Godless Shrine

Godless Shrine

Land — Plains Swamp

(: Gain or .)

As this enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, this enters the battlefield tapped.

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Godless Shrine Discussion

YamishiTheWickedOne on Sexy Vampires

1 week ago

Oh, I see you've found my own modern vampires, my now 12 year pet project. It's a labor of love for sure but it's enough to go toe to toe and come out on top against a good bit of the meta. Mine used to be much more red. Before Fatal Push I ran 4 Lightning Bolt and 4 Terminate. Before KotEL I used Stromkirk Noble and honestly if I had 4 open spaces it's between him, gatekeeper or Legion Lieutenant and swap one Blackcleave Cliffs for a single Godless Shrine. My turn 1 creature count is at an all-time low though which lessens the lieutenant's efficacy, but a white splash would also give me access to the best sideboard options in modern, which is a major selling point for white as a color. And Blood Baron of Vizkopa I guess. Stromkirk Captain is the card that justifies staying Rakdos instead of returning to monoblack for me. First Strike + Deathtouch is quite scary. And between Sorin, Aetherborn and Knight I have a lot of death on legs (or in the crisp night air) to go around. Monoblack is certainly more viable than it used to be though.

Chasmolinker on PreModern Suicide Black

1 month ago

@wideline1414 Unfortunately the format doesn't have Godless Shrine or Scrubland Might use Tainted Field though.

PreModern cards only. Fourth Edition through Scourge are the only legal sets.

wallisface on Merchant, Marauder, Murderer

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • while you have hand disruption and some removal, I think you need much, much more removal in the deck (4-8 cards). Your current creature count is crazy high, and your comparative removal options are very low, and very slow (3cmc is A LOT of mana to kill a thing). Look to include at least a playset of Fatal Push, and additionally 2-3 copies of another efficient killspell (the upcoming one “Infernal Grasp” from Midnight Hunt looks ideal).

  • 22 lands feels low for realistically/fairly casting all those 4-and-5 cmc cards. The abovementioned removal should help buy you time, but personally i’d suggest cutting down the quantity of these cards you’re running. 3 Obliterators and 2 Garys feels more on-curve and reasonable. Even adjusting for this, i’d recommend going to 23 lands to help cater for your numerous 3-drops.

  • Sign in Blood is imo a bad card here (and bad in general). You’re looking to build up your board state and tear your opponents board state apart. This card does neither of those - leaving your board bare while letting your opponent stabilise.

  • Your sideboard needs to be able to cater for all the various unfair decks. This will vary highly dependant on your local meta, but generally you’ll want ways to mess with lands, ways to mess with artifacts, ways to hate on the graveyard, answers for burn, and other cards to shore up your weakpoints. It may be worth having a single Godless Shrine and some fetches in your mainboard, so that you can sideboard Vindicate, as well as Deafening Silence, Rest in Peace, and other hate pieces that white is strong in. Other useful cards could include Damping Sphere, Sun Droplet, Torpor Orb, Void Mirror - but will depend on what you’re up against.

Kazierts on Monoblack Infect [Competitive/Primer]

1 month ago

The Book of Vile Darkness is terrible for this deck. One creature each turn I lost at least 2 life is too slow, and considering it's legendary I would need to have more than one to make finding it more consistent, even though it doesn't synergizes with the strategy at all. Which brings me to the other point, it's not enough to be an alternate wincondition. The deck already has so much discord and I'm considering adding even more. Decks with a ton of removal won't be a problem (also Sword of Light and Shadow is recursion).

Hand of Vecna is a worse Lashwrithe. The only situation where the Hand is good, in this deck, is the early game. However,one thing this deck wants is to empty its hand so as to not have to discard to Liliana of the Veil's effect or Smallpox, which I'm thinking about adding. If the hand is too full, then Collective Brutality has more fuel, which in turn also weakens the Hand. By the late game, it's probably just gonna give +1/+1. Also, important to mention it's not a pump spell since it only pumps at the start of combat, giving opportunities for the creature to be removed. The card I'm considering putting in place of Runechanter's Pike is Bonesplitter as it allows to me empty my hand fastet.

Now, Eye of Vecna I actually thought about. Sadly, it runs into the worst problem of this deck, life loss. Thoughtseize, Castle Locthwain and the new additions Polluted Delta, Godless Shrine and Silent Clearing make me lose so much life. In the end, it's not very different from Sign in Blood or Night's Whisper, the difference being it provides long term card advantage instead of the two draws or the free scry of Mazemind Tome. Had Strixhaven given more useful lessons for black, I could see myself using Poet's Quill for its lifelink and maybe, in this case, I'd run the eye (which also suffers from being legendary).

enpc on ugg i need help

1 month ago

you're running 1 of the 7 fetches that will work in your deck. While the other 6 will only find either a swamp or a plains (like Bloodstained Mire ), replacing cards like Snowfield Sinkhole or Goldmire Bridge with these will allow you to straight up tutor Scrubland or Godless Shrine . After that, they have done their job. Also, with Crucible of Worlds you get extra bang for your buck with fetches.

As for Land Tax , I'm not saying to cut the basics, I'm recommending cutting some of the slower lands in the deck for the fetches.

multimedia on Kaalia of the Vast

2 months ago

Hey, nice personal version. I respect you're willing to post for critique your personal deck that you're currently playing.

An area to consider improving is ramp. Consider cutting some basic lands especially Swamps for more low CMC mana rocks?

You can get ramp other ways than mana rocks such as Rakdos, Lord of Riots who's underrated with Kaalia. Can also be a backup to more easily cast high CMC creatures if you can't cheat them onto the battlefield with Kaalia. Rakdos could replace Iona, Shield of Emeria because she's banned in multiplayer EDH/Commander.

40 lands with 27 basic lands isn't a good ratio for color fixing when you need all three colors equally. You can't count on having Chromatic Lantern every game for color fixing, but you should consistently be able to count on your lands. Bloodstained Mire is great, nice Expedition, but currently it can't fetch a white source because there's no Swamp/Plains or Mountain/Plains land. Savai Triome , Godless Shrine and Sacred Foundry are Plains lands that Mire can search for.

Less lands, more color fixing and more ramp will help gameplay. You want at least 20 sources of each color from lands in the manabase which is completely doable with the already high budget. My advice is cut basic lands for more dual lands. I'll suggest two different tiers of land improvements to consider based on your current budget.

Tier 1 (more expensive lands, better color fixing): more Rainbow lands, more Fetch lands, Shock lands, Bond lands.

Tier 2 (less expensive lands, less color fixing): lesser Rainbow lands, Bond lands, Pathways and Filter lands.

I offer more advice. Would you like more advice? Good luck with your deck.

Zhugo12 on Karadorable [cEDH Primer]

2 months ago

darkseid4nk Fetch lands that can only grab 1 land type in your deck are still great because they provide versatility. If you have Arid Mesa but desperately need Black Mana you can fetch Godless Shrine or Scrubland . This also helps thin the deck, though that effect is marginal.

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