Tribal Enchantment — Faerie

At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life and create a 1/1 black Faerie Rogue creature token with flying.

ThisIsMyAccount on Strange and Unusual

2 weeks ago

I think the deck is fine but I just want to give my suggestions for your consideration.

So, I would recommend you remove -2 Liliana, the Last Hope for +1 The Meathook Massacre and +1 Dark Prophecy. These cards are better for your devotion and are also more Strange and Unusual. You can also probably -1 land for +1 Inquisition of Kozilek.

Also, I think fitting in 1 or 2 Bitterblossom for the main or side so you can grind just a little better. Then, Tymaret, Chosen from Death plus Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip can be an interesting combination if you are really committed to black devotion.

Nick_V on CEDH Tergrid Stax

1 month ago

Profet93 .. A lot to unpack here and its late but I want to respond before I forget.

Maralen of the Mornsong, It would just be another option to lock the game when I am ahead. I do not currently have the card though and I am loathe to spend $20 on a card that might just sit in my binder. This will only be tested if I can trade for one.

Mox Opal I agree. I do have a bit of artifacts in my deck and I do consistently have the extra 2 needed to trigger metalcraft. The chance it is a dead card though in the early game could cost me the game itself. Like the Maralen, unless I can trade for it to test it out I am not willing to drop more $ on a possible binder card.

Karn, the Great Creator I do like him as a stax piece just in my current game environment the only consistent thing it is turning off are mana rocks, which to me is less impactful then what else I could be using the 4 drop on. If it does change I can see him being a good add. I have Karn though so it might be worth testing out.

Cabal Coffers + Deserted Temple + Rings of Brighthearth = GG. This might be worth adding as another win condition. I didnt add one of these win conditions before because I didn't want to add cards that had no use on their own. I am worried that Rings is slow.

Opposition Agent + Wishclaw Talisman. Ya I knew about this. I like wishclaw as a 1 mana tutor to finish up the game. It replaced Grim Tutor, it was a little to slow.

Bitterblossom + Contamination The times I have had it out on the board it has done very well. It has shut off my own Coffers before but the lock was enough. I have also used it just to slow them down a couple turns and let it sac itself. It is not perfect but it helps me break parody and get ahead.

Crucible of Worlds in this deck I am not fond of it. It takes a valuable 3 drop spot and has no impact when coming in. It does look better if I had the 5 sac lands to go with it, but its still a hard sell for me.

Bloodstained Mire Marsh Flats Polluted Delta Prismatic Vista Verdant Catacombs, I would like to get these in the deck I just do not currently own any so its a $$ thing.

Urza's Saga has done well so far. It gives me early gave protection with constructs if needed and a direct line to artifact mana or in some cases more importantly Sensei's Divining Top

This is a 3am response so I hope I didn't butcher it to much. TYVM for the insights though, its all worth trying and seeing what happens.

Balaam__ on token b/w fnm deck

1 month ago

That’s a difficult one. Since Bitterblossom creates black creature tokens and many cards you have here synergize so well with white tokens, maybe Bitterblossom isn’t actually all that necessary here (or even good). You’d have to weigh the output and consistency Bitterblossom would offer against the smaller output of your white token generators and the multiple strong buffs you could give them. I’m thinking in retrospect that these are probably two different, somewhat incompatible directions the deck could take.

theod2907 on token b/w fnm deck

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestion Balaam__. Indeed I don't own Bitterblossom yet. I've seen it in many token decks though. I might invest more later on and try to make this deck a bit more complete. What would you suggest I replace by Bitterblossom?

Balaam__ on token b/w fnm deck

1 month ago

It’s quite expensive, and since it isn’t already here I’m going to presume you don’t already have it, but Bitterblossom would be a great inclusion—particularly when the downside is offset by Soul Warden.

Balaam__ on Contamination locked

1 month ago

I have a similar deck featuring Contamination as the centerpiece. I’ve found Endless Cockroaches a solid addition, especially considering that cheap removal abounds in the format and you don’t want to be caught unable to pay the upkeep cost. Bitterblossom is great but pings you to death and is subject to removal, and the other two token generating creatures can likewise be removed quite easily. Endless Cockroaches really only fears exile spells. Otherwise you’re able to sacrifice it, return it to hand and recast it for a great lock loop.

bushido_man96 on Welcome to the Grismold Family Vacation!

2 months ago

Profet93, all good points. I have a copy of Contamination, but don't feel like being that cutthroat; same reason I didn't run Grave Pact and similar cards. Bitterblossom is fantastically out of budget for me, and I don't own a copy.

You'll get no arguments from me on the benefits of Skullclamp. If I find one laying around, I'll consider getting it added. Otherwise, I've got some fun interactions for card draw right now. I agree that Deathsprout is costly. But, it's also like casting Murder and Rampant Growth in the same spell. It may get replaced someday. Arcane Signet will likely get worked in at some point, too.

Thanks for looking and making the suggestions! It's good to hear from you!

Profet93 on Welcome to the Grismold Family Vacation!

2 months ago


Contamination - "fun" LOL, even more so with Bitterblossom

Skullclamp - More card draw!

Avenger + species specimen in maybeboard should DEFINITELY be added. What is the reasoning for not including them?

Arcane Signet > Charcoal diamond

Deathsprout is too costly for what it does.

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