Imperial Seal

Imperial Seal


Search your library for a card, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it. You lose 2 life.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Imperial Seal Discussion

enpc on ugg i need help

2 days ago

Before I go on to card swaps, I think that having a measurable "Turn X - Y equates to power level Z" is a bit silly. I get what you're trying to achieve with it, but the concept is very two dimensional when deck building and piloting is is not.

As for actual card changes - if you want to make the deck faster then a more consistent mana base will be step one. Yes, that means fetches. You have stuff like Crucible of Worlds which is midrange tech, yet if the goal was for speed then this contradicts the gameplan.

On top of that, you're not running Demonic Tutor or Diabolic Intent . If we're talking no budget, Imperial Seal is another one worth a slot. Night's Whisper is good card draw too, as is Sign in Blood .

I would also look into cards like Mana Crypt , Mana Vault and Dark Ritual . Cheap ramp effects are your friend. Big mana accelerators like Nirkana Revenant are counter-productive here, they don't help in the early game which is where you're trying to win.

A few extra reanimation effects like Apprentice Necromancer and potentially Doomed Necromancer are both useful here, since most of your combos can be assembled as creature only.

Crow-Umbra on Prosper: Having a good Tome

4 days ago

Nice deck! I do like the differences you have here compared to my list, notably:

  • Dockside Extortionist Hard to beat it at Treasure production. I'll likely move my one copy from Vadrok to Prosper if I retire that list, or maybe just proxy a second copy lol.

  • The tutor package is great and something I'm hoping to upgrade towards myself, save for probably Imperial Seal lol.

  • I might have to playtest Pain Magnification . Even if I'm not the one dealing the damage, I do have a Yurlok of Scorch Thrash deck in my meta, as well as other similar group-slug effects.

There are some cards you picked that I'm personally kinda iffy on. If these are meta decisions, or you've had consistent success with them, then feel free to disregard:

  • Wild-Magic Sorcerer I just took mine out of my list. For me, I felt like it whiffed each time in play-testing, and I'd usually cascade into something I wouldn't want to play then.

  • Unstable Obelisk It's kind of in this awkward spot where it's slow and clunky for all the things it wants to do. I'm generally not a fan of 3MV mana rocks, except for Cursed Mirror . The removal portion of Obelisk is also fairly steep and very telegraphed. Depending on the permanent type you would want to remove with Obelisk, there are other options like Feed the Swarm or Field of Ruin

  • Similarly, I'm feeling iffy on Transmogrifying Wand . The removal is telegraphed, it removes a maximum of 3 targets at sorcery speed, and you can only remove one target per turn with it. I think Fire Covenant could be better in this slot since it can hit multiple targets at instant speed. I see you're already running Toxic Deluge, but Dead of Winter could essentially give you 2 Toxic Deluges, since you are running all Snow Basics.

  • I think Sensei's Divining Top is an all-star in Prosper and is worth a slot. Since you have plenty of fast mana rocks, maybe you could cut one of the other rocks of your choice? If your meta is that fast that all your rocks are needed, or you don't need the top deck manipulation/draw, then feel free to disregard.

DemonDragonJ on Will There be a Commander …

1 week ago

legendofa, some reprints that I very much would like to see in such a set are Imperial Seal , Book of Rass , Rhystic Study , Smothering Tithe , The Immortal Sun , and Dockside Extortionist , because all of those cards are very expensive (except for the book, which I wish to see reprinted simply so that it shall be in the new border style with new artwork.

metalflame on Shadowborn Apostle Combo

1 month ago

Your deck could be just about as effective if you chose another tutor card other than Imperial Seal which is prohibitively expensive for just about anyone.

Also remember Bontu's Monument and Aetherflux Reservoir effects are based on casting a spell, and the thrumming stone does not cast the creatures, it plays them. So no synergy there.

Ive got a monoblack deck that might have a few ideas for you worth looking at. Marrow-Gnawer King of the Rat Colony

Also 40 shadowborns may be so much that it takes away from your options to remove, ramp, or even draw more effectively.

