Mizzix's Mastery

Mizzix's Mastery


Exile target card that's an instant or sorcery spell from your graveyard. For each card exiled this way, copy it, and you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. Exile Mizzix's Mastery.

Overload (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of "target" with "each".)

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Mizzix's Mastery Discussion

Ebro on True mastery

3 weeks ago

I confess, I got Mizzix's Mastery from a strixhaven pack, I also admit I’ve been lazy and haven’t updated this deck, I will do so. As far as how it performs?? LOLOLOLOLOL OMG THIS DECK IS BS XD things get stupid out of hand and it’s game play is super satisfying

Lanzo493 on Style Points

4 weeks ago

How about Past in Flames ? For some juicy recasting. Mizzix's Mastery would also be great, and even better when you draw it. If you're willing to get a pricey card, Scroll Rack will let you stack your deck with the best instant/sorcery in your hand.

TheVectornaut on will all cards cast by …

1 month ago

The question linked below is essentially the same as yours. The answers should give you an idea of how Mizzix's Mastery works with Thousand-Year Storm . Adding an actual storm card doesn't change things that much. Mastery copies will contribute to storm count just like 1000 year storm count while copies created by either storm will not contribute to the count of either storm. Assuming Mastery is the first spell you cast in the turn and you order things so Tendrils of Agony is cast last after 23 other spells in the yard, I calculate the total number of spells or copies you can potentially resolve that turn to be 1+(2+3+4+...+24)+(25+24) where the 1 is Mastery, the middle component is the 23 GY spells, and the last 49 are all Tendrils. I haven't done summations in a while, but that looks like 349 to me.

Asked by AwesomeOctopus 1 year ago

Polaris on will all cards cast by …

1 month ago

Mizzix's Mastery says to cast the copies, so yes. Your storm count will be at 24 (you didn't count Mastery) so you'd end up with 25 Tendrils resolutions or 49 with Thousand-Year Storm .

Thousand-Year Storm will also give you lots of copies of your 23 other spells (the order you cast them in will matter, though the copy triggers don't go on the stack until you've cast them all and Mizzix's Mastery finishes resolving).

evilphifel on will all cards cast by …

1 month ago

lets say I cast 23 cards from my graveyard with Mizzix's Mastery and then after the all resolve cast Tendrils of Agony will i then get 23 copies. if Thousand-Year Storm is in play will I get 23 copies from that one as well? making it 47 including the original copy?


1 month ago

Nice to see more Locust Gods there! :D

Love to see other people ideas on this peculiar commander.nI also play him since Hour of Devastation, very fun and powerful! (Here's my deck: "FOCUS THE LOCUST", hope it help you!).

Things I recommend you, drawn from my own experience:

Jeska's Will will give you explosive turns pretty fast, specially if you have the Locust God in play.

Mana Geyser usually wins games indirectly, it wil give you enough mana to play enough cards to draw lots of cards, do an explosive big spell, or jsut assemble a combo.

Underworld Breach , Past in Flames and Finale of Promise (also Mizzix's Mastery , I don't personally play it but can also do the job) those spells will abuse of all the sorceries and instants you put in your graveyard through dicard / wheel / play to do very destructive plays.

Goblin Bombardment is a key card in this deck: It will help you to use your Locusts to shoot at key enemy creatures, to burn players protected by cards like Ghostly Prison , Propaganda or just repetitive fogs ( Spore Frog , Constant Mists , or it just can save your Locust God from being mind controlled, or disabled by some kind of enchantment. It can also be used as a punishment to enemy boardwipes, sacrificing all your board to do damage before the mass removal.

Trinket Mage may look out of place but it will tutor you for key cards like Skullclamp, Sol ring, etc.

discipleofgary73 on Release of Lore

1 month ago

abby315 Thank you!!! Tormod was not my first instinct, but I am so glad that I landed there eventually. Painful Truths is definitely getting swapped in! I think Faithless Looting is one of the last cuts I made. I've had it become a dead card in hand, but I think I'll add it back if I also fit it Crucible of Worlds just to have better discard options. Throes of Chaos is great and plays so nicely with Laelia! Mizzix's Mastery was hit or miss depending on if I got to the scrollwielder and other ncs recursion effects first. But, I was always only considering it for the overload, and even without that, it can help with storming off nicely. And Mentor of the Meek is perfect! Especially with Tormod and the Sedgemoor Witch. Thanks for stopping by!

abby315 on Release of Lore

1 month ago

What a fun idea for a deck! I love creative uses for Tormod.

Painful Truths is often going to be a better Ancient Craving in your 3c deck. Night's Whisper is also a good option. I would also really think you'd want Faithless Looting both for the discard and the flashback, and Valakut Awakening  Flip is a nice self-wheel plus a land-drop if you need it.

There's also Throes of Chaos , which is a fun little Cascade engine that makes sure you don't have dead draws late in the game.

If you find you want to turbo your GY a little more, consider dredgers like Stinkweed Imp paired with self-mill, the best of which is probably Altar of Dementia and Mesmeric Orb .

Mizzix's Mastery also seems like a good "win the game" option for you!

Mentor of the Meek is a nice card-draw engine with Tormod.

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