Narset's Reversal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Rare

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Narset's Reversal


Copy target instant or sorcery spell, then return it to its owner's hand. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Narset's Reversal Discussion

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

4 days ago

Thanks for the input Bighimmy!

So I've gone through the list and my understanding is that you mean proactive interaction/removal. So from the deck list thus far there is:

For boardwipes there are:

Now for some of the other options I've gone through in the past I personally don't feel like a few of them are really worth it, and feel free to discuss these since there's always going to be something that I'm missing or haven't really thought about. My thoughts on:

  • Chaos Warp : This is an attractive option, it deals with anything and you can even use it on your own permanents to try and spin into something more useful. It means that certain threats don't go to the graveyard (for reanimation or death triggers) and can get lost in the deck. However, from past experience I'm much more a fan of Assassin's Trophy as you can then Bojuka Bog to exile the threat along with the rest of the graveyard. This is a less risky option, and I completely understand why people go to it but I know I'll be kicking myself once a Chaos Warp turns a threat into a bigger threat.
  • Gaze of Granite : Pernicious Deed just does everything that Gaze of Granite does that much better with the only exception being planeswalkers. You don't have to sink all your mana into the casting (so if it gets countered it's not a complete loss) and furthermore you can use Pernicious Deed at instant speed, which is a massive way to interact with non-creature permanent-based strategies (such as enchantments and artifacts).
  • Go for the Throat / Doom Blade / Dismember / Abrupt Decay : I'm not a massive fan of conditional removal in commander because my rule of thumb is that the broadest answer is the best answer the vast majority of cases.
  • Putrefy : for the longest time I played this in the deck before Ravnica Allegiances rolled around and Bedevil took its place. The ability to interact with planeswalkers is fantastic, but the key thing I think is that the inability to regenerate clause from Putrefy isn't of massive concern for this deck for a couple of reasons. Firstly regeneration isn't particularly common, and when it is you're dealing with Asceticism in which case you're not Putrefying anything. Otherwise you have access to Damnation which doesn't allow regeneration and Toxic Deluge which also doesn't allow regeneration.
  • Force of Vigor : I started playing this in my Ayula, Queen Among Bears commander deck and in mono green it is the best answer to a lot of early game and late game threats. Current this deck has 42 green cards so there's no shortage of fodder to play this for free on your opponent's turn, but I'm unsure as to what this supercedes in the deck currently.
  • Casualties of War : as a budget option this is fine but the sorcery speed makes this lacklustre.
  • Noxious Revival : This was on the radar for a while when I was concerned about getting Glacial Chasm destroyed and then getting exiled, however there is not really a reliable way to recur this effect, and it is not particularly powerful (though has some utility due to being able to play it at instant speed for nothing). My other concern was that it requires an additional step to get it into hand, so if you draw it for turn, you would need a way to draw an additional card to then get whatever you need from the graveyard to your hand. As a redundant effect for Eternal Witness I understand, however I think it is too much of a corner case and I would be more of a fan of Regrowth -like as you will have access massive amounts of excess mana from Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers . I imagine something like this will come along some time in the near future, it's only a matter of time.
  • Red Elemental Blast / Pyroblast / Guttural Response : I find that this angle of interaction is far too narrow to really be applicable unless you know there is a very high chance of versing counterspells in your local meta. This is why I find that Boseiju, Who Shelters All is a better solution to this problem, primarily because it can be searched off abilities and deals with the majority of effects while being difficult to interact with itself. Now the way your opponents can get around this is effects like Venser, Shaper Savant , Narset's Reversal or any other Unsubstantiate -type abilities. I learned to simply accept this as a weakness of the deck given the colours. The archetype is rather weak to its inability to interact with the stack, but I think there are more unconventional ways around this, such as Contamination to punish their mana base or by waiting until your counter-laden opponents are tapped out from trying to deal with each other. I think that this is a fair trade off for this deck being difficult to interact with.

