Put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost.

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters Promo (UMAP) Mythic Rare
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Rare
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Uncommon
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn (GRV) Uncommon
Archenemy (ARC) Uncommon
Battle Royale Box Set (BRB) Uncommon
Tempest (TMP) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Reanimate occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.41%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.07%

Black: 0.43%

Golgari: 0.32%

Rakdos: 0.19%

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Reanimate Discussion

Cravv on The Mimeoplasm [Competitive] EDH

1 week ago

You play only 2 fetches and 0 dual lands. You have no use for Chromatic Lantern or Thran Dynamo. Change them to Mana Crypt and Mana Vault. Also Woodfall Primus, Steel Hellkite, Solemn Simulacrum and Yavimaya Elder are not doing much. Putrefax, Phyrexian Dreadnought, Frantic Search, Fathom Mage, Entomb, Reanimate, Abrupt Decay, Assassin's Trophy are missing. You have only TWO instant speed removal and only one counterpell and you call this competetive?

NeonEndymion on [PRIMER] How to Chain Ur-Dragon

1 week ago


For me, I feel like dragons aside, we have 10x flex slots that are more/less meta dependent, split among permission, reanimation, and single-target removal. Could be a good starting point for tweaks to address meta issues:

permission: Stubborn Denial Swan Song

reanimation: Animate Dead Reanimate

draw/filter: Faithless Looting Chart a Course

targeted removal: Nature's Claim Swords to Plowshares Abrupt Decay Assassin's Trophy

Solelyselesnya on Yuriko Turn and Burn - cEDH

1 week ago

Intuition pairs with any fetchland (getting Mystic Sanctuary) to find a full combo.

A basic pile is Thassa's Oracle+Demonic Consultation+Reanimate.

No matter which your opponent chooses, you can place the other combo piece back on top of your library (or put reanimate on top if they put Oracle in the grave) by fetching Mystic Sanctuary.

Caerwyn on Angel of Dominion

1 week ago

The best point of comparison would probably be Sheoldred, Whispering One. I'd say Sheoldred is the better card--Flying is arguably better than Swampwalk (but not by too much, considering how easy it is to make lands Swamps), but the sacrifice effect easily makes Sheoldred the superior option.

You could probably reduce the cost of this to . Yes, it means you get a body on Debtors' Knell for the same cost, but that's not always better--bodies are easier to remove. That would put this angel at the same CMC as Sheoldred, albeit with slightly different mana requirements (at seven mana, meeting those requirements is easier anyway).

Now, the one thing where this excels over Sheoldred is the ability to run multiples of it. Buried Alive fetching three of these, followed by Reanimate on one would be a pretty strong value engine as the turns progress. That's a scary prospect, but it isn't any more degenerate than any of the other horrific things you can do with reanimation.

Dragon_Friendly on Meren would like to bring a friend

1 week ago

Pick a creature in a graveyard, put it in play and enchant it with animate dead. If animate dead leaves play the creature is put back into the graveyard. Also some flavor text that says the creature gets -1/-0.

Reanimate is another card that does something similar.

AstralCodex on Razakats

1 week ago

I normally go for Jin early and Vilis in the mid/late game (assuming I can't go for Razaketh). Getting the cards immediately often means you can keep going, playing out any fast mana/dorks you drew during the main phase. In addition, Vilis often can kill multiple creatures once reanimated, while drawing even more cards, and also deters people from attacking you (while Jin encourages attacks).

Of course, it depends on the board and game state - are people tapped out? Have removal spells been used? Are the decks more likely to contest the reanimation via removal on the creature or counterspells? And most importantly: are you reanimating with literal Reanimate or an enchantment spell (which means Vilis won't draw anything unless you dump mana into him).

fluffyeel on Cleverly Named Graveyard Deck

1 week ago

Ooh, reanimator. Some thoughts about the deck:

  • You may not be playing enough lands/mana sources, even if you're not having so many mana troubles like you say, considering that your curve peaks at around CMC 3-4. I normally aim for 34 minimum. If you have access to Mana Crypt, Mox Diamond, and/or Chrome Mox, I'd definitely run one or more of those. (Mox Tantalite could be a good back-up if needed.) Otherwise, maybe upping your land count to 34 or so would probably help, or throwing in things like Land Tax and Sylvan Library to help you find your land cards. (Smothering Tithe, as you said, is a great ramp spell... but you need the lands to cast it!) Other lands I could see as good additions are Murmuring Bosk and Eiganjo Castle.
  • While your white is a splash, Thalia's Lancers is a fairly good tutor for your legendary stuff (and you have quite a bit of it!). In terms of tutors, I could suggest Entomb.
  • Apart from the gold standard Reanimate and Animate Dead, a possibly interesting reanimation spell that might work in your deck is Living Death (and especially in a combo with Grave Pact!). You could also look into Journey to Eternity  Flip, which gives you a repeatable reanimation effect (in land form!).
  • For other kill spells, in your colors, Vindicate or Pernicious Deed are the ones that immediately come to mind.

Mortlocke on The Song of Phyresis

2 weeks ago

Wicker, I appreciate the compliment. This deck is a constant work in progress, and I've yet to implement all these changes. I've considered Exotic Orchard, but none of the battlebond lands. If I do go ahead with your changes then Farseek would definitely be the recommended change. My only hesitation regarding Farseek is that the tutored land always comes in tapped. Reanimate is simply some graveyard recursion. I'd imagine an opponent would get some form of removal to target an important creature on my board such as a Praetor. Reanimate was just something I had on hand. I haven't come up with a more elegant solution, or anything different to address removal. Caress of Phyrexia did come across my radar at some point, but the CMC is far too high for my taste. just to give a player 3 poison counters just isn't impactful enough. Honeslty, I have my breath held for some more infect support in the upcoming Commander Legends set being released later this year.

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