Tribal Enchantment — Faerie

At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life and create a 1/1 black Faerie Rogue creature token with flying.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Bitterblossom Discussion

blpace on Planeswalkers Perfected

3 days ago

heinrichgraum says...#3 "If cost weren't a factor the #1 card I want to get for this deck is The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale , which if you do also swap out bitterblossom for Pendrell Mists for a second copy of the ability."

Hello heinrichgraum, you mentioned swap out Bitterblossom for Pendrell Mists and adding The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale . What would you sub the Tabernacle for? The Maze of Ith ?

Also what would you sub out for Carth the Lion ? Would you trade it for Reki, the History of Kamigawa ?

Balaam__ on U/B Faerie Tempo Control

1 week ago

Clever idea to use Mistbind Clique to remove Bitterblossom ; I never would have thought of that. +1

BlackGtitan on Yawgmoth, *Lite*

1 week ago

Nice deck! I'd suggest Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools for Villis,Broker of Blood so as to lower your CMC

As on point Yawgmoth's Vile Offering is for theme, I do believe I'd cut it for No Mercy .

I use Ophiomancer for token generation, as well as Bitterblossom . Sifter of Skulls works well with creatures dying and same with Pawn of Ulamog .

I also built Yawgmoth, Check out The Good Dr. , but did go the way of life loss for creature death. Hope those ideas help!

Prominence2Black on Disruptive Discard

2 weeks ago

Hey man, thanks for checking this out. I actually have Contamination on the way to Aus from the States and I think Bitterblossom would be a great inclusion, although pricey haha.

This deck as it's currently listed played a tad slow, and didn't quite provide answers to the questions that our playgroup's meta was asking. In saying that, with the right first hand draw being able to put Tinybones, Trinket Thief on the table with a discard engine like Bottomless Pit or Necrogen Mists by turn 2 provides a massive headstart in terms of card advantage as you're also removing opponent's cards increasing the card defecit.

The real value in the deck comes from the early oppressive plays like Oppression and painful quandry.

I'm reworking this as we speak so the updated list will be up soon. The creatures very seldom provided any real threat at the table and as such I am going to cull the number of inclusions. Your suggested Bitterblossom should balance this a little and will provide much needed chumps as aggressive plays from opponents with fliers whittle my life total down to a point where Ad Nauseam , Necropotence and Dark Confidant become pretty risky.

rlk999 on Disruptive Discard

2 weeks ago

Nice list! Really cool combos etc. 2 ideas if you’re interested in locking down the table (as long as your group doesn’t mind). Uba Mask is a great way to keep everyone hellbent, Possessed Portal as well but its a load of mana. Also, Contamination + Bitterblossom can be a game breaker. How has this deck worked out for you so far?

3n3rgy2 on Tergrid, God of theft

2 weeks ago

With Tergrid out I'd imagine Desolation would be absolutely BACKBREAKING to your opponents. Very sweet list! I feel like this deck just loves Rankle, Master of Pranks right? Seems like a sweet include! The edict effects are nice, might i suggest a copy of Dreadhorde Invasion and maybe Bitterblossom so your sac effects don't make you pitch your other value creatures? Not sure what the budget for the deck looks like but these all seem like they could be highly synergistic!

zapyourtumor on KAMIKAZE SHADOW RACK - Suicide Discard

2 weeks ago

This deck already looks very well built, so I can't really think of many suggestions. Even though it's ass with Bitterblossom , I think Killing Wave is worth trying since it lets you keep your Shadow and pressures your opponent's life total which might make it better in an 8-rack shadow deck than in a normal shadow deck. Against decks that go wide it's just brutal.

TriusMalarky on Well put together decks that …

2 weeks ago

Stormbreath Dragon was a 3/4-of in Modern Skred for a long time. It's still very very good in Path-heavy metas, and it's probably worth running one or two if UW(x) control is something you struggle with.

Thundermaw Hellkite might have seen play at one point, but honestly it's just the option you use against BW tokens, which isn't a super common deck anyways.

Both are easily outclassed by Glorybringer most of the time. It represents a 2-for-1 that can easily become a 3- or 4-for-1 if the opponent fails to remove it. While the other two are good, Glorybringer is better except against Path-Snapcaster decks and Bitterblossom / Lingering Souls decks, both of which are rare enough that it takes a really weird local meta for Thundermaw or Stormbreath to be the better choice.

They're all also ~$2 and fill a slot that you typically only have 4-6 spaces for.

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