Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Legendary Creature — Cat Nightmare

Companion — Each permanent card in your starting deck must have a converted mana cost of 2 or less. (You may reveal this card from outside the game before you start and declare it as your companion. If you do, your deck must follow the companion's restrictions. You may pay to put this companion from your sideboard to your hand at any time you could cast a sorcery. This action can't be interacted with or countered. You may only choose one companion for your deck before the start of each round.)


During each of your turns, you may cast one permanent spell with converted mana cost 2 or less from your graveyard.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den Discussion

evenpaul on Mathas Hatebears

1 week ago

Thank you

I was really just looking for what cards to potentially cut for Kaldra Compleat,Toshiro Umezawa, and Sword of Hearth and Home. The equipment route allows the small creatures to keep up and provide resilience. Relying on Akroma's Will makes winning the game more difficult against countermagic. Cathars' Crusade draws the ire of the table and this deck does not want to play archenemy.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den was another card in consideration but would require another cut.

Suspence89 on Mathas Hatebears

1 week ago

For suggestions:

Sevinne's Reclamation since you're working with small targets Idol of Endurance really good later game draw that mostly functions parallel to Alesha to help you grind out the game and refil Agadeem's Awakening  Flip is super good for multi target reanimation Lurrus of the Dream-Den seems like a great creature Dark Tutelage seems like a really good source of card draw when churning through low mana dudes Bishop of Rebirth is mostly a baby Sun Titan I Love Trove Warden for all the previous reasons

Really cool deck. Love Mardu and hatebear stax type stuff. I personally would drop the equipment and play more swarm finishers like Akroma's Will Cathars' Crusade or something similar you enjoy playing. I just feel like those are great finishers for stax type decks built around so many creatures.

Entrei on Modern boros aggro (with results)

1 week ago

Highly recommend replacing Leyline for Lurrus of the Dream-Den

All your permanents are cmc 2 or less, so Lurrus just gives you the ability to recur threats if a game goes long

wallisface on Pay Dem Taxes

2 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • if you’re running any number of Chalice of the Void, it should be 4. The penalty for having no 1cmc cards yoirself is high, so you want to maximise the odds of stopping your opponent being able to cast their also.

  • in general, it feels like you have too many 2-ofs which’ll make your deck inconsistent. More playsets of the good cards would make this deck stronger.

  • Cabal Coffers is a trap card even in an all-swamp deck, as you need it and at least 3 swamps in play to “break even”. And only seeing profits after playing a 5th land is weak. But in your deck its even worse, as it does absolutely nothing unless you get an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth into play. This feels waaay too janky.

  • it feels like there is a LOT of non-synergy in your deck. For example, there’s only 7 cards in your entire deck for Lurrus of the Dream-Den to grab, and none of them are particularly good targets. You also have a lot of hate for noncreature spells, but then most of your own deck is noncreature.

  • your mana curve feels waay too high. Decks without ramp struggle to justify running more than 3-4 cards at 4cmc, and seldom run anything above that. You’ve got 20% of your deck costing that-much-or-greater, and it’s going to lead to some really clumsy hands.

  • your deck currently isn’t legal, as you’re running too many copies of Sculpting Steel (you’re at 6, 2 above the limit, with 2 main and 4 sideboard)

zapyourtumor on Traverse shadow

2 weeks ago

4 Tarfire feels like a huge mistake. 1 is definitely fine, maybe even two, but sacrificing 1/3 of the power level of Lightning Bolt to achieve delirium faster/buff goyf +1/+1 isn't worth it. You shouldn't have a problem achieving delirium quickly in this build anyways with DRC and bauble. I recommend cutting all but 1 Tarfire for 4 bolt. 1-2 Abrupt Decay can help round out the removal suite a bit too.

I do love Tracker, but I think there is a very strong case to be made here of cutting Tracker, Grist, Murderous Rider and Ghor-Clan Rampager for Lurrus of the Dream-Den as companion. It lets you grind a lot harder in the late game, and also lets you recur baubles.

1 Seal of Fire might also be worth it, similar to tarfire for that extra card type. It becomes especially good with Lurrus.

