Seething Song

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Seething Song


Gain .

The_Biking_Viking on Mono Red Mid Range CEDH

1 week ago

Think you need some more card draw. Faithless Looting Winds of Change Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Misfortune Also these could be good includes Abrade Walking Ballista Splinter Twin. Maybe some of the rituals for fast mana if that becomes an issue Pyretic Ritual Seething Song

king-saproling on Carah Approaches with Pyromantic Intent

1 month ago

Thinking about running "____ Goblin" from Unfinity since he is guaranteed to net at least 1 extra mana, 53.3% chance to net 2 extra, and 30% chance to net 3 extra mana, so he's like a less reliable Seething Song. Not sure what to pull though

ClockworkSwordfish on Red Rainbow

2 months ago

Unfortunately Shivan Gorge isn't legal in Modern... if you really want a land that does damage, you might prefer something like Keldon Megaliths or Ramunap Ruins in its place.

I'd also recommend Seething Song over Vessel of Volatility! You get more mana out of it for less of a total investment. They both result in the same net gain if you space out using the Vessel, but if you want to use it the same turn you draw it, it's no good. Either way, the Song is just as good for speeding you into a turn-three Demigod!

Speaking of which, Avatar of Discord is fun, but you might like to find room for Faithless Looting as another way to stock a Demigod or two into your graveyard. It might be preferable to Inside Out, which I'm not really sure what the intended use for is... most of your creatures have less power than toughness!

Seansy on Land Mana Pie Chart

5 months ago


I think having the check marked boxes for nonland versus land mana generation would work well. The fetchs are hard to code and I can understand those just not being totally doable given how complicated they are. If possible, at least including their two colors instead of nothing would make the pie slightly more accurate even if it doesn't include their full complexity.

Personally I think repeatable mana generation should be the only things included in the mana produced chart. So Seething Song and Dockside Extortionist wouldn't be included but the signet and talisman cycles would. Obviously, these are the easy examples and other more complicated ones would be trickier but I would guess that most cases are pretty straightforward.

Femme_Fatale on Land Mana Pie Chart

5 months ago

MDFC lands I can fix easily. Fetches cannot as they tutor for all five colours of mana but not quite, they are complex things that don't work in a binary system like the pie chart.

My problem with any sort of nonland mana generation pie is, how would one actually present this information? A lot of nonland mana generation is variable. It could produce 1 mana. But it could also produce 20 mana through no other card interactions. How do you mark that down on a 2d pie chart interface? (You could do it in 3d but we don't have that and that would be a lot of work just for this.)

"Mana produced" is a text field when adding or fixing a card, where I or any other upgraded user enters WUBRGC to determine the colours and amount of mana generated by a card with commas separating each choice of mana I could generate in that scenario. Example, Seething Song would produce RRRRR whereas Battlefield Forge would produce W, R, C. It also has a character limit, 30 characters. This is the extent of how we can present mana generation from a card, so many things are never going to be fully accurate, and would primarily default to the choices of it fixing rather than the potential quantity.

Nonland mana generation is also kind of ... unreliable at best, so any information you could present here can't really be gleaned for deckbuilding purposes like the land chart. Treasures are in no way a reliable source to get coloured mana because they usually only create one and you are typically going to use that to flesh out missed land drops rather than fix. Mana dorks function very similarly, except they can be removed so they are never reliable for replacing a land drop. Most mana that is generated from nonland sources' sole purpose is to ramp, and a lot of these are 3 mana or more, meaning your mana fixing problems are generally going to be solved by then.

If you would want to have such a circle, I think the best bet would be to have some sort of toggle next to the pie chart to switch from land to nonland, or switch from land to land+nonland. Perhaps even two checkboxes, land and nonland, and users can check each box and have the pie chart populate with their choice. So it could do land, nonland, both or neither, and would default to only land checked. The big thing here is that it doesn't change the current pie chart, which may put off a lot of users, but instead can be additional information a user can have if they wish to view it.

patricklvanduyse on Zada Storm

5 months ago

Could I recommend adding in Reiterate? It's (if anything) a more powerful infinite combo piece than Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame or Dualcaster Mage + Heat Shimmer . Given enough mana to pay its buyback cost, it typically results in both infinite mana and infinite cast triggers with Inner Fire, Battle Hymn or Brightstone Ritual. It can even feed off of Seething Song if you have at least 2 or 3 of Runaway Steam-Kin, Helm of Awakening and Ruby Medallion on the field.

JosephStardust on amarthaler

5 months ago

Hey again! I just wanted to say I did know about the Blasphemous Act + Repercussion combo, and was able to fit it in comfortably! While I couldn’t find room for Seething Song, I did however find a way to combo Blasphemous Act + Repercussion with Dictate of the Twin Gods, so that way it doubles the damage twice (13 -> 26 to the creatures, then 26 -> 52 to the creature’s controller). And while I couldn’t afford Demonic Tutor, I did find a better replacement for Diabolic Tutor, being Profane Tutor. Basically a Demonic Tutor but you have to wait two turns. Oh and I also managed to add Chandra, Torch of Defiance in there as well, for more burn synergy and free .

If you’d like, you can also check out the mono- control deck I made based on a build my college friend had!

amarthaler on JosephStardust

5 months ago

Hello there! I hope your Rakdos deck is going well. Just wanted to update you a fun combo recently added to my Kaervek deck that did in fact win me a game the other night: Repercussion + Blasphemous Act. Of course I had to Demonic Tutor to retrieve Repercussion, but it was an easy cast with Seething Song available (because I only had 4 lands out) at the time. Patience is a virtue with my deck - definitely had to wait for the right time to play Repercussion and Blasphemous Act on the same turn and also ensure my creatures were dead. It ended up doing 13x8 to one opponent, 13x3 to the next opponent, 13x5 to the last opponent, and 13x1 to myself. Fun times!

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