Suppression Field


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Uncommon

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Suppression Field


Activated abilities cost (2) more to play unless they're mana abilities.

Suppression Field Discussion

PurePwnage on Mono-White Prison

4 days ago

OLucas, thanks for the feedback. I originally ran 4 Suppression Field s in the sideboard, but the meta at my LGS didn't fair very well with it. However I am considering removing the Pithing Needle s and a single Stony Silence for a playset back into the SB.

OLucas on Mono-White Prison

4 days ago

Suppression Field is the ban of so many decks since it makes fetches, planeswalkers, non-mana artifacts, creatures with activated abilities (such as the untap from devoted druid), much worse. It's probably better than Stony Silence in the current meta since it doesn't hurt your deck (apart from heliod activation) and can be brought in against almost anything. Depending on current meta it could see mainboard.

marlonmikami on Pillow Fort Control

3 weeks ago

Hey man, I used to run a deck that was pretty similar to this, here's the list:

I haven't updated it in forever, but i don't think there's much to change anyway. Mine is mono white because i wouldn't be able to afford fetches.

Not sure how the modern meta is nowadays, but Wrath of God did some great work in my deck. Suppression Field was good enough for mainboard but I guess that wouldn't be the case in a deck with fetches. I wouldn't run Myth Realized , as it's just going to eat every removal spell that would otherwise be stuck in the opponent's hand, since the deck doesn't run creatures other than the indestructible gods otherwise. Luminarch Ascension was always in the sideboard for me, to use against slower decks, but modern didn't have control decks back when I played

lagotripha on BW Control [Modern Competitive]

1 month ago

Honestly, I'd just treat it as a tech slot. Pack something to hate out 'that one guy' at fnm, or the flavour of the month deck. For me that would be an anti-batterskull tech.

For what I see right now in my local meta, it might be strongest to run a Suppression Field - it all depends on what your metagame looks like, and the only way to really decide for sure is playtesting and seeing what things feel like where you are playing.

SideBae on Edgar Markov and his Jacked Up Family

1 month ago

Ok. So, here're my suggestions; feel free to ignore any or all of them, if you so choose:

CARD DRAW/SELECTION: This is a big part of EDH.

TUTORS: These will make your deck more consistent.

RAMP: I think you're running too many lands for an aggro deck; also, your ramp package has room for improvement. Replacing a few lands with rocks and potentially some more creatures can make the deck a lot better.

REMOVAL: You have a lot of good removal spells, mainly because a lot of your removal is more than a one-for-one (see Fell the Mighty , Crackling Doom and Return to Dust ). In a format with three opponents, you typically want to be doing more than trading one-for-ones, a notable exception being Swords to Plowshares , which is an absurdly powerful card. I suggest running some of the following:

MANA BASE: Untapped lands are the best lands, but once you hit three colors, it can be tough to make your mana work while coming in untapped. Consider the following:

CREATURES: There're some creatures I think you should upgrade from the Maybeboard:

MISCELLANEOUS: There're some other cards you might like. Consider the following:

  • Shared Animosity : One time, many moons ago, I built a modern goblins deck with this. It was alright/terrible in Modern, but in a relatively slow-moving format like EDH it can be a real powerhouse.

  • Smallpox / Pox : Smallpox is easily one of my favorite cards in EDH, and may be good with your high land count, even if you choose to cut three or four lands. It'll depend on your meta and your final deck list. It could be awful, but it could be good. Pox is much more likely to be terrible, but is worth having on your radar.

  • Suppression Field : You're running very few planeswalkers, fetches, and with a little crafting, you can have very few creatures and/or artifacts with activated abilities. In my meta, this card is absurd. Especially against me.

  • Price of Glory : This discourages instant-speed interaction. In a deck like this, it's very likely to hose blue-players without really touching you.

  • Necrogen Mists : This is a good way to limit your opponents' ability to oppose you, especially if you choose to run Falkenrath Gorger off your Maybeboard.

  • Armageddon : Speaking of limiting your opponents' ability to stop you... Just make sure you cast it while you're ahead. Decree of Annihilation is good for this at instant-speed.

  • Stranglehold : Everyone searches. Make 'em stop.

  • Aura of Silence : This is good in most metas. The tax effect is brutal, and the sacrifice has the ability to break a combo in a pinch.

  • Rule of Law : This'll hose pretty much any combo deck. I hate playing against this card. (I play Storm.)

  • Authority of the Consuls : This is a good way to make sure opponents can't poop out blockers too quick.

tomasdepi on Brago, King Eternal

2 months ago

I think the same about Chromatic Lantern , I will cut it out and probably add a Windfall , Muddle the Mixture or Mental Misstep

Suppression Field is nice, I didn't know that card

The new Arcane Signet is a must. I don't like Coldsteel Heart too much since it enters tapped, I know that in most cases I can blink it with brago in the same turn, but still doesn't feel good

Thanks for the comments!!! I really appreciate it.

SideBae on Brago, King Eternal

2 months ago

Windfall is always good in any blur list, but since you’re already running Narset, Parter of Veils including Windfall would be even more powerful.

Ponder is good along with your Preordain . If you want to run Brainstorm , you’ll need to get a few fetches/more shuffle effects in the deck before it’s great. However, if you don’t run fetches I highly recommend Suppression Field , as it shuts down players like me who do rely on fetch lands.

Crafting your mana base to include more basics will allow you to run Back to Basics .

I think Chromatic Lantern ’s power level is often overestimated in EDH. Three-mana rocks are generally not where you want to be; landing a two-mana rock turn two means that with a land-drop you can slam Brago, King Eternal turn three. I suggest Coldsteel Heart or the soon-to-release Arcane Signet . Mind Stone and Prismatic Lens are also worth considering.

Tangle Wire is a good stax piece you can perpetuate with your general.

Good luck man!

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Suppression Field occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%