Homeward Path

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Homeward Path


: Add .

: Each player gains control of all creatures they own.

griffstick on Khârn deck help

1 week ago

Bazaar Trader + Homeward Path is draw 2 every turn cycle with Khârn the Betrayer

Addendum, with Bazaar Trader you can target yourself. So if you use a threaten effect like Mob Rule you can permanently steal a creature from your opponent just by targeting yourself with the Bazaar Trader

greendraken on Princess Twilight Sparkle

3 months ago

Shapeshifters/Changelings are totally a viable option to supplement any Typal deck including horses and the like(Also I think Changelings are actually a thing in the series? Idk) I also dig the group hug idea for what you're building but I don't play much group hug. I'm more of a pay your taxes guy. Be careful with group hugs cards because in group commander games you are typically giving out more value than you are getting. I.E Everyone draws a card give 3 other players a card for the price of your single card.

Bill Ferny, Bree Swindler might have some use here if you just wanna be silly and give your Ponies/horses to other players. You could play cards to get them back too i.e cards with Target player gains control of all permanents they own.

Homeward Path

Morophon, the Boundless might be fun

here's a link to a list cards to look at that kind of fit the theme you are looking for.

Tribal/Typal Cards

List of Changelings for Commander


Group Hug cards from Edhrec

I am interested in how your deck turns out. Have fun buliding!

EquivocalVision on big stinky eldazi baby

4 months ago

Dude I love Eldrazi so much! Nice job!

The main suggestioj I would have is directed towards the mana base. It's rough out there as we know. Love the utility you've already got going on there. I just wanted to pitch a couple additional things that can increase what you've already got going on. The Grey Havens Terrain Generator Homeward Path


TijuanaBachelorParty on Honest Bill’s Legitimate Horse Dealership

5 months ago

Homeward Path would be a good include for collecting your horses to sell again.

Profet93 on Calm Before the Storm

8 months ago

HungryBr0wnMan +1

Homeward Path - Your entire deck is based on your commander. Unless there is no creature stealing in your meta, it's worth considering.

Mind Stone - Bring your commander out one turn faster and turns into draw if you need it

I feel like you need more ramp to bring your commander out sooner. I know you run rituals for that purpose but IMO, it's not enough. Most players know your deck falls easily without the commander so having him come out sooner is essential. Mana Vault?

Profet93 on Dirty Needles

9 months ago

I was gonna recommend the several instant cards that return your creature when it dies but given the exile opponent, I am hesitant to recommend them at this time. They might want to be reconsidered later. Until then, below are some general suggestions to improve the power/consistency of the deck while remaining "budget"

Crux of Fate - Boardwipe for when things get out of hand

Imp's Mischief - Under $10 but extremely useful!. Redirect _targeted _ removal, draw and extra turns. Not to mention, it can "counter" counterspells and having 2 mana open will allow you to bluff interaction.

Force of Despair - Interaction while tappedout gives you a strong ability to bluff. May or may not be useful but worth mentioning.

Lightning Greaves - I know you have swift boots which allows you to put on other equipment but redundancy is nice to protect your costly commander.

Champion's Helm - Similar to above and swift boots

Trailblazer's Boots - Almost guaranteed unblockable

Sword of Vengeance - Not needed but potentially worth looking into

Animate Dead - Recursion is always nice in black

Thespian's Stage - Copy coffers or opposing utility land

Homeward Path - $15 but meta call should you find theft to become more common

You really need more ramp in this deck to make your commander more threatening

Mind Stone/Commander's Sphere - Ramp when you need it, draw when you dont

Thran Dynamo

Myriad Landscape

I can provide several suggestions for cuts should you wish, let me know. Hope this helps.

ASalesman on Unesh, Ultimate Guide (Tribal)

10 months ago


I will post this comment then make the changes as specified in the list.

I have been studying a lot of cEDH meta, and found a lot of cards that I haven’t been using that are really great in Unesh. After a lot of consideration I have decided to pull the trigger on this revision.

  • Replace Mystic Sanctuary with Otawara, Soaring City. Mystic Sanctuary is used to retrieve interaction and put it on the top of your deck. This is anti-deck thinning which feels really bad in this deck. Instead, lets have the interaction printed on the land itself. What is great about Otawara is that this interaction is an ability, not a spell. So it can be used even while cards like Grand Abolisher are on the field. You can remove the abolisher and then interact with your opponent.
  • Replace Extraplanar Lens with Urza's Saga. The lens feels clunky. Sure it combos with Palinchron, but this combo requires lands to be on the field. Sacrificing a land has anti synergy with this. If the lens gets removed, you are out the double mana AND a land. It feels bad too often which is why it is getting cut. There are still 5 other combo pieces in the deck that you WILL see. You can even tutor for High Tide if you have to. Urza’s Saga is one of the best lands in the format and it isn’t hard to see why. More deck thinning. If its in your opening hand you guarantee Unesh by turn 3. Moonsilver Key seems to perform really well, so keeping this in as redundancy for this effect will turn out well I think.
  • Replace 2 Islands with Mox Opal and Mox Amber. This deck has a lot of lands in it for cEDH. Although Unesh doesn’t mind being mana flooded usually, the count is still a bit high especially after adding Urza’s Saga. Fast mana in these spots feels nice. They aren’t necessarily going to get Unesh on the table faster, BUT they can effectively make your Thassa's Oracle win con cheaper. While you are rolling through your deck after Rite of Replication resolves, you can pick up these pieces to gain mana to cast Thassa’s Oracle.
  • Replace Island with Gemstone Caverns. I goldfished this change a lot and found that Unesh will almost always prefer this in your opening hand over an Island. It makes early Unesh more likely, which is the primary goal of this deck.
  • Replaced Trickbind with Mental Misstep. Mental Misstep is too good in the format. There are a lot of awesome 1 cmc cards. Sol ring, carpet of flowers, swords to plowshares, mental misstep, other 1 cmc counters, mystic remora, and more. Trickbind is a great card against the right opponent(ie Kinnan), so for me this goes in the sideboard.

Sideboard revision 0

This is my first stab at a sideboard. So constructive criticism is very welcomed. The main goals of the sideboard is to change out the interaction package to fit the pod better, and to shift to more of a midrange strat than turbo if necessary.

  • Trickbind. Great interaction with other ability centered decks.
  • Grafdigger's Cage. Unesh can play this card without consequence pretty much, and it is an effective stax piece in the meta. This card might even weasel its way in to the main board.
  • Tormod's Crypt. More graveyard hate, nothing else to explain here.
  • Flusterstorm for a spell heavy pod.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse also for a spell heavy pod.
  • Pongify for a more creature heavy pod.
  • Lotus Petal for better odds to cast Unesh first, making the deck more turbo. I think this card is possibly better than 1 or more of the mox’s, but I will leave it in sideboard for now.
  • Perplexing Chimera. If you need to grind in the midrange more this guy can be a great option. Combining him with Homeward Path can be a good combo to soft lock your opponents in the mid game while you get to the bottom of your deck.
  • Homeward Path for the above card.
  • Ledger Shredder for making the deck more midrange with another card draw engine, allowing you to more likely get the interaction you need.

NV_1980 on EDH Ganax, Astral Hunter & Tavern Brawler

10 months ago

You're running enough red permanents to make Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx worth your while. In decks with as many battlecruisers as this one, might also be useful to run Homeward Path, to prevent thefts.

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