DemonDragonJ on Now Entering Dr. Lair's Secretorium …

3 months ago

Mcat1999, in that case, why not print a card that is functional reprint of Book of Rass , but with a name that does not mention anything specific, as Elvish Mystic is to Llanowar Elves ?

Azielle, if WotC reprints Personal Tutor or Imperial Seal in a Secret Lair product, rather than a Commander or Masters product, which would make much more sense, it will be blatantly obvious that they are simply attempting to get money from the customers, rather than actually attempting to make cards more affordable, so I imagine that the players will not be pleased about that.

Azielle on Now Entering Dr. Lair's Secretorium …

3 months ago

And this is why the very thing that makes Secret Lair controversial for stores also makes it good for people with our wish list DemonDragonJ:

Now, in addition to reprint equity, WOTC has another more immediate vehicle to turn the insane markup of high demand resale prices into profit in house: direct to consumer marketing. The Secret Lair Ultimate Edition I didn’t grab from the store that day was a prime example of that. Fetch prices were, as they remain to be, through the roof. Using special sets seems to be giving them an even more profitable and more importantly, repeatable profit vehicle.

Notice that fetch lands weren’t added back into Standard with the latest return to return to return to Ravnica set, even though they were the reprint equity of the past Ravnica returnings. Notice that their resale value kept high through Secret Lair and again through their limited-to-expeditions re-release as well. WOTC can now cash in repeatedly on an expensive reprint and leave it as a value asset.

Now I know any good WOTC employee will tell you that fetches weren’t added to standard because they make people shuffle their decks, and deck shuffling is cumbersome. But I ask in response to that, “what is it that Fabled Passage does again?” I’ll tell you what it doesn’t do, fetch a hundred dollar bill for WOTC.

I don’t blame WOTC for cashing in, it’s their asset, and it’s worth money.

Just noting that means a far greater chance for those Imperial Seal and Personal Tutor reprints we need to make our decks match. Hopefully we’ve got shiny matchy decks soon.

DemonDragonJ on Now Entering Dr. Lair's Secretorium …

3 months ago

Caerwyn, that does make sense, as much as I dislike it.

In the case of Imperial Seal , I can begrudgingly understand, but what about Book of Rass ? It has no significant monetary value, and, if WotC has reprinted Greed several times, why not reprint the artifact version of it, as well?

Caerwyn on Now Entering Dr. Lair's Secretorium …

3 months ago

DemonDragonJ - Wizards does not make money from Imperial Seal pre se, but they will one day.

Wizards might not officially acknowledge the secondary market, but that does not mean it is not a factor in their determination as to whether they reprint cards. There is a concept called "reprint equity"--the value a card adds to a set if it is reprinted.

Whenever Wizards prints a set, they want to make sure there are enough chase cards that people want to buy the set and open packs. There are two ways to increase the value of a pack. First, you can print powerful new cards people want to buy--this comes with some uncertainty, since you never quite know if those cards are going to be immediately popular. Additionally, new cards are a bit of a slow burn--it might take a few Standard tournaments or so for widespread adoption of a new card, so you'll eventually sell a lot of packs, but might not have the same immediate results.

The other option is to reprint cards with known use and likely high values on the secondary market. These are going to sell packs right off the bat and likely will drive preorder sales significantly. Reprint value is also an important factor in reprint-only sets. Every time Wizards reprints a card, that reduces the equity in that card for a brief period of time.

Something like Imperial Seal has a whole lot of reprint equity--any set where it is reprinted is going to sell like hotcakes. Wizards is in an exceptional financial position right now, and has been for several years. They are probably going to save an Imperial Seal reprint for leaner financial times--after all, it will be the chase Mythic for whatever set it is released in, and will spur huge sales of that set.

That's a roundabout way of saying that Wizards does make money off those cards... eventually. It's like the equity in a house--you cannot actualize the money until you sell it, but the longer you let the equity grow before selling, the better off you will be.

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