The main weakness of this deck I believe is its inability to deal with mill and combo effectively, vulnerability to bounce effects on the stack like Venser, Shaper Savant and counterspells. I've found that these weaknesses can be reduced with a couple of strategies:

  • Playing some political cards Pir's Whim + Tempt with Discovery + Rites of Flourishing to try and ameliorate the board (and not draw the ire of anyone who might have a counter available),
  • Building up a solid land base from both a deckbuilding and play perspective to support a late-game comeback due to the lack of cards that effectively interact with land-base strategies, and
  • The ability to play around counterspells and interaction, such as Boseiju, Who Shelters All and reliance on using abilities rather than just spells.

Other thoughts

So after a little more testing, Elvish Reclaimer is an absolute house in being able to effectively Crop Rotation each turn to more reliable tutor out either ramping or utility land. The summoning sickness issue means that again this does not pull this deck back from the brink in the late game, but as an early game drop it provides access to both stocking the graveyard for Lord Windgrace and fixing mana for the later game. I regret my initial skepticism on this addition and think it is a great upgrade for the deck.

I am planning on adding in Korvold, Fae-Cursed King shortly because I think another Gitrog Monster will be welcome here. I think I'll finally have to pull the trigger on cutting Zuran Orb , it's been there since the start...

enter image description here

Asturonethoriusaline on BEST MIRACLE DECK PRIMER??!!!!!

5 days ago

Ok Rules clarification.

On the Tapped Out, Rules Q & A

Somebody answered, cited official rule.

According to that.

1. Temporal Mastery is saved by Narset's Reversal

  1. Using Snapcaster Mage to cast graveyard instants, sorceries, those instants, sorceries, not saved, and are still exiled.

  2. Jace, Telepath Unbound , the transformed, flipped side of Jace Vryn Prodigy 0/2 draw, discard creature, if use that to cast instants, sorceries, from graveyard, then those instants, sorceries are saved by Narset's Reversal, and not exiled instead.

So cant save Snapcaster instants, sorceries from being exiled.

Narset's Reversal is still a awesome card in this deck, and better then dual casting

Asturonethoriusaline on Does Narset's Reversal put Temporal ...

5 days ago

What about Jace, Telepath Unbound

It doesnt flashcast like Snapcaster Mage does, it just say that may cast instant, sorcery card, from graveyard, and that if the card would goto a graveyard, to exile it.

So if I use Jace's ability to cast a instant, sorcery, then Narset's Reversal copy it, it copies the instant, then sends it to my hand, then since it didnt go to graveyard, it doesnt exile.

So if I got this right:

  1. Temporal Mastery is saved, not exiled

  2. Jace casting instants, soceries from graveyard are saved.

  3. Snapcaster Mage graveyard instants and sorceries are exiled.

Is that right then?


Asturonethoriusaline on BEST MIRACLE DECK PRIMER??!!!!!

5 days ago

Making a big impacting change:

Changed the 2 of Dual Casting into 2 of Narset's Reversal .

This will not only copy any instant, sorcery, but, when, if I use Snapcaster Mage to cast a instant, or sorcery spell from my graveyard, it will instead put the card into my hand, instead of exiling it.

Also when cast a instant, sorcery spell, it will copy it, then put it in hand, so that it doesnt go to graveyard, where would have to either use Noxious Revival to be able to get it vack, recast, reuse it, or would have to Snapcaster Mage it. I wouldnt have to do that, as it would go to my hand, instead of graveyard.

Also Narset, combo's great with Temporal Mastery miracle card.

Draw Temporal Mastery. Cast, play it(hopefully for its cheaper miracle cost), then use Narset to copy it, then Temporal Mastery goes to hand where can discard it to graveyard, then Noxious Revival put it on top of library, where it can be drawn, miracle cost cast again, then Snapcaster copied again, instead of Temporal Mastery getting exiled.

This means that can get a lot of extra turns over and over.

Also Narset's Reversal is just 2 blue, is instant speed(so can do it during opponents turn), and because its a instant, dont have to worry about it getting destroyed(artifact, creature, enchantment).

