Urza's Saga

Urza's Saga

Enchantment Land — Urza's Saga

(As this Saga enters the battlefield and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after III.)

: This gains ": Gain ."

: This gains ", : Create a 0/0 colourless Construct artifact creature token with "this creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control.""

: Search your library for an artifact card with mana cost or , put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle. (Lands do not have a mana cost, not a mana cost of , thus it cannot be searched for this way.)

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Urza's Saga Discussion

Hav0cD3m0n on Slogurk Land matters (Without Landfalls)

11 hours ago


Thanks sir for the advices.

Tolaria West will go in for sure.

Urza's Saga i'm not sure yet. I don't have much cards I can get from stage 3, and stade 2 is kinda useless in the deck imo. It's sure that getting Zuran Orb or The Ozolith can be pretty dope as they are 2 cards that synergize with a lot of other cards. But I don't own one and i'm not sure if it's really worth the price in this specific deck.

goodair on Slogurk Land matters (Without Landfalls)

1 day ago

Sweet deck! It's missing Tolaria West and Urza's Saga

1empyrean on Ragavan, Boatswain of the Dragon's Smile

2 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, it's a bit of a chaotic deck. I sought to integrate multiple themes and lots of ideas, so an apparent lack of focus was pretty much inevitable. I haven't had issues with the deck not working, though.

First, the suggested cuts:

While Pillardrop Warden and Cogwork Archivist might be a little less efficient than other options, they are a bit more flexible in how they are used. The archivist is useful if I want to put Glimpse of Tomorrow back into my library They both also have reach.

Tavern Scoundrel and Witch's Oven are good ways to sacrifice something that might otherwise be exiled, stolen, or temporary. I can sacrifice Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip to flip him or gain control of an artifact with Confusion in the Ranks. It's a useful effect to have access to.

Mishra's Self-Replicator is a good mutate target, and I can trigger it fairly easily.

Delina, Wild Mage can copy Legendaries. I could run Helm of the Host for this effect, but this is what I am using for now.

Avarice Totem disrupts plays and scales extremely well in the late game. It can be tutored with Urza's Saga as well.

Chandra's Ignition is a solid asymmetrical board wipe, and good for clearing away pesky utility creatures.

Second, your suggestions:

I have a few options for more draw that I'm already thinking about, and utility lands are something I can easily play around with. I eventually need to add my Treasure Vault and Goblin Welder to the deck, but they are tied up in other decks at the moment. I think impulse draw isn't ideal for this deck. If I end up exiling Glimpse of Tomorrow because I can't cast or suspend it.

Lowenstein on FOOODZ

4 days ago

why not Ovalchase Daredevil or 4 Urza's Saga?

wallisface on Banlist Open Discussion

5 days ago

Oof_Magic I'd be happy to see Field of the Dead come back in exchange for Primeval Titan taking its place - that card can already be held largely responsible for many of the currently banned modern cards (as well as FotD, you could blame it for the bans of Once Upon a Time, and Summer Bloom, both of which might conceivably have a better chance of unban if Titan was gone). Titan is also (in my opinion) the biggest abuser of Urza's Saga, which I think is a perfectly fine (kindof) card outside of Titan-related-abuses.

Oof_Magic on Banlist Open Discussion

5 days ago


I think the notion that cards should be banned primarily for being unfun is against the spirit of the format. That takes away agency from players. There are plenty of annoying cards and decks. Maybe I find Mox Opal annoying but Mycosynth Lattice to be rather fun. Banning a card for being unfun is going to frustrate those that find it fun and the best explanation that could be given is ‘Well your opinion is in the minority.’ Bans should have some sort of backing with data to support it. Maybe it’s the consistency of speed. Maybe it’s the ubiquity of play. The only ban I know of that Wizards did primarily for being unfun would be Aetherworks Marvel. Wizards chucked more data into that announcement than any other to my knowledge. CYA That article was so long because that’s what happens when you turn over every stone and find the only explanation left is ‘y’all don’t like it.’ Any other article would just spit out the data to support the ban and be done with it.

I think it’s dismissive of combo decks to say a card should be banned if it only exists to do broken things. There should be a speed/consistency threshold. To say you can’t make infinite mana? You can’t cheat a big creature into play? Who’s using Ad Nauseam to do anything fair? Is anyone running Vizier of Remedies without Devoted Druid? Puresteel Paladin? Amulet of Vigor? Goryo's Vengeance? Blazing Shoal is, in my opinion, the most unbannable card. Lattice would be but admittedly, Karn would have to take its spot on the bus. Bridge was a strong component of Hollow One when it had Faithless Looting. Then Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Altar of Dementia came along and broke it wide open. They tried to weaken it with a Bridge ban but ultimately hit Hogaak anyway. I think they should have unbanned Bridge when they banned Hogaak. Or at least Golgari Grave-Troll?

I suppose a repeatable artifact tutor is okay even if a creature one is not? I stand by saying if something wasn’t a problem until X comes along, X made the problem. Lattice made Karn a one card combo. Karn falls into the same space as Stoneforge Mystic and Birthing Pod. To that end, if Pod means WotC has to check every creature they make, doesn’t Karn mean they have to check artifacts and Mystic mean equipment?

The more I think about Jitte, the more inclined I am to say it should stay banned. Giving every creature deck Jitte is not as conducive to format health as giving white creature decks Stoneforge.

You know what’s unfun to sit across? Urza's Saga. Unban Field of the Dead.

zetsu.nitram on Monowhite Karn Book

1 week ago

I would suggest 4 Urza's Saga, it is an alternative win con/big blockers/fetches Welding Jar, you could also run Pithing Needle over Spyglass. Still seems real soft to artifact removal and edict affects if it does not get off the ground. I do like the interactions with Karn with the investigates and book. Please let me know how it goes, I have been doing real well with Coco Shamans.

Katzmania on Narset’s Nightbound Moon

2 weeks ago

Yeah TheBubbaEA I playtested the deck a couple times, and I felt like Opt wasn't doing anything. I know it is tempting to run, but it literally is one full mana to Sry1, so I don't know where it was coming in useful. I think your deck has a lot of potential, and has really good matchups against a lot of decks. Some sideboard advice, I think you need to run a lot of artifact hate because Hammer Time is a really bad matchup for you, so something like Force of Vigor will really help you in the matchup, because your deck is slower than Hammer Time, doesn't have great instant speed removal that doesn't do damage (which doesn't do anything if your opponents creatures get +10+10), and Hammer Time cheats it's threats into play using cards like Urza's Saga, or at instant speed during combat with Sigarda's Aid. Also, You could probably get away with running some copies of Leyline of Sanctity, or a form of life gain, or other anti-burn cards for the Burn Matchup, which is also pretty bad because it's mostly red and and an Aggro deck. Maybe Chalice of the Void, because it takes away 70% of Burn's options considering they are a Lurrus of the Dream-Den Deck

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