Scourge of the Skyclaves is another strong creature that looks like it would be at home here, also really good with TBR. Scavenging Ooze could be a 1 of to get with Traverse, and maybe also 1 Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger for a mid-late game threat or an easy way to get a creature into the yard (especially if you go Lurrus and cut Ghor). It isn't really a nonbo with delirium either since you can fill the yard so fast.

A full 8 discard seems a little overkill to me right now, I think you could cut 1-2 IoK and go down to 6-7.

The sideboard looks a little all over the place right now (Back to Nature? wat) but I do like some of the traverse targets Voidwalker/Ouphe/Revoker. 1 of Tourach, Dread Cantor can be pretty good to tutor vs UWx, 4c blink, etc since it's immune to Solitude and Prismatic.

Endo13 on Dimir Midrange

2 weeks ago

zapyourtumor You were right, i realized Demilich wasn't doing as much as i thought when it comes to saving mana from its 1st ability & recycling instants/sorceries from the 2nd, as i think Blink of an Eye is better in recycling them. Same case goes for Plague Engineer in the sence of its usefulness overall so took them away. Thing in the Ice  Flip is a fantastic card & works well in my instant/sorcery heavy deck. I added it to main, would you recommend having a playset instead of 3? Liliana of the Veil is a pretty cool card & added it to sideboard, might even place it as main after some further paytesting. Thanks for your adivce!

wallisface You were right on my land count, I was commonly facing with landpool issues so i did make my land count higher to 24 and now i dont have that problem anymore. The meta in my city & surrounding areas are really monster-heavy so that was the reason I placed heavy hitting destroy spells such as Damnation but I saw your point, as it could be more of a disadvantage than anything. Took it off the main & added only 1 on sideboard. As for Mishra's Bauble i saw it wasn't doing as much as I anticipated, but then again im a noob at MTG still & i might have been using it wrong. Tbh i dont know why Lurrus of the Dream-Den was there i must have placed it by mistake so took it off lol. In general i switched the sideboard as much as the main in order to be more consistent. Twincast is there just for the lols & it has actually made pretty funny plays, i mean 2 is always better is it not?

In general i appreciate your advice both of you, and let me know what you think on the upgrade i just did. Im a returning player that took like a 10-year hiatus from MTG because life happened and im catching up, & this was a first try to a midrange-control-ish deck that i really want to work and make it as good as can be. Thanks!

zapyourtumor on Mill help!

1 month ago

Wtf wallis again

Anyways, wallis already covered most of what I was going to suggest (namely cutting the slow cards, going 8crab, adding Fatal Push and Drown in the Loch) although to be honest I'm surprised that they are running Maddening Cacophony over Tasha.

If you want some repeatable mill, I don't recommend stuff like Isochron Scepter which is very mana intensive, and stuff like Fraying Sanity which relies on your other mill spells. Mesmeric Orb should be your go to. It isn't run in a lot of the most competitive mill lists anymore, but the card is still quite strong.

Since most of your 3+ cmc permanents are slow anyways, I recommend cutting them all and running Lurrus of the Dream-Den as companion. It gives you a free card and can help you recur dead crabs, or maybe a destroyed Mesmeric Orb.

For the manabase, I assume you want to keep it somewhat budget, but there are still some good options for dual lands I think you should consider. Sunken Hollow is decent but becomes worse if you run more other duals. Fetid Pools has cycling for when you're manaflooded. Temple of Deceit is a tapland also but lets you filter a bit. I thougth the midnight hunt slow lands would be cheap (most are like 2-3 bucks) but for some reason Shipwreck Marsh is 9 bucks so.

Omniscience_is_life on How do companion restrictions work …

1 month ago

The title pretty much sums it up; can I (for example) play Lurrus of the Dream-Den as my companion for Shaile, Dean of Radiance  Flip, even though her other side is the 4-drop Embrose, Dean of Shadow?

This rule

The converted mana cost of a modal double-faced card is based on the characteristics of the face that’s being considered. On the stack and battlefield, consider whichever face is up. In all other zones, consider only the front face. This is different than how the converted mana cost of a transforming double-faced card is determined.

Is not helping me understand at all. Thanks for any clarification :)

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