And I can use Noxious Revival, Snapcaster, and another Narset's Reversal to reuse Narset's Reversal over and over again.

Also since its a instant, it triggers Delver and Thing in the Ice  Flip better(Dual Casting as a enchantment, wouldnt trigger Delver, Thing in the Ice.

There is just so many combos, shenanigans, synergy, etc, with Narset's Reversal in deck.


Noxious Revival + Narset's Reversal.

Use Noxious Revival to put graveyard card to top of Library.

Narset copy it, Noxious Revival goes to hand.

Noxious Revival to put Narset on top of Deck. Noxious Revival goes to graveyard. Draw Narset.

Use Transformed Jace Planeswalker ir Snapcaster to flashlike cast Noxious Revival to put another card from graveyard to top of Library. Narset copy it, Noxious Revival goes to hand instead of being exiled.

Then Noxious get Narset back. Noxious goes to graveyard. Noxious gets another card back, Narset copy Noxious, Noxious goto hand.

Rinse, Wash Repeat over and over and over.

With this combo, you can put as many cards from graveyard on top of library as want, and be avle to reuse Noxioys and Narset as many times as want.

The only limit is mana, or life, as still have to pay mana, life to cast, so if run out of mana, or life, then that limits.

But other then that can always get Noxious Revival, Narset back, as many times as want, and can cast as many times as want, provided that have the mana, life to do so.

Just an amazing combos, synergy, and an amazing card to go in deck.

Asturonethoriusaline on Does Narset's Reversal put Temporal ...

5 days ago

Narset's Reversal causes instants, sorcery spells to be copied, and then to be put into hand.

So if I cast, play Temporal Mastery , then cast Narset's Reveral, that copies Temporal Mastery, then puts Temporal Mastery, into my hand, before Temporal Mastery is exiled. Is that right?

Also If I either Snapcaster Mage , / flash cast a instant, socery spell in graveyard, normally that card gets exiled.

But If I Narset Reveral copy it, does the copied flashlike casted card that normally would be exiled, go to my hand instead of being exiled?

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Question about resolving the stack

5 days ago

Actually, if you copy Temporal Extortion , your opponent does not get the chance to counter it by paying half their life. Temporal Extortion's "pay life to counter" clause is a cast trigger, and since the copies are not (usually) cast, that trigger will not be added to the stack on top of them.

Fun fact, if you've got a Swarm Intelligence and a Narset's Reversal , this allows you to take infinite turns with TE (or with any other extra turn spell. Cast TE, copy it. Cast Narset's Reversal targeting it, then have the copy of Narset's reversal target the original Reversal. Copy resolves, bouncing original Reversal to hand, and copying it - new copy targets original TE, which is bounced to hand and copied. You end up losing no cards, and taking two extra turns, during which you can repeat the cycle.

TypicalTimmy on Question about resolving the stack

5 days ago

Upon looking a second time, you can do something similar.

  • Cast Temporal Extortion
  • Inform players you would like to hold priority
  • Cast Narset's Reversal , targeting TE
  • your physical copy of TE is returned to your hand, and a copy of it is put onto the stack
  • Now you either get an extra turn, or someone loses 1/2 of their life while TE sits in your hand

And this works with any spell that copies, such as Twincast , Reverberate , the Expansion half of Expansion//Explosion, Dual Casting , or my personal favorite Howl of the Horde . While none of these return the spell, you do get to copy it. But you need to be clear you are holding priority so someone doesn't pay 1/2 life before you finish your setup.

Weekend_Magic_NC on Question about resolving the stack

5 days ago

I have been working on an extra turns / proliferate EDH deck that uses Temporal Extortion and Narset's Reversal . I'm trying to make sure I understand that stack and be certain that I would resolve this correctly.

  1. Temporal Extortion is cast

  2. Opponent pays the life to counter the spell

  3. Narset's Reversal is cast targeting Temporal Extortion .

  4. Upon resolution Temporal Extortion returns to my hand and one of my opponents is now half his life lighter.

Is this correct?

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