Urza's Saga

Urza's Saga

Enchantment Land — Urza's Saga

(As this Saga enters the battlefield and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after III.)

: This gains ": Gain ."

: This gains ", : Create a 0/0 colourless Construct artifact creature token with "this creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control.""

: Search your library for an artifact card with mana cost or , put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle. (Lands do not have a mana cost, not a mana cost of , thus it cannot be searched for this way.)

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Urza's Saga Discussion

multimedia on Pirates a'hoyyyyyyy

2 days ago

Hey, nice version, but where's Glint-Horn Buccaneer? I saw your deck in the featured decks ad.

You can improve on balancing card quality since you have some amazing cards here, but also quite a few lackluster ones that are much lower on power level compared to the others. An example is Scalding Tarn which is excellent, but not playing a dual land that Tarn can search for... Steam Vents could replace Izzet Guildgate and Volatile Fjord could replace Highland Lake. Other Izzet dual lands to add in place of some basic lands to improve color fixing from lands: Training Center, Cascade Bluffs, Sulfur Falls, Stormcarved Coast and Frostboil Snarl.

I don't think I've even seen Armillary Sphere in the same deck before that also has Mana Drain, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Jeweled Lotus, Dockside Extortionist, Goldspan Dragon, Jeska's Will and Urza's Saga. Sphere is really out of place power wise. Consider cutting Sphere for Arcane Signet? The Diamonds are also subpar, considering cutting both of them for Talisman of Creativity and Izzet Signet? These are not expensive changes, but can make a big improvements on ramp.

Another example of card quality balance are the counterspells. Mana Drain, Counterspell, Pact of Negation, Negate are great thus you don't also need to play Hornswoggle, Admiral's Order and even Lookout's Dispersal because these are not as good.

Some more one drop/two drop flying Pirates and unblockable Pirates can more easily trigger Malcolm and Breeches. Spectral Sailor, Warkite Marauder, Departed Deckhand could replace some higher mana cost Pirates such as Captain Ripley Vance, Deadeye Quartermaster, Prosperous Pirates and Sailor of Means. You have Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Dockside Extortionist, Goldspan Dragon and Corsair Captain which are all excellent thus you don't really need to play other Pirates that create treasures when they ETB because those cards are not as good.

Wonder and Anger are powerful with Pirates, but they need help to get them into your graveyard because you don't want to ever cast them. Expanding with more loot can help to draw/discard them that also adds more draw to your deck. Faithless Looting, Windfall, Mask of Memory and Frantic Search could replace Mutiny, Hornswoggle, Dowsing Dagger  Flip and Admiral's Order. These changes are also not expensive and improve card quality.

Good luck with your deck.

zapyourtumor on Toybox Series M

4 days ago

Esper Sentinel is a great one drop, I recommend you run all 4. And it becomes even better with Tempered Steel.

I'd cut Shrapnel Blast, 4 Galvanic is already good.

I do love Nettlecyst, but I'm unsure how good it is here because the germ token actually isn't an artifact creature, so it isn't buffed by Tempered Steel.

Urza's Saga is super strong, I highly recommend the Saga + Shadowspear + Soul-Guide Lantern + Pithing Needle etc package.

Portable Hole may be better than Prismatic Ending here. Dispatch is a great sideboard option for stuff like murktide or decks that like to abuse the yard.

zapyourtumor on Latern Control (but this time its Abzan)

1 week ago

I kind of doubt Encroaching Wastes is actually playable over stuff like Field of Ruin or Ghost Quarter. If you don't want them to shuffle then Tectonic Edge.

Also I think saga lantern with 4x Urza's Saga is better. Saga lets you tutor up a lantern or miller, or any other toolbox 0 or 1 costed artifact and also lets you win with fat constructs as an alternate wincon.

zapyourtumor on Jund Modern Goyf

1 week ago

Some notes after a quick scan:

There aint no way sideboard Endurance is worth it over Lurrus.

2 Nihil Spellbomb maindeck is weird, unless you have a lot of graveyard decks in your meta. It's even weirder since theres no Urza's Saga to tutor one up with, and no Lurrus to loop spellbombs either.

