you want. And as they enter untapped, you can keep going.

If you have even just a cost reduction of , it loops even harder. At that, you an tutor all four Artifact Lands and use one to pay for the other. Crypt and Ring each get 4 artifacts with MV 0; Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Mox Amber and Mox Tantalite

My God what have I created.

TypicalTimmy on Why Do Some Players Dislike …

4 weeks ago

My general build is as follows, and let's pick on Jund, assuming EDH.

This is the more budget friendly version. If I'm building a more competitive deck, some swaps I make in place of Coldsteel Heart, Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone and Coalition Relic are the following;

And if I play outrageously high curves, like MV average +4.5, I make room for all 14. Some decks run 30+ mana sources because I have enormous plays to make and that's how I stay ahead of the game. Everybody laughs when you spend 3 turns casting nothing but rocks and dorks, but nobody's laughing when the table is cleared and the game is won on Turn 6 - turn 8.

And the nice thing is that in the event of a Cyclonic Rift, you can generally pay mana to get mana and dump your rocks on the field and keep your hand. Takes a turn to recover, but you skip discarding down to hand size.

Less colors = less signets = more moxen

I don't play 4-5 colors. Too much balancing to consider. I ran a 5c Golos God tribal deck and hated it. Could never land enough permanents to hit devotion quick enough. Ended up a sitting duck for like 6 or 7 consecutive turns, then I'd finally get a few Gods online and would be forced to hold them up as blockers.

Then Golos got banned, lololol

RNR_Gaming on Zurgo's Sammurai

1 month ago

You're probably going to want the standard ramp package of Sol Ring and Arcane Signet. Also, some of the guild signers like Boros Signet and Rakdos Signet could be helpful. If you can proxy or just have a lot of disposable income Mana Crypt, Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond and Mana Vault are things to consider.

Perhaps add some damage based sweepers like Blasphemous Act and Sweltering Suns to capitalize on Zurgos ability.

Lastly, it seems like you have all of the current samurai stuff but I have a feeling there will be more with the new set thats going to drop sometime next year. So, my last bit of advice is to be patient because you'll probably get some new toys soon.

zAzen7977 on KAALIA'S CATACLYSM - Aggro/Stax [cEDH Primer MH2]

3 months ago

Hey Privian, thanks for commenting. You can definitely reduce the cost of the deck by swapping out the cards you listed. Here are my suggestions for replacements:

Plateau > Needleverge Pathway  Flip

Scrubland > Brightclimb Pathway  Flip

Badlands > Blightstep Pathway  Flip

Mox Diamond > Fellwar Stone

Grim Monolith > Dark Ritual

Imperial Seal > Grim Tutor

Ravages of War > Armageddon

Ravages of War is identical to Armageddon, I just happen to have a copy of Ravages I picked up years ago.

You could also run Mox Opal, but in that case I would also run the Mirrodin artifact lands (ex:Vault of Whispers.)

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