List looks extremely heavy on removal. 10 1 mana removal + 3 decay + 2 command is kind of insane. I'd cut 1 decay, and several of the 1 mana removal spells. This frees up space for more W6, or more discard.

SynergyBuild on Deep Saga

1 week ago

zapyourtumor I fully agree those would make it better. In its current form at least. My current strategy however is seeing if DRC+Loam+Reclaimer in a similar style to Rock's Daga can work. Might go Gruul for better mana or go junk to test Witherbloom Command.

Really want to see how deep DRC and loam can dig for value, with Lurrus, Loam, and Wrenn to use both of their yard filling capacities for value.

This initially started out as a Sultai brew attempting to use Gifts Ungiven to put cards like Life from the Loam, Academy Ruins, Crucible of Worlds, Urza's Saga, Mystic Sanctuary, fetches for MS, and Cryptic Command alongside powerful recursive artifacts like Walking Ballista or Oblivion Stone with the Ruins and loam to get it back, toolboxing a recursive engine that had so many options for how to lock down a game you just needed to decide what's best for the situation.

In the end I found loam was great, and wanted to find a good midrange build for it. Thought DRC would be sweet, ended up taking it out after some testing to see how much worse it is, and made other lists after. I'll update this one as this pile isn't the final product at all.

Bobthebirdman on Akiri & Ardenn: Enhanced Combat

2 weeks ago

I'm kinda new at this. I built an Akiri-Ardenn deck a few months ago. Your deck popped up as a similar deck so I decided to have a look-see. Mine is a bit more budget friendly.

I had Sword of War and Peace; Sword of Truth and Justice; Sword of Light and Shadow; and Sword of Hearth and Home in my deck but the Protection from White was too much of a pain in the ass. Having to un-equip then re-equip those swords in order to put something else on Akiri was too cumbersome. A bit knit picky, I guess, but I think I found some good alternative cards.

Yours is a great deck though. I'm going to have to splurge and get Urza's Saga.

Here's mine Akiri - Ardenn BOOM!

unstable_anomaly on Lathril (94%) let’s get 95!

2 weeks ago

Very nice, +1 from me. If I wasn't already running mono green elf ball and attempting a Golgari lands deck I would definitely build around this commander. Feel free to take a look at my own elf deck on my page if you're looking for some more inspiration.

Some suggestions if I may, feel free to take em or leave em: Glimpse of Nature / Guardian Project / Oakhame Adversary / Dark Confidant / Ohran Frostfang / Necropotence / Sylvan Library would all be excellent draw options in a deck like this and hopefully wouldn't slow you down too much. Highly recommend the last two since you'll most likely have the life for it.

Genesis Wave can be very powerful in the right deck. You might have too many instants/ sorceries for this to be viable, but it looks like you'd be able to generate plenty of mana to get some value out of it.

Elvish Champion would help get damage through and would pair nicely with your Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth.

Cover of Darkness would do much the same as Elvish Champion

Stoneforge Masterwork would be a huge pump for Lathril, Blade of the Elves and give you a burst of tokens.

Urza's Saga something that I've been working into almost all my decks since it tutors for fast mana or things like Stoneforge Masterwork / Skullclamp. Could speed up the deck quite a bit.

Not sure how you feel about infinites, but it looks like you're already running some infinite mana combos? For some additional infinite mana combos you could add Staff of Domination / Sword of the Paruns. Again my own elf deck would be a great resource for this since there's close to 100 different infinite mana combos in the deck.

Anyway, hope this helps. Cheers.

keizerbuns on Viga-BOOM! (New Tech)

1 month ago

Oh sorry, I completely forgot to reply to your last message. I don't really have any more suggestions for you. I would've said Expedition Map if you were gonna go with Urza's Saga, but I think you're right about Urza's Saga not being a great fit here.

I think your deck is pretty solid right now, but I'm sure there may be a couple other cards out there that might help you. If I come across any more cards that I think would work for your deck, I'll be sure to let you know!

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